Tuesday, August 22, 2017

A Day in the Life #49 In which Elizabeth has an eventful summer

Ohhhh man so much has happened since I last posted!!  So...we're going to divide it into two posts.  When I last posted, I was recently out of a job so I'll go with my newest news first - I HAVE A TEACHING JOB!!!

Or more specifically, I have three.  Which still isn't enough to bring up to full time, but at .9 I'm pretty close.  (All that means is that I teach at different schools different days, and that Thursday I only work half the day).  But I have a salary! And benefits! And I can actually put stuff in savings and travel during the summer and yaaassssssss everything is great!  I've never taught elementary, so we'll see how I do with that but all of the administrations at all 3 schools were really, really welcoming so I'm feeling very good about this decision.  Even better?  Because I long term subbed last year for 8 months, they are counting this year as my 2nd year and even though I'm not full time it counts towards my tenure, so at the beginning of next year, I'll be tenured!  EVERYTHING IS WONDERFUL GUYS!

But uh...actually everything isn't awesome so we may experience emotional whiplash here.  My grandmother's cancer has come back, which is obviously really upsetting.  The good news is that she's got a high chance of recovery and the chemo she's starting is the gentler one she was hoping for.  And since for the past month she hasn't known what is going on it's a relief for her to be able to move forward.  So....it's been a stressful/emotional time waiting to find out the results, but I'm feeling optimistic now we know what's been going on.

In more entertaining medical news, I've had...an eventful summer let's say.  In June I experienced my first (and hopefully last) migraine.  Of course, I didn't know that's what it was.  I completely lost vision in my right eye, had a minor head ache, and felt completely disconnected from my body (I didn't recognize the sound of my voice and was reallllyyyyy slow trying to respond to customers. Or maybe it just felt that way).  So I figure I should probably call the nurse hotline for my insurance and see if I need to schedule a doctor's appointment or if it's fine if I wait and see if it happens again.  When the nurse's response is like "Uhhh....you need to go to the ER immediately.  I'll call you an ambulance" it's a bit unnerving to say the least.  An ER exam, EEG, EKG, MRI, and $2000 later, it's been determined I had a migraine.  I mean, not that I'm complaining, it's not like I WANTED it to be a stroke.  Good thing I have money coming in now!

It was important I got that figured out because I was leaving for Wisconsin like...the next week and needed to know whether I was able to drive or not, so luckily that all panned out.  I don't know if my long time readers remember waaaaay back in 2014 I was a teaching assistant at a music camp for high school students in the beautiful remote area in Wisconsin.  Well, I was asked back and I'd had so much fun the last time I was there I willing made the drive from Maryland to Wisconsin.  It was beautiful of course, and the kids were great (one of the oboists won the concerto competition!), and the faculty is just a really amazing group of people so it's really fun to work there. AND I had been really exciting because I had a car with me this time so I could go hiking whenever I wanted!  ...theoretically.  I had extra duties this time, so I wasn't as free as I thought I'd be, but I finally, FINALLY get to go hiking.  And I get ten steps in....and I sprained my left ankle.  (What, you thought the medical entertainment was over?  We're only halfway there.  Remember it's the left ankle - that's important. Hold on to that thought until my next Day in the Life post).  Literally. TEN STEPS.  I could see the entrance from where I fell! So that put an end to my hiking dreams.  Also, turns out I'm old - that ankle still isn't fully healed and it's been a month and a half.  It wasn't that bad of a sprain either!  So...I'm working on PT exercises and whatnot. Yay....

Egg Harbor also has the BEST. FIREWORKS. EVER.  That photo?  Yeah there's no zoom on that.  The fireworks come down to like....basically your face. 

Fast forward a few weeks, and I'm preparing for my trip to Mexico City.  Know what you don't want on a 5 hour flight to California and then a 4 hour one to Mexico City?  A UTI.  Luckily I e-mailed my doctor and she set me up with an appointment in the lab and a prescription.  All good right?  Well I rushed out of the house that morning, which usually means I put on a dress since that's quick.  Since I had a UTI I didn't wear any underwear as it was uncomfortable.  This is important for later.  When I went to get my lab done, it turned out I had a blood test I hadn't gotten done yet so I went ahead and got it done.  Now, I notoriously avoid blood tests.  Turns out I forgot why - it's not the needle.  After feeling like that it was surprisingly easier than I remembered, I head out to the lobby to get my medicine.  Where I got....very dizzy.  And then promptly passed out.  In the middle of the lobby floor. Where there were many other patients.  Remember how I wasn't wearing any underwear? Yeah....I came to as they were pulling my dress back down over my hips.  IT WAS GREAT.  On the upside, now I remember why I hate blood draws - I pass out 9/10 times.

In any case, I feel like this post is ridiculously long so I'll end here.  And besides, Mexico City deserves its own post! 

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