Thursday, September 25, 2014

Meme: The Book Blogger Test

So I was nominated by a ton of people to do this so long ago...that I don't remember who nominated me (sorry!).  I knew it was going to come in handy, as I have no reviews I feel like writing and no creative juices flowing for anything else (plus I'm addicted to doing these). So here goes!

1. What are your top three book pet hates?

- Slut shaming
- Best friends that could be substituted with card board cut outs.
- Unhealthy love obsession (aka being willing to sacrifice yourself for instalove boy and vice versa)

2. Describe your perfect reading spot.

I read pretty much anywhere I can - although I usually gravitate towards the comfy places like the couch or my bed.  If I can read outside though, I do it any chance I get since I so rarely get to go outside.  That being said, I spontaneously went hiking a couple weeks ago (right after a job interview so I was completely inappropriately dressed for hiking.  The entire sole of my shoe fell off when I left haha!) and I found this amazing spot!

 It's basically a giant rock in the middle of a river.  Ok, more like a stream.  But still, it's awesome!

3. Tell us three book confessions.
  • This has gotten better since I've started reading ebooks...but I'm almost incapable of reading a story without reading the last few pages before I actually get there in the book.
  • I leave books open on the floor all the time...
  • Sometimes when I get really into a book I start reading faster and faster...and then I miss important things.  HARRY POTTER SPOILERS Like the fact that Fred dies at the end of the last book.

4. When was the last time you cried during a book?

Tyger Tyger (Goblin Wars, #1)

 I'm listening to Tyger Tyger in the car, and HOLY COW this book was not what I was expecting!  I won't give any spoilers, but there have been some really heartbreaking moments so far, and it has been incredibly well done.  So make the answer to that probably on the drive home last night haha!

5. How many books are on your bedside table?

So...I don't really have a bedside table.  But I usually have a book or two on my bedroom floor because...I'm a bit...messy...

6. What is your favorite snack while you’re reading?
Ummm....I eat all the time while reading.  Apparently I'm the only one haha - I eat dinner and read on my computer, or I snack on whatever is feasible to eat without looking at the food and read a book lol!

7. Name three books you would recommend to everyone.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Hitchhiker's Guide, #1)

(A book that proves that sci-fi doesn't have to be dry and that classics can be funny)

The Handmaid's Tale

(A book I think everyone should read not only because it's great, but because of the social issues it brings up)

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Harry Potter, #1)

 (A series I just can't imagine anyone disliking)

 8. Show us a picture of your favorite bookshelf on your bookcase.

Since I have four bookshelves, and they're all only my absolute super favourite books, I'm picking an entire bookshelf.  Because I'm a known cheater when it comes to these things.

The top shelf has my really special books, like my grandmother's copies of the Jane Austen novels, my grandfather's Vanity Fair and Little Women, my brother's LotR, and a copy of my family's history.  (The book case underneath this bookshelf has all my antique fairy tale books, but I did say I'd leave it at one case).  The other shelves have copies of my favourite books (that aren't mixed between hard and paperback).

9. Write how much books mean to you in just three words.

An endless adventure.

10. What is your biggest reading secret? 
Err...I feel like I've already told them all!  I guess that my ratings system doesn't mean anything at all?  Well I mean it does, but I fluctuate so much on how much I feel about books that my Goodreads ratings for things aren't always the most accurate, because they're often in comparison to a genre, or my instant emotions, or my emotions upon pondering, or compared to the book I read before basically they're really unreliable haha

And I nominate everyone for this! I feel like everyone I know has already done this so..if you haven't, make me feel better about not doing it and send me a link so I can check it out!


  1. I know what you mean about the ratings variability:). They make sense to me but for anyone else...

  2. Wow, you have your grandmother's copies? Your bookshelf looks lovely and even though I personally don't like hardback, I must say that The Throne of Glass series looks mighty fine there! Eeeep! I'm scared for your books, you leave 'em on the floor all alone. LOL :D

  3. Your pet peeves are my pet peeves! Also, I totally agree with ratings...but it kind of doesn't matter because aren't all ratings subjective anyways? To be honest, I will be WAY harsher on a dystopian than a contemporary YA because I'm burned out and jaded on dystopians. They all start to feel the same after awhile and I get cranky. :)

  4. Exactly! Well at least I know one person won't judge me too harshly on my rating system haha

  5. Yeah they're gorgeous! I also have her Jane Eyre and John Keats poems :)

    Oh my god those covers for the ToG books *drools* - I like my copies to match and I'm too impatient to wait for paperbacks. Although really I don't care which I get in the end (unless it's a series. Which everything is these days)

    ...yeah I have terrible book habits haha! You will be pleased to know that thanks to my boyfriend being a bit of a neatfreak NO BOOKS ON THE FLOOR. At least until I fill up my last bookshelf which will probably last until about December lol

  6. I was thinking of you when I was writing them actually lol! Yeah I feel like dystopias these days often fall into the category of "oh yeah x book was successful let's do a lot of the same things". I mean I guess the same can be said of all genres, but dystopia is already a subgenre, so I guess it's more limiting somehow?

  7. kirstymariejonesstudioreadsOctober 2, 2014 at 12:37 PM

    1) YES! Exactly.

    2) That would be a perfectly peaceful place to read, though I'd get distracted because it's beautiful to look at.

    3) Haha same when it comes to books, it's gotten better since I've been reading ebooks too, mainly because I can't be bothered going to the end then going back (especially with the earcs that sometimes aren't chaptered and that's annoying.)

    5) Shhh, they're meant to be put anywhere.

    6) I can't for some reason, I mean, I have with my kindle, but it's just awkward with a book.

    7) I've been wanting to read The Handmaid's Tale since I read Only Ever Yours. Harry Potter! Yeah, seriously, I'd hit someone over the head with The Deathly Hallows if they don't like it.

    8) Unspoken & Untold, and CAN I STEAL YOUR COPIES OF THE THRONE OF GLASS SERIES? I NEED the hardbacks. I'm holding out hoping for a box set though because damn it needs a pretty box set to go with it. *stares at hardbacks*

  8. 2. Yeah, it was great as I was reading Mansfield Park since I was feeling the need for breaks as it was
    3. Yay I'm not the only terrible person with spoiler looking up! I HATE those copies without chapters!! My kindle keeps flipping to random pages in the book and then I can't just jump back grrr
    6. I just have mad skills clearly
    7. Yes, a million times yes, I think you'll love it.
    8. If only you didn't live an ocean away! And oh god now I want a box!! I waaaaant iiiiiit


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