Monday, December 9, 2013

Top Ten Books I Plan to Read This Winter

This week's TTT asks us what's on our winter TBR list!  I honestly am not very good about planning what I'm going to do, but somehow magically I have a bunch of books that I HAVE to read in December!  (Well have to as in ARC's and library books I don't really want to have to take across the country with me for Christmas).  Also look!  I can make banners! (Well cheating, banners, but still whatever)

In the Age of Love and Chocolate (Birthright, #3) 

I'm a huge fan of Gabrielle Zevin's and have loved this series so far.  I've been so excited for this ending to the trilogy I'm amazed it's taken me this long to get my hands on it!

2.  Moby Clique (Bard Academy #3) - Cara Lockwood

Moby Clique (Bard Academy, #3)

I mentioned on another TTT that this series, featuring famous authors who committed suicide and are punished by serving out their Purgatory as teachers at a boarding school for troubled teens, was one of my favourite guilty pleasures, and I FINALLY got my hands on the third book (even if the library doesn't have the fourth.  Boooo)

3.  The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

The Book Thief

I know, I know don't yell at me!  I'm reading it ASAP and maybe I'll be able to find the movie somewhere (they never showed it at my tiny theater)

4.  Battle Magic (Circle Reforged #3) - Tamora Pierce

Battle Magic (Circle Reforged, #3)

Agh!  I am STILL waiting for my copy of the first book in the quartet to come in!  You've got 78 WHOLE COPIES CPL  why is it taking over a week to get me my book?!  *grumble grumble* and this book expires on the 12!  TIME TO PANIC.

5.  Bellman & Black - Diana Setterfield

Bellman & Black: A Ghost Story

New book from this author after ages of waiting!  I can't wait to get to it :)

6.  Feed (The Newsflesh Trilogy #1) - Mira Grant

Feed (Newsflesh Trilogy, #1)

Thanks to my awesome Secret Santa Meg I have the whole trilogy to look forward to!

7.  Pegasus - Robin McKinley

Pegasus (Pegasus, #1)

I bought this a few months ago and have been too scared to read it because there's apparently a really big cliffhanger and the next book isn't out yet.  But I figure I should read this before I read Chalice, another gift from my awesome secret santa!

8.  The Forgotten Garden - Kate Morton

The Forgotten Garden

I left this at home halfway through reading it so my mom could finish it and she sent it back to me a few weeks ago, so I'm hoping to finish it sometime soon.  (And then it won't look like I've left my Goodreads in limbo since that's been listed as currently reading for MONTHS haha)

9.  The Lies of Locke Lamora (Gentleman Bastard #1) - Scott Lynch

The Lies of Locke Lamora (Gentleman Bastard, #1)

This was a BIG mistake I need to remedy ASAP!  (And also so that Yash and I can finish the series around the same time even if we're coming to it from different ends)

10.   Divergent (Divergent #1) - Veronica Roth

Divergent (Divergent, #1)

I know, I know ANOTHER book everyone else has already read!  I'm planning on remedying it as soon as I am no longer #144 on the list for the book (and this is after a month already)


  1. Ooh! The Book Thief is also on my TTT Winter TBR list. I've also had Feed...for a while now, but I haven't really gotten into it because I find the size of the font and book uncomfortable. I hope you enjoy Divergent! :)

  2. I hope you enjoy The Book Thief. I liked it much more than I had anticipated. I LOVE Divergent, so I hope you like it too!

  3. The Book Thief is a great choice!! Hope you enjoy it. I really can't wait for the movie to come out too.

    I haven't read Divergent either. I'm so behind in my reading!

    My TTT.

  4. Nice picks! I just recently got All These Things I've Done, hope it's good. And yay for Divergent! Loved it :)

    Happy reading!
    My TTT


  5. I just put The Lies of Locke Lamora on my wishlist a few days ago. Found it while searching for some High Fantasy books. You review about the third books makes me want to get it even more now!

  6. Don't worry I haven't read The Book Thief either. New Follower :)

  7. The Book Thief is on my list. People are shocked when I say I haven't read it yet. OOPS! HA.

    Great list.

    My TTT List

  8. There are so many books out there that "everyone" is reading and loving that it makes me feel like I'm missing out on a party if I don't read them. But there are so many books on my shelves! Ack! How do you choose???

  9. Oh man! You really do need to read Divergent!! Awesome to read now since all 3 are out waiting to be read! :) I did not read The Book Thief, but did see the movie with my book club-- I definitely need to read that someday. The characters are amazing and I know they will be even more powerful in the book!

  10. I have to get to The Book Thief soon as well! Truth is, I read a couple of pages a week ago and put it down but I need to pick it back up again!

