Friday, October 25, 2013

Elizabeth's Pearls of Wisdom

 Ok you totally need to go to this site because there are more adorable pictures of this cat in pearls.  Seriously, it's the best thing ever.

Some of you may remember some of my other adventures with using all natural products in my hair.  Needless to say all my ideas are so, so moronic great!  You should totally do all these things too!

This week, I gained yet another nugget of wisdom as far as my hair care goes.  I'll give you a quick background (I promise not all, my decisions are bad - these ones were good!)  I currently use the "no poo" method to wash my hair.  For those of you who don't know what that is, it basically means that baking soda/water is my shampoo and vinegar/water is my conditioner.  I won't go into all the details why, but basically there are two important things:

1.  So much cheaper.  Seriously.  So. Cheap.  
2.  No chemicals, yay! 

So yeah, those are GOOD ideas.  I promise I'm not being sarcastic!

But since I started going no poo, I've obviously turned into a HAIR WIZARD and all my ideas are fantastic!

Note the sarcasm.  That cinnamon didn't get all the way out of my hair for like a whole week guys.  And the olive oil?  *shudders* I looked like I had been living in a vat of grease for a week!  WHO THOUGHT THAT WAS A GOOD IDEA GUYS?

It's winter time here, and no poo can be drying, so I've started to use deep conditioners every week or two.  I usually use a yogurt/egg yolk/honey recipe (that works WONDERS).  This week I thought to myself...I wonder why you only use the yolk?  I'm feeling lazy, who needs to separate the yolk?  Psh only LOSERS OBVIOUSLY.  

And then, my dear readers, I learned why.  To put it succinctly...I cooked an egg inside of my hair.  Yep.  That happened.  I could have had my hair for breakfast.  Of course I didn't notice this until I started brushing it and it was feeling pretty weird. 

Cue many, many re-showers a la the cinnamon incident.  

 So now all of you know too!  In case you were thinking of washing your hair in a hot shower with a whole egg....DON'T.  Or a bunch of olive oil.  Or cinnamon.  Just in case you were considering. 

And that concludes this session of Elizabeth's Pearls of Wisdom!


  1. Wow, after reading this I will DEFINITELY never wash my hair with olive oil or cinnamon. Or with a whole egg. lol

    Maybe I should try the baking soda and water thing... I probably spend a ridiculous amount on shampoo. (Thankfully, my hair has no need for conditioner,so I save money in that category!) Also, I love trying natural ideas!

  2.'d think most of those things would fall under common sense law. I don't happen to own any - it's the reason why most of my experiments with cooking end terribly. Actually, cooking in general is just not safe with me around haha!

    I have to say I really love it. The site I linked is really great - It's got a whole slew of articles just dedicated to no poo. If you do decide to do it, just be patient! Your hair will be confused for a little while (luckily my hair only took a week or so to adjust as I was already using mostly chemical-free shampoo).

  3. Oh my!!! I'll just stick with my store bought shampoo! Though come to think of it, now that I realized "poo" is part of shampoo, um, yuck. Hay, I noticed you reviewed Ruby Red and that's been on my to-read list forever, great reminder: I think that will be my next book. Hopefully I can remember to come back here and check out your questions after I've read it.

  4. It's a really fun read! I'd recommend you read the trilogy (or at least the second book as I can't speak for the third yet) in one go because the ending to the first and I think the second as well are quite abrupt. I don't think the books were originally meant to be a trilogy so it feels like you sort of....end in the middle of the book.

  5. Oh my goodness, you have had some serious hair adventures! I must admit to using the store bought chemical stuff, but if I ever decide to go the natural route I will know what to do! :)

  6. kirstymariejonesstudioreadsOctober 28, 2013 at 12:21 PM

    Awhh man, I'm trying not to laugh. The egg. The egg. Good to know, though. I'm not so adventurous with trying stuff on my hair anymore. Sounds, uh, fun though. :)

  7. Bahaha I can't say that I have not been entertained by this. Sadly, as in the oil incident, I don't always discover soon enough to remedy the situation before I go out in public. At least with the cinnamon you couldn't see anything, my hair just smelled like dessert haha

  8. It's been....educational to say the least hahaha


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