Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Top Ten TV Heroines

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It's been a while since I've done one of these!  But I get to talk about tv, so I couldn't resist. I kept my list to heroines who only appear in one medium (or rather the medium they first appeared in), so no anime characters today.

Abby Mills from Sleepy Hollow

Season 2 has been pretty shaky for me, but it's starting to pick up again, and I LOVED season 1.  Abby Mills is a huge part of that. She's smart, she's badass, and best of all - despite being totally badass, she's also very emotional. She cries when she's upset, she gets ragey when she's pissed, and she's not afraid to show it.

Olivia Benson from Law & Order SVU

If there was ever a heroine on tv who was a complete role model for me, Olivia Benson would be it.  Even when SVU swings and misses (which it does more frequently than not lately), Olivia keeps me watching the show.  She's shaped a lot of my beliefs and has made me aware of issues I wouldn't have know about otherwise.

Donna Noble from Doctor Who


I don't care what anyone else says, Donna is my favourite companion. (Although Rory comes close. Followed by Amy. Clearly I have a thing for redheads)  She's funny and goofy and I think as far as character arcs go, her growth as a character is the best.  And she's the Doctor's best pal - I can't say that any of the other companions. Sadly, she's the only one without romantic undertones (or jealousy at said romantic undertones with other companions).

Jo Lupo from Eureka

Ah, Jo. Unafraid to embrace both the sexy and be assertive in pretty much any situation, she's a definite favourite of mine.  Added bonus, Jo/Zane is one of my most passionate OTPs ever.  EVER.

Olivia Dunham from Fringe

Olivia is actually in many ways the opposite of everyone I have described so far.  She's very closed off, and a true introvert.  I feel like you don't see many leading ladies as introverted characters, and it's refreshing to have Olivia. 

Gil Ra-Im from Secret Garden


She's a stunt actress, so obviously she's crazy good at action stuff which is...well, again, super badass.  But she's also incredibly straight-forward and sincere, focused and career oriented. Despite that, she's not afraid to fall in love.  In fact, if Kim Joo-won stopped being such a jerk earlier, I honestly don't think she would have put up a fight about it.

Eun-chan from Coffee Prince
...ok so there's a reason why Secret Garden and Coffee Prince are two of my favourite K-Dramas.  Eun-chan is very similar to Gil Ra-Im (and in many ways have a similar set up story wise), but I'd say shyer in general.  And of course she's part of probably my biggest OTP ever, so I'm pretty biased on this one.

Willow Rosenburg from Buffy

Geek girls are always going to be my favourite, and having a geek girl move from cute and innocent to basically one of the most powerful people in the world is pretty amazing. Really I'm a fan of all of Whedon's women (I even really love Faith!) and I actually had a hard time choosing only one (couldn't I have picked say..the entire cast of Firefly?), but Willow's been a favourite for the longest, so she wins.

Regina Mills from Once Upon a Time

Ok, first can I just say that I want her evil queen wardrobe? Like seriously, I would hardcore wear the crap out everything she wears. As evil queen. Mayor wardrobe is significantly blander.  Until recently Rumple has been my favourite character, but this last season has significantly dampened my enjoyment of him as a grey character (he feels more like a charicature of himself and without a lot of the complexity I've loved).  Unsurprisingly Regina has always been a close second (If I'm not being swayed by Hook's good looks) so she's definitely taken the lead this season.  Even if she is good these days and therefore lacking that fabulous wardrobe.  But really she has everything in her character that I loved about Rumple's character - so I'm always happy to see evil or good Regina.

Felicia Day in everything she's ever been in

I mentioned how I loved geek girls? Well Felicia Day is the QUEEN of geek girls.  The Guild is one of the most original shows I've come across, and she is delightfully awkward as Codex.  Or Charlie in Supernatural. Or Holly on Eureka.  She always plays quirky, socially awkward girls that I've seen so far, and it's funny because from what I've seen on her other media platforms she's actually pretty outgoing.  But yeah. Felicia Day love forever!


  1. DONNA!!!! She is my favorite Doctor Who companion (and my son's, too). The actor from The Coffee Prince looks so sweet. How do you watch your Korean Dramas? Do you have Netflix or Hulu, or do you just get them off the internet?

  2. Even though I stuck traditional this week and did book heroines, I almost did tv just so I could have Regina on the list. I absolutely love her. Great choices also with Jo and Abby. Both very awesome heroines, too.

