Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Five (3)

1.  I have an air conditioning unit!!!  Of course now the temperature has dropped by 20 degrees so I don't need it, but I'm happy anyway.

2.  I started watching Graceland this week and it stars the lovely Aaron Tveit as the lead actor.  Finally!  I've only seen him in side roles so far, and was pleasantly surprised when he appeared in Les Misérables and discovered not only is he very easy on the eyes, but he's got quite a good voice as well!  It made me want to watch him and Eddie Redmayne all over again (as well as Samantha Barks of course).  I don't particularly care for the musical or the movie (although it was decent), but I could listen to (and look at!) the three of them aaaaaalll day.

3.  Two weeks ago I transported my lovely glass pitcher I've owned for almost a decade from across the country. Last week I watched as it cracked under the heat of near-boiling water, flooding my counter and floor with a litre of water.  In my defense the glass was about an inch thick and I'd put hot water in it before so I thought it would be ok...but clearly I've learned my lesson in a rather tragic way.  RIP beloved glass pitcher.

4.  This week I learned that apparently if you google "draco hermione fanfiction hermione raped by ron", my blog pops up at #144 on the list.  Or it did a few days ago.  Things I never thought I'd ever be associated with...I'm more than a bit horrified.  Also that is very oddly specific and rather disturbing.  And other than mentioning dramione in my last post, I'm not entirely sure how I fit into this search.  In fact I think I'm beginning to feeling ill again thinking about this...

5.  I got a lovely comment from an anonymous reviewer who unfortunately deleted their comment, or I would have replied to it, so I figured I'd make a mention here instead.  He or she gave me some very nice compliments, as well as some very helpful suggestions on how to improve my blog.  Always feel free to add suggestions on how to improve my blog or posts, they are always welcome! (Well as long as it isn't along the lines of you suck, go die) I'm still a newbie here - I may have had my blog for years but I didn't actually start really using it until this year - so I need all the help I can get!

Reminder that Poison Princess is free to read on PulseIt until Sunday night and to vote in my polls!

And that's it for my Friday Five!  How has your week been?


  1. I'm so sorry about your pitcher. I was struck by a similar tragedy earlier this year when my mug slipped from hands, met the granite counter and died. Let's have a moment of silence for the cutlery (dishes?).

    I like your site. It's easy to read plus colourful! Also, there is no music. As long as you don't have captcha, we'll be friends. Hehe.

    1. No captcha, yay book buddies! Do people put music on their blogs? That's sort of weird. I ALWAYS have music on (I'm currently listening to the Mozart Requiem on a record player. I feel so badass!) so I always hate having to find a stupid mute button on sites. I actually like your blog's minimalist look at the moment (although I also liked your previous background. Cute giraffes or something?)

  2. This weather is definitely bizarre. I have to remind myself that it's only July or I might start thinking it's September. Maybe you will still get a chance to use that AC!

    1. It's been so gray here the past couple of days it definitely feels like it's heading into fall, and we have a full month of summer weather left! My apartment really needs two ac's to make a difference, but with this weather...I dunno. I'm torn whether I want to spend the money for only another month if it's going to be like this. But then, I'll be really stuck if it gets hot again, and I imagine it will.


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