Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Musings: Age of Goodreads members

Wow.  So today I found out the ages of a lot of the people I've talked to on Goodreads.   

And I feel REALLY FREAKING WEIRD.  Or more accurately, I'm horrifed.

I'm twice some of these girls' ages!  I DON'T EVER FEEL OLD.  EVER.  I look like I'm 16.  I have been turned away from bars because they thought my ID was a fake.  I'm still in school - I can't be old! (Granted in comparison to the girls on goodreads, I'm in old people school but still.)

I've had a lot of totally normal conversations with these people.  I guess I just assumed they were all near my age?  And now I feel...I dunno...pervy or something.  It's not like I had NSFW conversations or anything with them it's just...I taught kids that age a couple years ago.  When I was student teaching, these kids were TOO YOUNG FOR ME TO HAVE TAUGHT.  And I'll give you a hint - I wasn't teaching high school.

Is it because my primary interests are in YA reading?  I mean I'm sure that has to be a big part of it.  But when I've joined other groups  - geared towards manga and music, I know at least the music group was DEFINITELY a bunch of younger kids.  (And then I left it.  Because you know, weird feelings.)

I seriously do not know how to feel about this.  Is it weird that I feel so weird about the age of members in my Goodreads groups?  Are any of you in Goodreads groups?  Have you run into this problem at all?  I started joining Goodreads groups because I was looking for people I could talk to about interests my other friends don't really have...actually, I guess the same reason I started blogging really.  I guess it never occurred to me this interaction might take place with eleven year-olds.  I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO.  Please, someone out there in the big, wide world..make me feel better about this.


  1. Haha, feel the same way. I'm teaching high school and they thought I'm just a student teacher. I don't look like my age, I was even once mistaken as my older sister's daughter LOL. GR readers particularly YA readers are a whole lot younger than I am but being with them makes me feel young, too. :D

  2. I think I fall in the middle somewhere. I've had that moment of horror that you are having, when I found out a girl I was discussing Eragon with was 13. But, on the opposite end, I know some of my friends are in their 40s and 50s. I think it does have to do with a love of YA- the older friends tend to be fans of the more general fiction that I read.

    And for the record, I'm 21 haha.

    So be happy and look at a gif of pugs dressed as Avengers!

  3. Awww! I feel much better, pugs in Avengers costumes fix everything! I'm going have to send this to my boyfriend (he's CRAZY about pugs!)

    I guess I just didn't think about how young I was when I started reading YA books and how computers were still sort of a new thing so I wouldn't have had a site like Goodreads to look at. Not everyone owned one when I was young....god I feel old saying that!

  4. I know right? It's rare for me to have younger friends, and I think that most of the people I talk to on various blogs are older than me actually? Not by much, but there you are. I've determined I'm just not going to think about it all. I am quite good at ignoring situations, so who's to turn down using a talent?

  5. Haha! Is there at least a big age gap between you and your sister? ...although no matter the gap I can't imagine she felt too great about that! Well, as long as I'm not alone in this, I feel at least a little better!

  6. Bahahaha, I know your pain. In real life, the bulk of my friends were always older than me, but I feel like an old lady in the blogosphere sometimes. I only know a couple of YA book bloggers older than me, and a couple of my book blogger friends are still in their teens. I hardly know what to make of this.


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