  3. kirstymariejonesstudioreadsFebruary 24, 2015 at 12:38 PM

    ABBY, YES. She really is kickass. You know, I watch every other fed show that comes on TV, and yet I still haven't watched Law & Order SVU, I've watched like half of seasons here and there but not all the way through. I think that has to change. Willlllllllllow! I need to rewatch Buffy soon, it's been a year since I've watched it, haha. But FAITH. Got to admit, she's probably my favourite (I know that's mean, but she does bad so good.)

    Regina's wardrobe? Nah. Evil Queen wardrobe? Hell yes. I just like staring at the dresses/gowns/whatever the hell they are, not that I ever wear dresses, but I'd wear them.

    Okay, I was going to say something about Charlie in Supernatural, but I don't know if you're up to date with them (or at least S09)?

  4. Such. Good. Picks. I miss Donna and Olivia Dunham so so much!

  5. I love this list! First of all, I love to see Jo on this list! My husband and I LOVE Eureka! Jo is a great character. I also love Regina on Once! I really enjoyed this list. :)

  6. Olivia Benson - my favorite detective on TV. And you had Willow too. Lovely.

  7. Olivia Dunham!! I miss that show!

  8. YES!!! I feel like there are a significantly small number of us Donna lovers. Which is dumb because OBVIOUSLY she's the best. Just sayin.

    Her character is definitely one of my favourites - and I love the commitment they had as a show to have her look like a boy (it's a big part of the story). I feel like in America A. gender benders just don't happen and B. if they did...they'd still be prettified. I actually use both to pretty much watch anything - if it's not on Hulu or Netflix I'm not likely to get around to seeing it. Hulu has a SIGNIFICANTLY better selection of dramas though - Netflix has like...maybe 15.

  9. Regina is, in my completely unbiased opinion, pretty much the most interesting character on TV right now. And yay for someone who's seen Sleepy Hollow and Eureka!

  10. Whaaaaaat?! SVU is like my bread and butter. It's pretty polarizing actually haha - people either rabidly love, or rabidly hate the show. A few years ago I watched all the seasons straight through - until then I'd been like you and just seen a bunch here or there.

    Faith DEFINITELY almost beat Willow actually. And I love Anya too...ahhhh I just love Whedon's women!

    I'm definitely not up to date on Supernatural...but I think I'm in season 9 now? Ah - I am UP to season 9, but haven't started it. Thanks Netflix for always saving my spot!

  11. I've actually been rewatching Fringe on and off for the past few months because...well why not?

  12. Yes!! I don't really know many people who have watched the show, so I'm constantly trying to push it on people haha

  13. She's pretty much the best! And Willow is basically the nerd girl in my heart haha.

    P.s. Do you have a blog? I'd love to stop by!

  14. All this Olivia love has reminded me that I need to finish rewatching Fringe!

  15. Yes, it's at http://kaysreadinglife.blogspot.com

  16. kirstymariejonesstudioreadsFebruary 28, 2015 at 10:57 AM

    Aha! It's that season, you'll know it when you see it.

  17. ...I don't know whether to be excited or scared. (I'm betting on scared - Felicia Day dies in EVERYTHING.)

  18. Yup, one blog link coming up.
    Pages of Starlight (Hope that worked...)

    I completely agree about Regina. It's funny, but at first (for a good portion of season one, in fact) I didn't much like her - but her character is so dynamic and unique that couldn't stop myself from liking her. Yes indeed: yay for more people watching Sleepy Hollow and Eureka.

  19. Lots of awesome ladies on here. Eun Chan! I love Felicia Day in The Guild. Jo's also awesome and I really like her and Zane. Donna is a great companion - she's my number two. Her story arc is probably the best. I've not watched SVU and now I feel like I really should if this character has made such an impact on you!

  20. I still haven't finished all of season 4 of The Guild. I need to get on that! Who's your number one companion? And it's weird, because in general I tend to be a lot more attached to shows that have longer arcs and a lot of character stuff, but despite SVU being a...what are those called actually? Episodic things? GAH WORDS. Anyway, I suppose watching 15 seasons of something gets you attached to characters haha!

  21. I'm partial to Rose. I like her story arc and chemistry with both #9 and 10. And she was my first companion which made an impression:). Donna's a close second though.

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