Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Five (2)

As always, check out My Summer Girl Books, who was the creator of The Friday Five!

1.  I started reading Mansfield Park this week (finally!) and went to this elaborate daydream involving me getting all dolled up in one of my grandmother's retro dresses and reading in the park only to have a swoon worthy young gentleman come sweep me off my feet because he saw what I was reading and how beautiful I was and just had to talk to me.  That dream was quickly shattered as I realized that
     A.  I have a swoon worthy young gentleman already, he's just in Korea at the moment
     B.  No straight guy gives a damn about Jane Austen novels
     C.  I don't have air conditioning and if I put make up on it would melt off in five minutes and it's too hot to wear anything but shorts and a tank

I did, however, read in the park and was astonished when I saw an unkempt looking fellow strolling along in an open bathrobe.  At which point I went home.

2.  You know it's not so bad here without AC.  Most of the time.  My biggest issue is that half of my windows (namely the one in my room) don't have screens and...well mosquitos.  I get a minimum of 2 new bites a night, and one sadistic mosquito took a chunk out of the bottom of my foot.  Which is just cruel.

3.  I've been going through this weird period film craving (probably why I started reading Mansfield Parl) and I must have watched 3 BBC miniseries over the past couple days.  Speaking of, I watched The Devil's Whore (or Mistress as it is listed on Netflix) and it is SO. FREAKING. GOOD.  It's on Netflix until the 18th (15th?) so go watch it!  It's got Michael Fassbender and an almost unrecognizable John Simm (some of you may know him as The Master from Doctor Who).  And just oh my goodness.  Swoon worthy men AND women, English Civil War (a time not often explored) and just why am I still explaining this to you?  GO WATCH IT.

4.  Also speaking of period films (I really hate that term by the way.  It makes me think of something girls watch while sobbing into their ice cream containers) I watched The Moth and it stars Jack Davenport (you know that bad guy turned martyr from Pirates of the Carribean) and I had forgotten just how attractive he is.  He's a perfect dark, misunderstood man a la Darcy or Rochester or Heathcliff.  Too bad we already have loads of adaptions of all of those (I'm gearing up to watch Tom Hardy as Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights which I've never watched before). 

5.  I worked out yesterday for the first time in months and now I'm hobbling like an old woman.  But it'll be totally worth it in the end!  I hope...

And that's it for my week (as you can see, largely uneventful).  How was your week?


  1. Ha! This made me laugh out loud, to myself, in my otherwise empty house. Totally normal. The thought of a gentleman wearing an untied bathrobe strolling toward poor you as you're trying to read Jane Austen... eurgh but also hilarious. He needs fashion tips from Edmund! - Meg

    1. Yes, I was very thankful he was at least wearing boxers haha. I would love for someone dressed like Edmund to come strolling towards me! The exact sort of gentleman I was daydreaming about :)

  2. I may relate to you on the post-workout pain soon. As soon as I can get the little guy and the new baby entertained for more than 5 minutes, I need to get back to it! What kind of workout are you doing?

    1. I have to make it fun in some way, so almost all of my work outs have been adapted from drinking games for tv shows haha. In fact I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to these. I'm such a weenie about working out! I won't do it otherwise. Although the workout that did this was a Victoria's Secret full body no props was only ten depressing!


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