Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Day in the Life (28) - In which Elizabeth has blogging questions and a note to her TBTB Secret Santa!

First and foremost: To whoever my lovely TBTB Secret Santa is, the reason I don't know who you are and why you haven't seen a post where I show off all my awesome that I don't have the package haha.  It arrived the day after I left for the west coast, and my friend is currently holding the package hostage and refuses to open it for me and send pics/tell me what's in it.  *Scowls*  I'll be back home in January, so expect a super thankful, joyous post sometime in the second week of January (assuming I'm able to supply whatever ransom my friend is going to be holding it for lol!)

And for all you blogger users, I have some questions you may (or may not) be able to answer:

1. If I change my url name, am I going to lose all my bloglovin/e-mail/GFC followers? Or do any/all of those transfer over?  I'm assuming the answer is yes, but I'm not sure the protocol for such things.
2.  After my lovely, wonderful brother went down the coding rabbit hole with me for a couple hours (aka he did all the work), we ended up having an AWFUL looking drop down menu. I'd really, really want a dropdown menu...but there so far doesn't appear to be a way to keep my current formatting...but with a drop down menu.  Any ideas?
3. Is the GFC widget only for blogger?  Because of above questions, I am considering just moving to a whole new platform altogether.  Especially if I'm going to make a big change with my url - I need to either commit to staying here, or moving since that would be the time to do a big move like that. I know I DON'T want Wordpress though (I know, I know I'm weird. But I tried figuring out how to format things there for free, and it didn't go well haha)
4. That being said, my GFC followers might just be pretty ornaments - I'm not sure if any of you actually come to the blog through the GFC feed. So that might be a moot point, really.  (And if you do, let me know so I know that it isn't one!)

It's been an absolute madhouse of Christmas frenzy for the past week (as per usual with my family) so I'm honestly so exhausted by it all that I can't bring myself to write anymore.  Also why there haven't been any content posts lately - I always overestimate my ability to manage time when I'm out here with the family haha!  But I WOULD like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas (or happy whatever holiday you celebrate)!   I'm out until the New Year (probably), but I'll be back and hopefully rested up with loads of sunshine and pictures from our annual trip to Mexico!  In the meantime, happy holidays and see you in the new year!

Bookish News

Books: Art or Commodities - Another thought provoking post by Nafiza
P.S. I Love Fanfiction - I'm determined to post everything about fanfic I read, because if I do, the rest of you will start to at least understand...right? RIGHT?  Meg gets it for sure, so go read this. Shoo.
Fatness and Diversity in YA - Personally, I would love some diversity on this front because I'd love more perspective on how it's ok to talk about!  As someone who is skinny, I'm constantly afraid of making a misstep on this one because well...I haven't ever had someone show me the ropes, sadly.
When Your Favorite Writer Lets You Down  - On Kurt Vonnegut and rape culture.
A Message From John Sargent - A look at expectations for e-books (financially) over the next few years in light of the Apple court case

Roundup: Books That Pass the Bechdel Test - I have been extraordinarily...lax when it has come to updating my Bechdel Test part of the blog. (Aka I haven' all...)  At least I know where to start with these books!
What about a Graphic Novel?: The Bum Rap of the Graphic Novel - A look at the stigmas that stop people from reading graphic novels today.
Ship Shape: Banter, Bicker, Bang- Aka, my favourite type of ship

Specific Books and Authors

YA Characters and Their Fave Reality TV Shows - Bahaha these are perfect!
Hello, I Love You Cover Reveal Celebration and Interview - I am SO EXCITED FOR THIS BOOK!! I rarely pay attention to debuts or books that are coming up unless they're the next in a series/by an author I really, really love. I just don't, for whatever reason.  But this book? This book speaks to me.  As a white girl dating a Korean, as a lover of K-dramas AND K-pop, and most especially because Katie's favourite band is also CNBlue and she pictured Jung Yong-hwa (swoon! Go watch Heartstrings and You're Beautiful NOWWW) as her male lead here. For whatever reason, I'm stoked for this book...when it finally comes out!
Re-reading Narnia: 'The Horse and His Boy'- Katherine always has some of the most in depth, well thought out reviews. I don't generally read reviews, but I never miss hers when she does them!
The Harry Potter Reread: The Goblet of Fire, Chapters 7 and 8 - This talks about the Veela, and really nails down my issues with them.  Male Veela ftw!
Felicia Day Announces the Perfect Memoir, You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) - Guys, I freaking adore Felicia Day. I don't read nonfiction often, but this will definitely be on my TBR pile when it comes out!
 The Pop Quiz at the End of the Universe: Marissa Meyer - I love these pop quizzes, you always find out some entertaining things about the authors!


