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If Disney Characters Were Cast: Tortall

This is an idea I've had floating around my head for months! It actually started because I was planning on doing a post where I peg Disney characters as musicians, but I got stuck and this came out instead haha!  I'm hoping to get the music post though, because what I do have nailed down is perfect.

So with no further ado, here's which Disney characters I would cast in the roles of Tamora Pierce's characters from Tortall!  (The names link to quotes that I think nail down their characters)

So...confession time.  I haven't actually seen Brave (blasphemy for a self proclaimed Disney obsessor I know!), but from what I have inferred about Merida, she has the same tomboyish, headstrong behavior Alanna has, and is excellent at combat?  The curly red hair doesn't hurt either :-)

Flynn Rider by bechedor79
By bechedor79

Charming? Check. Rogue? Double check.  Besides, Flynn is almost as good as the King of Thieves.  He's perhaps a bit more suave, yet at the same time clumsier, than I would pick for George, but in all other ways he's a perfect match!

Once Jonathan has grown into his role as king, he's a pretty standard dude.  Eric is similar in that, other than with his dog Max and torturing Grimsby, he doesn't have any outstanding character traits either.  So this one is going solely on description - black hair, bright blue eyes, and a strong, straight nose?  Sometimes I wonder if the artist who came up with Eric read the Alanna books!

The Wind... by alicexz
By alicexz

This is another one where I feel like the looks suit the description (although upon browsing Tumblr I have discovered that apparently Thayet has always had really pale skin - I've always imagined her with dark skin! Whatevs. I'm sticking to my image).  Thayet and Pocahontas are both princesses in a complicated cultural situation who choose to help their people by leaving to another country.  Esmeralda was a close second for this one, as she's is deeply invested in her people's well being, but I felt personality wise she was too saucy for Thayet haha!  Thayet seems to be somewhat more reserved, making her a better fit for Pocahontas.  Plus she has a super close friend the way Pocahontas does, which I've just realized is kind of a rare thing in Disney movies.  All the bffs are animals!

Buriram Tourakom

Kidagakash by Elentori
By Elentori

While Buri isn't a warrior princess - she is a high ranking noble warrior, so I think that's close enough!  Both are highly skilled warriors who don't trust easily (although Kida's not quite as stubborn as Buri is).

Roger of Conte

By AlexandriaMonik

Charming, attractive, and utterly unsuspected by pretty much everyone, Hans is the perfect fit for Roger. 

Keladry of Mindelan

Fa Mulan by Ry-Spirit
By Ry-Spirit11234 

Although Mulan in many ways could be a good match Alanna, what with all the gender bending, Kel and Mulan are much calmer people.  Both have to mask how they feel constantly, and in general are very centered, focused people.

By Shricka

Other than the red hair (and you'll see what with the white washed Disney characters, it wasn't possible to stick to people who looked the part), Ariel is also spoiled and feels restless trapped in her current situation.  She just wants to have fun!  And spoilers she also decides to leave her home for a completely different culture that she's fallen in love with.

Hipster Aladdin redraw by kyri01
By kyri01

A loveable rogue like Nawat, he's no professional thief like Flynn/George.  He also feels like he needs to change who he is to get the girl.  And in case you were wondering, he's my favourite love interest out of all Tamora's works.  Although George sometimes wins in these contests I hold in my head. Stop looking at me like that.

Saraiyu and Jasmine are both very complicated characters.  In many ways both are like Ariel/Aly - they're all supremely spoiled girls.  But Saraiyu is more fiery like Jasmine, and she is determined that her life will be one of her own choosing, and not one set by political manuevers.  She wants to help people on her own terms, and she only wishes to marry for love.

disney Fanart portrait princess the little mermaid ariel beauty and the beast Belle Disney Princess SORT OF realism Digital Painting disney fanart THIS IS SO EMBARASSING drawing is hard Disney fan art

Ok, so originally Belle was going to be for Numair (because who says the characters have to match gender?), but then I ended up using Pocahontas for Thayet, so Belle is the obvious choice for Dove.  Perhaps the most introverted of all the Tortall characters and Belle for the Disney princesses, as well as both being giant book lovers, clearly they are the same person. 

This post is getting a bit too long now and the other characters I have plotted out don't have much description, so for what it's worth I could see Elsa as Imajane, Captain Lyle as Rubinyan (the same very rational, no one sees him as a villain reasons as why Hans and Roger are a good match), John Smith as Liam Ironarm, and Gaston as Bronau which is probably one of my favourite picks actually haha!  They just love themselves so much!

And for you Daine and Numair lovers out there - don't be offended! I just honestly couldn't think of good picks for them.  I've always had a hard time nailing down Daine's dominant character traits, and Belle was the only person I could think of for Numair and she was taken.  Any suggestions from you guys?

So what'd you think? Any people you would switch around?

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