Saturday, October 5, 2013

The best book you’ve read in the last 12 months

This is hard because I've read so, so many good books this year!  I think I'll make it a little easier and keep it to when I started blogging since I can't even remember what I read the first half of the year.  If I had to pick one...and only one...I'd probably have to settle on:

Instead of going on and on about how much I love this book, I'll direct you to my review where I've already done that.  I just read the sequel and despite some rather irritating and distracting drama that went down while I was reading the book, it was a great follow up to this book and I will review it as soon as I reread it as I was fuming the whole time and will likely sound angry in the whole review.  Which would be in bad form since I really liked the book.  Aaaand clearly I'm still angry.  No means no guys, especially if I'm reading a book.  ESPECIALLY THEN.  I get super irritable when I'm interrupted and reading.  Especially when it involves someone who doesn't understand the concept of no means no.  Sorry.  This was supposed to be about how much I love this book and angry me has clearly not left the building yet.  Suffice it to, this book is amazing, you should read it and I'm going to shut up.

Runners up include Crown of Midnight, Linked, and Soulbound


  1. Unspoken is so good! I'm really excited (and now mildly terrified) to read the sequel- don't like that there's someone who doesn't know that no means no...

  2. Oh no I don't want to give that impression at all! I had meant to edit this before posting (I have most of my posts on automatic) and forgot to haha.

    That doesn't happen in the book - there was an...incident while I was reading the book in the park. Large enough that it marred my entire weekend and I was still so angry that when I tried writing a review for the sequel everything just came out angry so I did this instead....and was still angry haha


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