Wednesday, July 24, 2013

In which the Blogger sheepishly returned...

So for the past week I have been holed up in my apartment reading fanfiction.  Don't ask, I've no idea what prompted this slip in sanity.  I'm going with the fact last week it was in the 90s and I had no air conditioning, so I'd been staying up til about 5 in the morning when it was cool enough to sleep.

I figured since I have absolutely nothing to show for my week long disappearance, I'd write a post about fanfiction authors/stories I really enjoy, so those of you not into fanfiction in the slightest are going to have very little interest in the rest of this post.  I will say that although it gets a bad rap, I've read some stories that I might even enjoy more than the original.  For some reason I have an easier time finding really, really good authors on fanfiction than I do on fictionpress, which is a shame because I love finding original stories.  But that's a post for another day. (But feel free to send me recommendations from either site - my favourite authors seem to have all disappeared in one go)

Skip Beat

SkipBeat is what got me into fanfiction in the first place.  The authors I list are AMAZING and for a lot of the stories you don't need to know the original story, they easily read like they are 100% original.

Leavesfallingup - he also has an account on you should check out!  I honestly recommend all of his writing, but if you want somewhere to start to gauge what he's like, try Imperial Entanglements.

Jhiz - Again, I recommend any of the stories.  She? does a lot of really cool challenges.  Check out The Ringer for a great drabble story or Trails End for her Western challenge.

Bobapearl - Again, I recommend all the stories.  If you want a completed one to try, check out A Threat She Never Saw Coming, but she's just started a new story that is really awesome called Against Each Other

Rutoh-chan - She does a lot of one shots, but you should really, really read Broken Slipper.

 Harry Potter

Warning, most of these stories are going to have lemons at some point during the story.

Romione: Firsts and Lasts by Wazlib88 - I've never been a Ron/Hermione shipper until I read this story and it's just...PERFECT.  Consider me converted.

Dramione: When Love and Hate Collide by RZZMG - I've always been a pretty big Draco/Hermione shipper, and RZZMG does a good job exploring the connection between the dark mark and what happens to the personality
                     A Hundred Storms by arielx - This deals with Draco and Hermione returning after the war to finish their 7th year at Hogwarts (and there's a big bad after them, but no one knows who!)

Snape/Hermione: Pet Project by Caeria - I'm a HUGE Snape/Hermione shipper (don't look at me like that).  The stories tend to be the darkest and most well developed, and this one is no different.
                              Chasing the Sun by Loten - All of Loten's HP stories are Snape/Hermione pairings and they are all extraordinarily well written

C.Queen writes for a lot of different pairings, many of them dealing with the next generation of Harry Potter.  Most of her stories are on the more humorous side, but be warned a lot of her works are slash, which I'm not particularly into.

Kayly Silverstorm also writes for a lot of pairings, and the names listed are not always romantically linked.  She's working on a story with Harry/Snape NOT slash, but set after the war and very dark.  Stages of Hope is a funny story (Sirius Black is head of Slytherin) set in an AU that Harry and Hermione stumble into (again, not a Harry/Hermione pairing.  I've never liked that pairing honestly it's just weird), although it too gets quite serious eventually.  Then of course there's my favourite pairing with When a Lioness Fights.

And that's it for my oh so productive last week haha.  I like other fandoms, so feel free to head to my profile and see what else I have in my favourite stories/authors list.  I'm always on the lookout for new authors/stories so feel free to send things my way, fanfiction or original.  And I'm a very bored beta at the moment as both my current authors seem to be stuck, so feel free to ask me to look over your stories!

Last but not least, this week's PulseIt freebie is Poison Princess by Kresley Cole, and don't forget to vote on my polls!  They end in a week and both of them are tied at the moment, so help me out here :)


  1. Don't be sheepish! Obsessively reading fanfiction - we've all been there. Right? Right??

    Okay, and now you've got me hooked on those Draco/Hermione fics... I had read When Love and Hate Collide, but not A Hundred Storms... whee!

    Did you ever read any of Cassie Clare's HP fanfiction back before she became, well, Cassie Clare? The Draco Trilogy is pretty fantastic, too.

    -Meg @ Mad but Magic

    1. You know, I knew she wrote fanfic originally, but I never knew what name she was under. Is it on fanfiction? I'd love to check it out. As much as I stopped liking The Mortal Instruments by the last few books, she's a very catchy writer (and her dialogue is just too good to be true. Very jealous!)

  2. Ok, confession time. I've never read fanfiction....
    I think I'm just so overwhelmed by all the books I have on my tbr list that I can't imagine opening up a whole new world of writing!

    1. I honestly hadn't really read any fanfiction until I got really, really mad at my friend who implied SkipBeat had finished, and I got to the end of the manga and discovered it wasn't even CLOSE to finished (it's still ongoing. This is 4 years later. Prat.) I went a bit mental and spent days online trying to find things out, and ended up reading a bunch of fanfiction to soothe my need to know what happened. This is also one of the biggest reasons I tend not to read series unless they are already finished haha


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