Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Five (1)

This is an idea I stole got from My Summer Girl Books whose banner I also stole borrowed.  You should definitely go check her out, she's got all sorts of cool things on her blog!

The Friday Five is something that lets readers get to know the blogger.  And honestly, while I love blogging about books (duh, it's the point of the blog) it gets to feel like work and then I disappear for a couple weeks (...or years...).  I'm adding this because I love reading MSGB's Friday Fives, and just because it seems fun!  So with no further explanation (because I think it'll be obvious what the point of TFF is once you start reading) here's my Friday Five!

1. Happy belated Independence Day to those of you in the states (and happy 4th to all the rest of you with normal fourth of Julys).  I came to an important realization in the midst of holiday celebrations last night.  I totally understand why dogs freak out about fireworks.  When you are stuck in a house (like a dog.  Mostly because you are dog sitting, hence the being stuck in the house in the first place) it sounds like you are in the middle of a war zone!  It's terrifying!  And the whole house shakes and light flashes are going off and the screaming fireworks...*shudder*  Let's just say that fireworks shows are significantly less pleasant when you are hearing them, not seeing them.

2.  I came to another unpleasant realization last night, as I had to drive my mom's car instead of mine.  I love car almost as much as my instrument...but maybe it isn't that everyone else drives like they have a sports car...I think my poor baby just doesn't accelerate anymore.  I somehow doubt my mom's Honda Fit is prime sports car driving.  It just feels like it is in comparison.  I still love my car! It's still awesome!  I refuse to bow down to my friend's ridicule that I drive a VW and not a truck!  (Honestly, what would I do with a truck?)

3.  I feel like this week had a lot of rude awakenings for me.  I've been babysitting a lot of young kids - the oldest being 10 years old.  And none of them know any of the music that I listen to (which isn't odd in and of itself, but it is when I try and play only songs that have been on the radio).  The ten year old knew the name Coldplay, but that's it.  THEY DON'T EVEN RECOGNIZE THE BAND NAMES.  I'm quickly heading to an age where what I listen to is going to be considered classic.  I feel so old...

4.  But on the upside - I got my baby back!!!  I had to send my instrument off for repair ), and it's been gone for A. Whole. Month.  Last year I took a month off to travel in South America, but before that I don't think I've had a month off of playing since I was in seventh grade!  It's terrifying to have that much time off (especially when I planned for like..2 weeks max).  And I have a gig in a week so I'm freaking out a little bit.  But I will prevail.  And absence makes the heart grow fonder, so I'm psyched to be able to play again.

5.  It's been a wonderful month home (An unexpected month.  I changed my ticket.  Twice), but it's time for me to head back to my school home next week.  I'll get to see my cat Lily when I get back which is exciting, and I also get to revel in not having air conditioning for a month, which is not exciting (but hey if you were going to get a super awesome expensive air conditioner for $30 if you waited til the end of July, wouldn't you?)

And that's it for my first Friday five!  Remember to go check out My Summer Girl Books and I'd love to hear about your week!  Send me a link to your blog or post it in the comments!


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    1. Yeah this feeling old is always weird because it's juxtaposed against everyone thinking I'm 16. I'm thinking I've got the worst of both worlds at the moment haha (I know, I know I'll appreciate it when I'm older, but it's really awkward when bars turn you away because they think you've got a fake).


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