Thursday, December 4, 2014

Sisterhood of the World

Can I just say that these tag thingies are the best?  One, because I am completely addicted to quizzes and surveys, so this makes me happy!  Two, because I have just not been feeling any bookish posts, so this is the perfect way to keep me writing something...anything.  So a big thanks to Kirsty at Studio Reads for tagging me!


1. What's the one book/series you'll always recommend to everyone?

Ok, well this is kind of hard.  I'll have to go with The Handmaid's Tale, because I think it is both very enjoyable and an incredibly important book.

Going Bovine

2. The last book that you wanted to hug?
Going Bovine by Libba Bray. I just. I can't even talk about that book (and yet I have been continuously thinking about it for the past week).

3. One character you wish were real?
Hermione Granger. I don't even have a real reason why her above everyone else, she's just the first character who popped into my mind. (Also I love her beyond belief, so I guess that's a good enough reason)

Chaol character sheet by compoundbreadd

4.  Favourite book boyfriend?
GAH. Actually, it's not that hard. Chaol. Obviously.

5. Have you ever highlighted a book? (You evil person, you.)
I actually haven't. I love doing it in my kindle..but real books? It just..feels painful to do it somehow.

6. Have you ever "forgotten" to give a book back to a friend?
Ok, so not counting the books I steal from my family, I'm usually pretty good about returning books.  Just not, you any kind of timely fashion. ( maybe a couple years...)

7.  Do you make music playlists for books?
That would be so awesome! I'm always a little bit in awe of people who do. You'd think being a musician and all I would, but it's just not something that my brain does.

8. The first book you ever read (that you can remember)?
I actually have the first book I ever owned..but it doesn't have any words so I don't know if it counts haha!  The first big chapter book I read when I was 7 - The Wheel on the School by Meindert DeJong

9. Ever sniffed a book? ;)
...doesn't everyone? Am I alone on that front?

10. The evil question: Been through the Twilight phase? (Be honest!)
I've been pretty open about my reaction to Twilight. I think it did a lot of really amazing things for readers, but personally it's never been for me. Paranormal romance is just not my jam. I thought the first book was a lot of fun, and the second was alright, but the third and fourth were the stuff of nightmares. Literally. I have had baby nightmares. Thanks, Twilight.

I'm opening this tag to anyone who wants to do it!  Feel free to leave me your answers in the comment section if you don't feel like doing a post, or leave a link to you post if you've already done this tag/if you use my questions to do your post!  I'd love to hear from you guys :).  I'm also going to go ahead and do a shout out to Shannon from Rex Robot Reviews and Stephanie from Don't Be Afraid of the Dork if they are interested in doing this!

My ten questions:
I'm totally going to steal some from Kirsty. Because I can.

1. Favourite book boyfriend?
2. Book you would consider most important/impactful to you as a person? (Not necessarily your favourite)
3. Character you think most resembles you? (As a person. Or physically if you wanted, I suppose)
4. Favourite OTP? (Throw in your favourite movie/tv/anime/anything OTP as well if you have one!)
5. A ship you have just never been able to understand?
6. First book you can remember reading?
7. What book is your black sheep? (Book that either you hate that everyone loves or vice versa)
8. Book you most want to be adapted into a movie/show? (Or favourite adaption)
9. Character whose closet you want to shop in?
10. Unsung book/character/ship/setting you wish more people knew/talked about?


  1. I loved The Handmaid's Tale movie and have not read the book. I know, it is shameful. I keep being reminded of this because most of the reviews for The Jewel have referred to it as a cheap THT rip off. You certainly have me intrigued about Going Bovine, are you going to review it? I love Hermione, but my heart belongs to Luna. I always think I am like Luna, but in reality, I am probably more like Trelawny. Ha!! I love that you have your first book and that you remember your first chapter book. I don't remember what my first book was, but I do still have the first book I read by myself, One Fish Two Fish. I am a little cloudy on my first chapter book, but I think the original Winnie the Poohs were chapter books. I want to steal your phrase about Twilight doing amazing things for readers. My two best blogging buddies are fans and I am always getting the evil cyber eye for saying I didn't like it. I need to bring you the link to a Goodreads review I found from a blogger who loved the books the first time, but when re-reading them wanted to vomit, it is hilarious and the gif usage is perfect. I have never made a playlist for a book. I don't know anyone who has done this, other than YA authors because it helps with marketing the book to teens. I think it is weird (even for the authors). I do have reading playlists in general, mood music, but not for specific books. I am glad you like doing tags beause I like reading them, but hate answering them. I am working on one now, but only because it is getting me giveaway entries. Thanks for dropping by my blog. It is always interesting reading yours.

  2. YAY! I LOVE surveys! Do you remember when people used to email them all the time?? Hahaha. I feel old.

  3. Oh no!! I have never gotten any in my email. Thank gawd. >_<

  4. Wait, there's a movie version?! I totally didn't know that! I need to look that up for sure.

    I'm probably not going to review Going Bovine, and I'm not even sure I'll end up doing any sort of discussion post around it. I had a weird strangely personal reaction - I don't know if you know what I'm talking about, but usually I get really excited and want to fangirl, whereas with this book I definitely deeply loved it..but I just want to keep it all to myself instead of flailing haha. It always feels weird when that happens, because it's usually like once every 3 years or something!

    I'm definitely a Luna too! I actually had to think about which of those two I'd picked, but since Hermione popped into my head first she won.

    The Winnie the Pooh books are chapter books! I freaking love them. Have you read The Tao of Pooh/Te of Piglet? I've only read the Tao one, but I remember thinking it was really funny/interesting. (I've just bookmooched both of them so I should be getting a refresher on them pretty soon)

    I actually really like Sarah J. Maas's music choices for scenes that she has written. Apparently she plays them over and over while writing and syncing the two make my feels freaking explode! It's probably because she does a lot of instrumental music, I haven't had that experience with anyone else's book/music choices.

  5. I actually didn't get many e-mails, but I totally lived for them on MySpace lol! ...just think of all the kids who aren't going to get all the MySpace being dumb/outdated jokes people used on me all the time. (I pretty much refused to switch to facebook until one of my friends finally just made me one haha)

  6. I have heard about the Tao of Pooh, but not the Piglet one. I have been meaning to read the Pooh one, but it is always one of those books that slip between the cracks of my mind. I need to add it to my library-look-fors GR shelf. In fact, I should head straight there so I don't forget.

  7. I only just heard of the Piglet one! And I'm totally the same way - if I don't add it right away, I'm not going to remember when I go check out/buy books haha


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