How blogging changed my life - Mel talks about all the great things blogging has helped her with
28 Literary Accessories All Book Lovers Must Have - I want ALL. THE. THINGS.

Nonbookish News

Young Princess Bride Fan Devises Excellent Dread Pirate Roberts Headcanon - Why didn't I think of this?!? It's brilliant!
Bill Gates Gives Redditor Her Christmas Wish - Bill Gates does reddit secret santa?! This is awesome! 
Getting Into Into the Woods - Ahhhh I'm so excited!! I'm going to see this with my godmother I believe right after Christmas!
"Something Terrible Has Happened Here": The Crazy Story Of How "Clue" Went From Forgotten Flop To Cult Triumph - I finally watched all of this about a month ago! I'd never seen the whole film before.
Australians Just Showed the World Exactly How to Respond to Terrorism With #IllRideWithYou - Mic - This definitely helped me regain faith in humanity. I only wish we saw more of this over here in the States.

And that's it for the year! (Probably)  Until next year, I bid you adieu!


  1. 1. I think on bloglovin, you won’t. You’ll just update your link/rss feed. For GFC, if you’re transferring to WP then you will, although there’s a way to carry them over. I think Ashley of Nose Graze has a tutorial.
    2. There is, CSS is very flexible but I don’t know the code so I can’t tell what to fix.
    3. I think it’s a blogger only widget (I think Google made it to available to bloggers only some years ago). *gasp* But I understand WP is a bit intimidating at first. :D
    4. I never use GFC to follow someone (well, before bc of a giveaway, I know how horrible of me). I use an RSS reader for that. I don’t even know what’s really the purpose of that because I never used it.
    Well good luck w/ the transfer! And crazy Christmas sounds fun to me! Merry Christmas!

  2. 1, YA Diversity and Fatness: VERY interesting read. I was very very skinny as a kid/teenager. And then...not so much after having my daughter. I struggle with it sometimes. I have now been on both sides of the issue because I was teased a lot as a kid about being skinny and people would ask me if I was anorexic. No one has really said anything to me now, but I am definitely not comfy in my skin and that saddens me.
    2. I totally stalked my TBTB Secret Santa giftee and found this: She opens my gift at 4:16. SO ADORABLE! And really fun.

  3. Happy Christmas, Elizabeth, hope you had a lovely one!

    I can't really answer any of your blogging questions, but I believe on Bloglovin you won't lose your followers (I did it before (and will do it again soon) and I was able to change it without difficulty).

  4. Hi Elizabeth!! I'm fortunately woefully unprepared to answer most of your questions, but I do know that GFC Is a blogger-only thing. Also, if you change your url that won't affect your followers. I changed mine from to awhile back and everything went smoothly! Here is the tutorial I used: Hope this helps!

    I'm going to go check out that Bechdel Test article! :)

  5. My feature co-host switched to WordPress and she still has a functioning G+ button, but Mitchii is correct the GFC followers counter widget only functions on Blogger because Blogger is a Google platform. I do have followers on GFC that are not bloggers, so that is really the only way they know to follow and the book bloggers from the Philippines, which I have ended up being buddies with many of them, use GFC and Google hangout , a lot. I always post my blog activities on G+. I am pretty cool with the blogger design things because I like simple, but formatting blog posts is sometimes a #!=&$?+:© and if my Kindle demon is dancing at the same time it is hell. I have this thing about not liking to blog on ky laptop because I use it for work and it makes the blogging seem like work. I'm weird that way.

    Anyway, sorry I haven't been around. I bit off a little more than I could chew with the 2014 Top Ten blog hop and my own three holiday posts. I hope you had a fab Chrstmas. As usual I have to bookmark your Day in the Life post and piece meal it (I still have to go back and reread your revious one). I read my first graphic novel this month The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil, and I loved it. I won a hardcover from Goodreads First Reads. I sent it to my cousin as a surprise holiday gift, but I sent it Media Mail over two weeks ago and have heard nothing from him, so I asume USPS lost it. Everyone always says they have never had any trouble with MM, but it figures, if there was any trouble to be had it would attach itself to me (the Canniff Curse, lol).