  11. Ooohhh you have some good ones. Book Thief is awesome. And I'm excited to see what you think about Divergent. :D

  12. The Book Thief is an absolutely amazing book Elizabeth, it wasn't actually something that I would normally read either, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Also you must get onto Divergent asap! Happy reading and thanks for stopping by! :)

  13. I really need to read THE BOOK THIEF, too - it's been on my shelves for 6 years now! PEGASUS was great - I think you'll love it. Be ready for a cliffhanger, though!

    Lovely list this week!

  14. Just so you know, I will probably stalk your blog a bit to see what you think of Feed, no pressure or anything (seriously no pressure but I hope you love it!) Same with Pegasus, I haven't read that one yet (same reasoning, I hate cliffhanger's with no relief on hand).

    I hope you like Divergent, it was my favorite of the trilogy. And you're not alone in your The Book Thief slacking, it's sitting on my kindle and I have no good reason for not reading it, I just…haven't. Great list!

  15. I think the movie actually came out in November, but maybe it wasn't widely released? I thought it was a big enough movie to make it to my theatre, but I guess it never did :(

  16. I have high hopes for both! I've been...sidetracked and started reading Kushiel's Avatar instead of rereading the Zevin series, but I should get to those soon...

  17. Do it do it!! The third book is definitely in my top ten books of the year, so I figure the first two are pretty good. I can't wait to read them and have a few more things make sense to me hahaha

  18. Thanks for the follow - I've followed back in return :) And I'm glad I'm not the only one!

  19. I know right? I want to hide under a rock when I say that one. Even some of my nonreader friends have read that one somehow!

  20. I know right?? I feel like I'm behind on so many books I "should have read by now!" ...holy shit I just hit the @ button. Can you tweet people from comments? WHAT IS HAPENNING.

  21. Yeah I'm a teeny bit glad I can read the series all in one go now! I may have missed the fun of freaking out with everyone else, but now I can just skip the freaking out phase! Yeah I really want to both read the book and watch the movie (especially as I'm a big Geoffrey Rush fan). I'm not sure if I stopped by your blog earlier or not, but leave me a link if you come back so I can!

  22. I did the same thing! I have a thing about library books where I'm like a kid in a candy store...but then the date starts looming where I need to turn it in and I just don't want to read it and...AHHH. Well. I'll get to it soon I hope.

  23. I know exactly what you mean! Although I'm trying a new theory of not doing that and seeing if I like the movie more (so far it seems to be working). But then I end up wanting to reread the book and manage to read it after the movie anyway so I'm not really saving myself any time haha

  24. I hope I am going to get to it soon! It doesn't look like it'll even be available until January though :-/

  25. They're definitely the two I feel I should have gotten to by now, so I can't wait to get started!

  26. I know I seriously have to steel myself for the cliffhanger...I REALLY don't handle them well. I turn into like a mini-hulk, followed by Harriet the Spy, followed by your favourite zombie haha

  27. If I have room in my luggage next week, which is...possible I'll be taking the Feed trilogy for sure! Otherwise you may be waiting a while for those reviews, as I'll be gone for a few weeks! But I think for once I'm ACTUALLY going to read all the books for my TBR! ...even if The Book Thief has been sitting next to my bed for a month with no progress haha

  28. I'll get it when I now which edition I want :D

  29. This is a great tbr list! I will be interested to see what you think of Pegasus. I've heard wonderful things about Robin McKinley. :)

  30. kirstymariejonesstudioreadsDecember 14, 2013 at 12:31 PM

    I haven't read The Book Thief either, or Divergent for that matter, so I won't shout. As long as you don't when I say I haven't read any of Tamora Pierce's. :)*backs away*

  31. Have you not read anything by her yet? She's definitely in my top 10 authors, I've loved everything I've ever read by her! And she's definitely on the borderline of YA and adult fantasy, in fact if I didn't know to look for her in YA, I would have pegged her for adult. I definitely think she's your type of author too!

  32. THE BLASPHEMY!! Although I have to say, having read her Circle of Magic quartets, I think a little bit of the magic is lost reading her books for the first time older (although the CoM quartets are a younger age for longer than her other quartets, so there is that). You should read them if you get the chance, but I won't yell at you if you don't :) (That's a lie GO READ THEM)

  33. Lauren @ Books, Tea & MeJuly 23, 2014 at 12:29 AM

    I also have The Book Thief on my list, but I've read it once before. I just have this thing where I need to read the book right before I watch the movie, so I'm holding off on the movie until I reread the book.
    You have a great list! A few of these I want to read also: Bellman & Black and Feed.

  34. I didn't realize until I started reading books on e-readers how much the size of font is important to me! I'm really, really looking forward to all three of these, they're probably the ones I'm most excited for!

  35. I'm definitely looking forward to both of these! They both sound like books I'd love, so I'm hoping my expectations aren't too much!


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