Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Five (5)

1.  First and foremost I need some help from my fellow blogger users!  I've had a few anonymous posters leave comments, and at first I thought they were deleting their comments afterwards, but I've had enough now that it is clearly not the case.  I've double checked the settings, so that anyone can comment and there isn't any comment moderation.  Does blogger just not let anonymous posters show on the blog?

2.  I just lost another glass (and by lost I mean smashed to pieces) of the matching ones that went with the pitcher.  I sort of...walked into a wall....  Also who wears shoes in their apartment?  That's dumb.  Soo....I started wondering what all the weird red stuff all over my floor was...looked down at my foot and realized that the red stuff would be my trail of blood!  Gross, haha.

3.  Other things I've learned in the past couple weeks:  Olive oil.  You might think it is a good idea to use in your hair (or not.  I use all natural products, so you use some weird shit in your hair sometimes)  IT IS NOT A GOOD IDEA.  I'm a blondeish brunetteish person....and I went from looking like Cinderella to Belle, if Belle looked like she was a greasy homeless person.  It took me SIX showers to get it all out!  And that was only after I ended up using liquid dish soap in my hair (so much for all natural!).  Lesson learned.

4.  Also cinnamon in your hair is a bad idea.  It does make your hair smell nice....for that's not so bad...But that's another long story for some other day when I feel less silly about trying new homemade ideas instead of just sticking with normal things...New goal:  Don't do anything new with my hair.  Nothing.  All the ideas are bad!

5.  I got my library card!  I've been living here for a year now and never went, so I'm really excited I have it now!  I was going to only check out 3 books (who am I kidding.  When have I EVER had self control in a library?)...and checked out 5.  And it was only 5 because I'm not allowed to check out any more for a month haha.

And that was my last week (or two).  How was yours?

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