Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I have the best secret santa ever!!!

OH MY GOD YOU GUYS!!!  I literally just walked through the door about half an hour ago after a really, really long day. As in a flight delayed, and grand train misadventure with a poor lost friend sort of long day.

I was feeling pretty worn down and tired (and a bit mopey as I won't be seeing my boyfriend again for a while...only a few weeks this time though, not 6 months!!) but I had two things to look forward to:

My adorable cat Lily who was luckily very happy to see me!  (Last time she got mad that I left her so she pooped on my bed.  True love, true love I say). Sadly my phone is not known for it's high quality pictures, but SHE'S ADORABLE.  And purring on top of my legs as I type this :)

But I also had....

A SURPRISE PACKAGE!!  ...that I forgot to take a picture of before I excitedly ripped into it.  Oops?

But seriously guys.  THIS WAS THE BEST SECRET SANTA BOX EVER.  I could not have imagined a better one!  So with no further ado, let's take a look!

This was the card which is SPARKLY and PEACOCKS and FASHION.  I was pretty much already sold when I saw this first.  Inside was a lovely note from Meg Morley who is a blogger at Cuddlebuggery and you should go read her posts because she's hilarious!  It's so awesome that I got a gift from someone who I actually read on a fairly regular basis!  But I'm getting distracted.

Everything was so beautifully wrapped!  I am a terrible wrapper!  (Just ask my family.  They ALWAYS know when it's one of my presents hahaha)

And what was in it you ask?  Why, only THIS AWESOME BOOK:

I am a terrible photo taker.  And I am also a die-hard McKinley fan!!  Thanks to Meg, I now own every single Robin McKinley novel!!  (With the exception of Shadows, but since that was released a couple months ago I can be excused for that).  *fangirl flails* ahhhhhhh I am so happy!!


The whole trilogy!  Isn't that awesome?!  BRING IT ON NIGHTMARES.  This series is going to be so worth it.

And  last but not least...

To understand this, let me tell you a brief story.  And for your reading pleasure, I suggest you listen to the MAGICAL and AMAZING song as you read!

Once upon a time...
 Long, long ago in the early 2000's...
There was a girl who bought The Everglow digitally.  It was by her favourite band, and is the best album of all time.  And as the storyteller, I can confirm that she is 100% correct in this belief and no matter what you say THIS IS THE BEST ALBUM OF ALL TIME.  Not only is the album just mind-blowingly amazing to listen to - it's a (brilliant) concept album.  (And everyone has a soft spot for concept albums)  When Mae released it they even put up a website that interacted with the album.  What's important though, is that the art in the booklet was made specifically to go with the album's story.  All was well in the girl's world.


Her computer crashed.  Right after she bought the album.  While she was able to recover the album....the artwork was lost for all of eternity!  And she had never seen the artwork.  Not once.  Over the years, the girl made long strenuous journeys over the internet to see if some kind soul had uploaded the artwork (sadly the internet is only comprised of heartless beings who would never dream of uploading an album's beautiful album artwork).  Over the years, the girl slowly began to lose all hope and fell into despair.


A magical book blogger and sometime secret santa sent A WHOLE NEW ALBUM just so the girl could see the artwork!  The girl was reunited with her beloved album, and all was right in the world once more.

The End.

So thanks again to Meg who turned an exhausting day into a fantabulous night by sending the most AWESOME collection of gifts EVER!

...and now the pressure's on for my secret santa gift box to me as amazing!  I'm a bit behind as I spent the last two weeks in NYC BUT I will be out shopping tomorrow for some goodies.  You'll be seeing some posts on that soon!  Wish me luck!


  1. OMG that is a crazy amazing Secret Santa gift!! I love the Broke and Bookish gift exchange, it is just too much fun! That card is just beautiful and ALL THOSE BOOKS!! So nice! I hope my person likes everything I got them as much as you liked your presents :)

  2. Wow, I'm so happy with the goodies you got. Sounds super fun! xD

  3. AWESOME!! I love Kat too. I feel bad I didn't make my package as pretty though for my match. LOL. I can't want to see who is my Secret Santa!

  4. Jamie @brokeandbookishDecember 4, 2013 at 1:23 PM

    LOVE IT!!! Omg Meg is awesome and I'm so happy you were reunited with the Mae album cover art! GOD that is one of my favorite albums anyways!!

  5. I know! I was completely shocked at how crazy awesome this was! Have you posted somewhere what you've sent? I'd love to see what you put together :)

  6. Hahaha my roommate was like...what's going on?? (I maaaay have gotten a little...excited...) He was pretty surprised when I said is was a secret santa thing

  7. It's actually Meg from the site (but I love Kat's posts too). I know I'm like...guess I should learn how to wrap these things now...

  8. I totally forgot to respond to you on the e-mail! Yeah I'm so excited about the album artwork...like way more than I should be probably hahaha

    I'm so jealous you got to see them live!!! AGH. They came to Charlotte and I got a ticket...but long story short THINGS happened and my parents didn't wouldn't let me go :( I'm still mad at them for that one actually. I'm not sure they get to be forgiven hahahaha

    Last year Dave Elkins did an accoustic concert on StageIt (it's a site where people can just perform in their living room and stream it) which was pretty awesome, even if I couldn't get to see the whole band live!

  9. YAAAYYYY! Here’s another POV for your story:

    One day, a girl was out running errands and trying to think of a way to make her Secret Santa gift special. She passed a local record shop and decided to stop by to see if they had an album so rare she couldn’t track it down on the internet. After all, this was a funky little shop with all kinds of random stuff, if anyone would have it, they would.

    The bearded hipster shopkeeper had good news and bad news, their inventory claimed they did have the album, but as apparently no one buys CDs anymore, the shop only alphabetizes popular genres and this album would be in the unorganized back room where they tossed anything non mainstream. "Beware," the hipster growled through his truly epic beard. "There is a chance we sold or lost it and no one updated the inventory."

    'A quest,' the girl thought as she hunkered down for the search. 'How appropriate!' However, after much time spent digging through abandoned Sarah McLaughlan albums, the girl was starting to lose hope. Just as she was getting ready to give up, she knocked over a stack and what should slide free in the ensuing avalanche? None other than the very album she searched for! IT WAS A SECRET SANTA MIRACLE!!

    I'm so glad that I was able to track it down for you! Knowing how you lost it makes it even more magical, computer failure is tragic. That's awesome that Chalice completes your Robin McKinley collection! Which one is your favorite? I'm torn between Rose Daughter and Spindle's End, though I love all of them I hope you like the Newsflesh trilogy! And what excellent timing on the delivery, this has been quite a serendipitous experience all around. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!

  10. no I haven't sent mine out yet. Still got to get one or two more things ;)

  11. Bahahah that is an excellent story! I imagine my trek through the used bookstore felt similar to your unlabeled back room! ...I'm pretty sure this store is actually held up by the books in it. It's also tiny (like half the size of my apartment), and yet such a maze it always takes me a good ten minutes to find the fantasy section!

    For me it's definitely between Spindle's End and Deerskin...or well...I always forget about The Blue Sword/Hero and the Crown duo...YOU CAN'T MAKE ME PICK I CAN'T DO IT! ...but maybe I'd concede to choosing between Spindle's End and The Blue Sword? And I'm super excited for the Newsflesh trilogy, I can't wait to start reading it!


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