Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Day in the Life (22)

Guys, guys, guys this week is AWESOME!!  Guess what I got! Guess, guess, guess!

If you guessed...
...A CAR

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You'd be right :)

If you also guessed...
...the ToG series
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You'd also be right :)

But seriously, I'm crazy excited about both things!  And I've been waiting for those books for freaking TWO. WEEKS.  And now that I have a car I can go hiking and camping!! (Not that that's why I have a car.  It's just an excellent bonus!)

I also got to go to the National Aquarium this weekend with my boyfriend (how crazy is it that it's in Baltimore?).  I adore aquariums, and Friday nights it's half off, so I was pretty much in heaven!  Sejoon is hoping to perform a nonprofit performance at the aquarium on Earth Day which would be super awesome if he can organize it!  Also yay, more aquarium visits for me :D

So basically this week rocks.  The end.

This has been playing at the gym and it's so addicting!  

Bookish Links

The Harry Potter Reread: The Prisoner of Azkaban, Chapters 5 and 6 - Ahh my heart!  Emily pulls out some of the most heart warming, adorable things you might not have thought of before (or at least I hadn't despite my dozen or so rereads). SHUT UP THOSE AREN'T TEARS.  Chapters 7 and 8 have some more heartwarming Neville/Lupin thoughts too *sniffles*
“I SOMETIMES THINK WE SORT TOO SOON” - Wow. This is really thought provoking, and I haven't quite sorted my thoughts on it yet, so I suggest you read it and see what it makes you re-evaluate in your books!
Confession Time: As a kid, I hated reading. - See?! This is why we need more than just heavy classics in school!
A CYNICAL ✰ HIGH SCHOOL ROMANTIC COMEDY - YES!!! Two of my all time favourite mangas, and I am SO glad I'm not the only one who feels this way about these characters!
“I Guess Comics Aren’t for Me” - While I don't have a particular "notebook incident",most artwork in comics makes me uncomfortable. Clearly it's not that I have a problem with art and words - I read manga like crazy. 
Margaret Atwood’s Next Book Won’t Be Readable Until 2114 - On the one hand..this is awesome!  But on the other...whyyyyyy!! I want to know! I want to read those!
LITERACY STORY - This is a truly heartwarming post, and once again I wish that Twilight was less reviled than it is, because it has been such a door opener for thousands of people who otherwise wouldn't be reading right now.
We Read Too - There is an app for book diversity!! How awesome is that?!
Talking about sexual violence in young adult literature with a teen book club - Wow. This week has really had some amazing posts - I definitely recommend this one as well!
JK Rowling's Patronus Would be a Pine Marten - Oh people in the comments, you truly get me #JKSilvertongue
What's Right With Hermione - Yeah Hermione power!!

Non-bookish Links

Six Leading Ladies of Shonen Anime Part 1: The ’90s - I don't watch a lot of shonen, but this list is definitely going to change that! Part 2 deals with the 21st century.
Does the Marvel Cinematic Universe Play to the Female Gaze? - I've actually thought about this before, and I would argue that it does.
The Death of Adulthood in American Culture - I am deeply conflicted with this - on the one hand, the author is spot on in much of his critique, but he his examples are also flawed. I'd definitely read all the way to the end before getting too pissed off. And I can't say that his argument brings anything new - hasn't it always been known that adults don't know what they're doing? It's not recent, and it's not just American, so it kind of invalidates everything he's trying to say.
Losing My Self In Three Different Ways - Nafiza talks about identity


  1. Congrats on the car!! I went to the National Aquarium a few years ago and it was fun. I loved it. Such great memories. Glad things are going so good.

  2. I was excited that they still had the jellyfish exhibit up - I'd thought it was a temporary thing when they put it up right before I left for Chicago! I suppose temporary exhibits with living things might last longer than at art museums though, so who knows?


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