Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sleepy Hollow: My new obsession

Let's be real, if you haven't heard of this show you have been living under a tomb stone.  Because I have heard of this show, and I live in a cave and every one knows only dead people haven't heard things before I have.  I kept hearing about it, and I saw they had episodes on Hulu...so I was like....just one episode...just one...

...so I sort of binge watched the first four episodes.  Oops?  But seriously, this show is awesome, and you should watch it, and here's why:

 1.  Ichabod Crane is HOT.  Let's be real, we all know what my priorities are.

 Ah yes, you are correct - I am a delectable specimen of a man with startlingly gorgeous eyes

2.  There is SO MUCH DIVERSITY!  And they aren't all side characters - our lead character is a black woman AND she's in a position of power.  Boo ya!

But wait there's more!  The captain is black, there's a Hispanic ex, and an Asian villain (ish).  So basically, this show rocks at diversity.

3.  It's spooky, but not scary which is perfect for me (the girl who got nightmares from a cartoon)

4.   Men and women can be witches.  Yay gender equality!

5.  It's already looking to have a large scale arc which I prefer (in every show except L&O anyway)

So far, it has a similar feel to Grimm....but way less boring (except for Monroe who I loved.  But not enough to keep watching that show).  In fact, I think if you combined Grimm and Supernatural, that baby would be this show (if Supernatural was all dominant traits and Grimm recessive, because I really, really didn't like Grimm.  So I'm only talking the very few things I loved about Grimm here).

Still need a reason to watch the show?  You shouldn't but here you are:

I completely agree, Ichabod Crane.

You're welcome.  Now go enjoy!



  2. I'm staying with a friend at the moment and she has completely corrupted me with this show, so much so that the book I'm reading currently has a MC who has morphed into Ichabod in my head lol stupid baseball, depriving us of new undoubtedly glorious episodes :(

  3. I take it the rest of the family prefers baseball over Sleepy Hollow (they must be all boys and absolutely MAD because baseball is so. boring.) What book are you reading?

  4. Oh no, it's that the network aren't airing any episodes (here at least) until the world series is over. Both of us are unamused by this, especially considering you'd think they'd air it during Halloween week! I'm reading Shadows of Asphodel at the moment :) my brain occasionally completely ignores character descriptions, I think that happened here haha

  5. Hahahahaha I didn't even know the world series was happening right now! And yeah, Sleepy Hollow = prime Halloween watching!

    I just looked about Shadows of Asphodel and I have to say it looks pretty good (#203943 on my wishlist. I have a problem....)

  6. Aaah yes, love the show! I have yet to catch up with the latest episodes though, I just didn't have the time so far.. :/


  7. Ahhhh well don't let it wait too long. You won't be able to resist the magnifence that is Ichabod Crane for long! (And also good storylines and other important things haha)

  8. YESSSS!! Ok goal achieved. I know I have at least ONE person I can go freak out to if I need to have a crazy fangirl rant about this show hahaa. And now that I coerced my roommate into watching OUAT (which he now loves), I have that covered too! Everything is now right with the world!


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