  6. I will be back to comment on the weight issue thing. I have been both super skinny and drastically overweight, so if you have any questions, just ask. The only book I have read with an MC with a weight issue is Press Play. However, the MC was male.

  7. Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you! I hope you had a wonderful trip to Mexico!

    I wish I could help you out with the blogger questions but I've never used the platform, just Wordpress self hosted (the .com site gives me the heebie jeebies, I don't know why though, I resent the fact I need to link it up with my site for some things, ugh). I remember a time pre-Wordpress....the days I had to physically change my .html coding to make a blog post were soooo fun lol

    When I moved my site (URL change, the .org changed to .net) I had to ask Bloglovin' to change the link so I didn't lose my followers, it's a pretty easy process from memory (it was a while ago, they may have changed how they do it since then).

    Ooooh Hello, I Love You sounds good! I might...add that to my list. Yes. Why not (I discovered CNBlue through your playlist from a while ago, gosh what a rabbit hole that was!)

  8. 1. Thanks! I'll have to check it out (...assuming I get over my fear of wordpress haha)
    2. I may have found a youtube video? My internet crashed in the middle of it all, so I'm not sure if it'll work or not. We'll see.
    3. I figured as much. It seemed to kindly a thing for google to do haha
    4. I do the exact same thing hahahahaha. I follow on Bloglovin and I occasionally check my GFC feed if I have time to burn (which is like...never). It's mostly for giveaways...*guilty look*

    We'll see if I end up switching anything. I feel like it's a phase I go through every 6 months when I get frustrated about something and then I either fix it or accept it haha. Who knows though? I have thought about it on an off for the past year, so we'll see!

  9. Thank you - you too!

    It looks like Bloglovin will be a quick switch over if I ever end up making the switch. I've been so swamped since mid-December, and I just don't see it letting up anytime soon, so I want to make sure if I switch over I've got plenty of downtime!

  10. Yeah formatting post sometimes drives me UP THE WALL. And I really like the ease of designing in blogger...but I really want drop down menus damn it! I may have found a solution to that. It's just a really big problem anytime things go horribly wrong on the blog and it's out of my control...not having any blogging support is really frustrating. But I tend to just get frustrated, want to change platforms...and then never do it. If the free wordpress platform didn't feel so constricted, I probably would have by now.

    That seems like sound logic! I have a really hard time typing on anything without a legit physical keyboard, so I don't know how you do it!

    Bahaha if you haven't been around I've like...completely disappeared. It's good day if I've read any posts, let alone commented! I've been completely swamped with IRL stuff (I can't even imagine being able to handle the holidays and all your posts! I was fairly impressed). That is a hilarious title, and I'm officially going to look that up when I get home! Media mail can be super wonky...I mail books on and I've probably mailed close to 200 and lost 8? And it can take SO. FREAKING. LONG.

    I've heard really good things about Press Play! I'm open to any protagonists who are heavier. I'm on my way out the door from work, but I will likely take you up on the questions!

  11. I definitely had issues with being teased about being skinny - a lot of people thought I was anorexic/bulimic or were just generally nasty/insensitive about it. And I imagine it must be the same way on the other end of things, just generally worse. And I feel bad because I'd never be nasty about it, but I'm sure I've made mistakes and been totally insensitive without meaning to. My mom went through the same thing you did after birth, and I know she also feels uncomfortable in her skin, (or at least it comes off that she feels that way).

    2. This is ADORABLE!! She sounds so sweet, and super excited hahaha

  12. It was AWESOME. (It's always awesome. It's my absolutely favourite time of year)

    Yeah, the .com site is just...I tried making a blog there and it was really restricted and icky feeling, so that was that. And oh my god I would have gone madhaving to change coding all the time! I'm still at the very basics of it, so it all looks like complete gibberish to me.

    It does right?! And apparently it's a hate to love story too, which is my favourite ever. Plus it's music, but not MY music so I can be like YAY MUSIC STORY without rolling my eyes every other sentence haha. And yes!!! My brother thought they were totally cheesy and has gone of K-pop entirely, so I'm glad I'm not alone (and oh the many, many rabbit holes)

  13. I think it is taking everyone awhile to get back to blogging "normal" after the holidays! My cousin did get the book. He was just being lazy in replying.

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