Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Day in the Life (21)

Not much of note this week, mostly just lots of working and cleaning.  My boyfriend flew in on Tuesday and it's been really, really awesome having him back!  No more 4 month intervals of not seeing each other :)  It still feels weird (and awesome) getting to see him every day!  Also he cleaned the kitchen for me, thank the lord.  I don't know if I mentioned how disgusting the apartment was when I moved in but it was....honestly beyond words.  It was hell cleaning the rest of the apartment, but even the bathroom wasn't as bad as the kitchen and the bathroom was...*gags*.  But now I have a nice shiny clean kitchen and I didn't have to touch it!  I should be getting internet in my place this week, so expect more regular posts and commenting from me (assuming I don't schedule posts for the same day like I did this week. *bangs head against the desk*)

I'm feeling in an opera mood and am still in a place where I can't listen to music (and therefore don't know what I'd put here), so here's some La Boheme!  (...and hopefully it's decent quality as I can't verify)

Bookish Links

Power Corrupts? Absolutely! - A look at fairy tale women in power.
Which 21st Century Comics Will Be Remembered in 50 years? - Even with my limited knowledge of comics, this was really interesting!
ON GRIEF AND BOOKS - Christina recently lost a friend, so this is a really personal post, but it's one that resonates with me deeply because of some of the things I've dealt with in the past few years. 
What If Harry Potter Was Sorted Into The Other Houses? - Bahahah this is hilarious!
Autism helped me become an internationally published author - This is a really insightful and touching post by author Corinne Duyvis.
Reading Helped Me Overcome A Racist Upbringing - Brings to mind a Tamora Pierce post I wrote a while back, so I'm glad that my beliefs on this front are being confirmed!
Great YA Books Without Romance - Something I LOVE! Some of these definitely do have romance, but it takes a backseat to everything else going on with the story (which is my favourite way of dealing with romance, and why this list has more than a few of my all time favourites on it)
Faultless in Spite of All of Her Faults: The Unlikable Heroine - I LOVE this post! It expresses so many things I've felt, and even more I've never thought to articulate before. Highly recommend.
The Sex - Carrie Mesrobian (and whoever the author of the post is) held a class where they discussed sex and violence in books with teen readers and writers.  The results are very interesting (although probably unsurprising except in how open the teens are, as I'm sure almost all of us had the same thoughts when we were teens). Another highly recommended read!
Adult Fiction? - Apparently this "trend" of adults reading "not adult books" is really, really not as recent as people are touting!
Bridge to Terabithia Inspired a Song (And 6 Other Things You Didn't Know) - Well this is pretty cool!

Nonbookish Links

17 Things about ISIS and Iraq You Need to Know - For someone who has no tv and limited internet access, I haven't been following world news very well.  This lays out the conflict in detail, but is really easy to understand
Brain Orgasms, Spidey Sense, and Bob Ross: A Look Inside The World Of ASMR - I had no idea this was a thing, but judging by the description it's something I've experienced, so it's pretty cool it's not just a weird quirk of mine!
Large-Scale Hack Lands Stolen Nude Photos Of Jennifer Lawrence & Other Celebrities Online - A discussion of responses to these incidences, and what it says about us that things like this happen.
Sexism, Sexiness and Sexualisation - This is awesome!  It can get confusing with talk of objectification, but wanting to flaunt things as well, so I thought this discussion was spot on in clearing some of that up!
Disability, Self Esteem, and Sex - This. Read this.  It's important.
The Strange Tale of the North Pond Hermit - Very strange, and very cool.
Deaf for a Day - John Barrowman went deaf for a day to promote Hearing Dogs for Deaf People and talks about his experience.
Heteronormativity, fantasy, and Bitterblue – Part 1 - Malindo Lo has a ton of posts on her blog dealing with LGBT in books, and this was a really interesting look at Bitterblue.  Shannon sent me a link to all Malinda's LGBT posts, and it has been really, really awesome reading so far!  Definitely recommend browsing if this is an issue that is important to you.


  1. Glad you're getting settled in! And THANK you for the article on GOT. I get so irritated when I see women who haven't seen the show or read the books sniffily turning there nose up at because they've heard that it's sexist. If they bothered to read the books they would understand that they are full of powerful and kick ass females. Sheesh.

  2. It's been a slow process, but all is going well :) And yeah, I was starting to wonder if maybe there was something wrong with me that I didn't find the books sexist! I was glad to read the article and be like...oh! I'm not alone, and my opinion is valid haha


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