Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June Reading Wrap Up

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I'm trying this new resolution where I review every book I read...which quickly got changed to every YA/teen book I read...but as you'll see I didn't do so well with that resolution.  That being said, there are a couple books on here I'll likely review very soon, so there's hope for me yet!  I'm hopelessly lazy about writing my thoughts down after I read...I tend to wait...weeks...I will change this habit!  I will do it!  I'll do little mini reviews here to atone for my blogging sins.

So here's my June reading:

Red Dwarf: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers - Grant Naylor: This was written in a similar style to Hitchhiker's Guide, but the humour tended to be more slapstick and dirty.  I liked it at first, but the humor got old very quickly and having two main characters, both men, and both not particularly likeable made it tiring to get through (especially such a short book).  Turns out it was based on a tv show, so that could explain some of the jokes I didn't get.

Golden - Jessi Kirby: I read this on Pulse It, and it was very enjoyable.  In my review of this I said it was like a less developed Sarah Dessen novel, but I mean that in every good sense, and I stand by that description.  Check out the review if you want to know more (since I wrote so few this month)

Storm Front (Dresden Files #1) - Jim Butcher: I've been meaning to delve into this series for ages, and luckily a friend owns most of the books, so he loaned me a few copies.  I loved it!  It's so pulp mystery fiction it's like Jim Butcher is cracking up the whole time.  It's like reading Magnum P.I. if Magnum was a wizard and lived in Chicago. 

Linked - Imogen Howson - If you read my TTT last week, then you know this was at the top of my list for favourite books.  Another book I read on Pulse It and I as soon as I scrape up some funds, I will be buying myself a hard copy of the book.  The only other book I reviewed this month (or rather that I reviewed AND read this month haha), check out why I loved it because I could not possibly squeeze all the reasons into this little space.

Jack the Giant-Killer - Charles De Lint:  I don't know if I've mentioned this on the blog yet, but I am OBSESSED with fairy tale retellings.  There's just something so interesting about a story that you already know the plot to, but with entirely new characters and situations.  This story was no different - set in the modern day, it was very creative with its setting and cast (for example, Jack is a girl).  I might end up rereading this and reviewing it someday in the future, I think it would be fun!

Razorland series - Ann Aguirre: I read the first two (and 1.5) of this and it was really good!  Post-apocalyptic setting, a leading female character who rivals Katniss in survival abilities, multiple advanced civilizations (who have no knowledge of each other).  It was an interesting look into how different societies evolve as well as what morality is and what purpose roles and structures serve, all wrapped up in the guise of teen badassery and romance!  I'll be reviewing this as a series, maybe when I get my hands on the third book if that doesn't take too long, or sometime soon while the thoughts are still fresh.

Headlong - Michael Frayne: Blegh.  I can't remember the last time I was so bored.  I almost stopped reading, because honestly I don't have time to read books I don't like, but with the exception of The Silmarillion (which I WILL get through one day.  Try number 4 is the magic number, right?) I've ALWAYS finished the books I start and my pride got the better of me.  I admire how well researched the book is, but pages and pages of art history alone aren't good enough for me and what on earth was that ending??

Katie Chandler/Enchanted Inc. series - Shanna Swendson: This is just such a fun chick lit read!  Other than Marian Keyes, I really don't read much chick lit, but this series is going to be added to my short chick lit must reads.  Features:  down to earth female lead, dark, brooding (shy) love interest,  magic in NY as a business enterprise, friends who have personality, and ADHD baddies!

The Weight of Silence -  Heather Gudenkauf: This wasn't as good as I was expecting.  The pacing and tension were GREAT, but it resolves a little too neatly and at the same time unevenly throughout the book for me.

Grave Peril (Dresden Files #3) - Jim Butcher: My friend told me to skip #2 as it wasn't necessary (I'm sure in part because he couldn't find his copy).  The opening was a bit abrupt and although I looked up what happens in book 2 and know Michael wasn't introduced until this book, I spent the whole time thinking I was supposed to as he is just sort of thrown in as if we already knew him which I found really distracting.  Other than that, this is just as fun to read as the first book and even gets rather dark towards the end.

And that's it for June!  As always this is your weekly reminder to head to Pulse It - this week's feature is How My Summer Went Up In Flames by Jennifer Salvato Doktorski. 

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