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The Demon's Lexicon (The Demon's Lexicon Trilogy #1) - Sarah Rees Brennan

The Demon's Lexicon (The Demon's Lexicon Trilogy, #1)


GoodreadsSixteen-year-old Nick and his brother, Alan, are always ready to run. Their father is dead, and their mother is crazy—she screams if Nick gets near her. She’s no help in protecting any of them from the deadly magicians who use demons to work their magic. The magicians want a charm that Nick’s mother stole—and they want it badly enough to kill. Alan is Nick’s partner in demon slaying and the only person he trusts in the world. So things get very scary and very complicated when Nick begins to suspect that everything Alan has told him about their father, their mother, their past, and what they are doing is a complete lie. . . .


So I know most people have gone from this series to Unspoken, but I am an expert at doing things backwards.  And coming from that series to this one was...interesting.  It was so much...heavier than Unspoken.  I mean Kami is so funny despite all the things that go on in Unspoken.  This book DEFINITELY wasn't like that.  Jamie put in some good quips (And is probably my favourite character in this book), but for the most part it felt tense the whole time.  I felt seriously on edge the ENTIRE BOOK.  I have yet to decide whether this is a good thing or not.  Ordinarily I avoid books that give me the bad feels the whole was pretty engaging.  Sarah Rees Brennan definitely gives you full power suspense/tension.  You know something isn't quite right but you're not sure what.  Or you know what, you're just not sure of the how/why. I can't say I love this series as much as Untold, but then I didn't think much of Supernatural the first time I watched it either (blasphemy!).  Speaking of, it's so easy to see Sam and Dean in these characters!  I mean two brothers, fighting/hiding from demons, loyal to each other beyond comprehension..they've got it down

...this is going to be an extraordinarily short review, sorry.  I just don't really have anything else to say?  I enjoyed it, but it didn't blow my world apart.  I think some of this was caused by coming to the book with such high expectations.  It's not that they weren't met, it's just that the tone of this came as a bit of a shock.  Luckily I feel a bit more prepared for the next book (I feel like I am tempting fate saying that, but I've said it so that's how it's going to be). So while this may come off as a lackluster review, I actually did enjoy this very much and am really looking forward to the next book!


  1. Supernatural is one of my guilty pleasures - I love Sam and Dean and all their brotherly angst. So that comparison makes me intrigued about this series...

  2. I love Supernatural!! I'm only on season 6 now, so I'm still behind (and as of last season I'm FINALLY getting why everyone loves Castiel). You'd probably like this series then, it's definitely very Sam and Deanish

  3. kirstymariejonesstudioreadsDecember 6, 2013 at 1:29 PM

    All I see is "I didn't think much of Supernatural!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ahhhh. I read this one after Unspoken since I'd heard so much about it, I think I enjoyed it. I mean, it has a total weird vibe that I didn't entirely get, and it's totally weird and I wanted to slap a few of the characters but. yeah...I think I liked it. :S I haven't gone onto book 2 yet, you'll probably get there before me, but then I can see how weirder it gets! :D

  4. I mean I did qualify the Supernatural with an at first!! I only watched a couple episodes the first time forgive me! (In fact I just finished an episode a short while ago. ONE DAY I WILL CATCH UP TO REAL TIME. I think I'm somewhere in the middle of season 6? Sam just got his soul back a couple episodes ago so whenever that was)

    I think you'd like this series definitely. I actually finished the trilogy like a week ago (let's just say the reading part of the blog has been doing much better than say....the blogging part of the blog haha). I wasn't blown away, but it's definitely a solid trilogy that I'd recommend (particularly for you more than anyone else I know I think it suits your taste!)


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