Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Five (5)


1.  Monday - I walk into this HUGE MOTHEREFFING SPIDER AND ITS HUGE MOTHEREFFING WEB.  Like seriously guys.  The web spanned the entire top half of my doorway and the spider's body was the size of a quarter.  THAT'S NOT INCLUDING THE LEGS GUYS.

I don't handle spiders well.  Particularly spiders on my head.  I know the size of a quarter doesn't sound very big.  But what I want you to do is get out a quarter.  Now imagine a spider's body instead of that quarter.  Now add some spikey but THICK legs. Now imagine this spider ON YOUR FACE.

This is what happens when you walk into a huge spiderweb, and then see the spider attached to it.

Doesn't sound very small anymore, does it?

2.  I run upstairs screaming inside with terror.  The kind of terror that is so terror filled you can't even scream.  Call my mother for some comfort (HA as if.  She laughs at me usually.  Although not tonight, but you'll find out why in 2 seconds).  Turns out the reason why she called me earlier today...


If it looks a bit weird to you it should. Because according to my mother, everything is either sopping wet, fuzzy, or both and it smells so bad she almost lost her entire day's worth of meals outside of the car as she quickly exited.   And this is after she cleaned it up.  Apparently there's even multiple colors of mold growing inside it.  Clearly she wasn't expecting my reaction to this news, but that's my baby.  My darling, beautiful baby and it had a stunning antique quilt in the back and I didn't even know mold could grow on steering wheels and seriously WHAT THE *@#%@?!?!?

And then I had a spider/car induced meltdown that somewhat resembled this:

As previously stated, although this time somewhat more calmly as I've had time to digest these events,  I hate my life sometimes.  And that was my Monday.  Luckily this post is about my whole week, so I shall continue.

3.  One of my cats back home just weighed in at 18.5 pounds...which is frankly amazing.  Especially since we never see him eat.  Poor thing!

4.  I watched The Green Journey with Angela Lansbury, and it has convinced me I need to look up what happens in movies before I watch them.  While I wasn't as blindsided with this as I was with Mary and Max (holy mother of GOD how wrong I was.  Cute children's movie?!?!? I think not!!), it is a romantic movie.  With ANGELA LANSBURY.  How could it be depressing?  Clearly every movie I don't know the ending to is going to be unhappy.  Also this movie has been out for 23 years, so if I spoiled it for you....IT'S BEEN OUT FOR 23 YEARS.

5.  It was bleeding hot this week, so I went to live at the movie theatre for a while and saw City of Bones.  Which seems hypocritical of me since I didn't really like the series, and then once it stopped being a trilogy I started LOATHING it.  Seriously that last book...but I'm getting distracted.  (And yet I still read the books and watched the movie.  I seriously hate myself a little bit.)  Here is why I went to see the movie:

How could I NOT go see it?  In any case, I wasn't a huge fan of the acting, but the movie was a pretty good adaption actually (but maybe I'm not offended because I'm not a megafan) and it looked awesome.  I considered making a post reviewing it actually...ehh...maybe I will, we'll see.


  1. I'm really digging that Magnus picture. Though I like any Magnus picture, if I'm being honest.

    Sorry for your spider debacle! Outside I don't mind them, but inside they give me the CREEPS.

  2. I know, right? He almost replaced my favourite Asian actor (Gong Yoo) because he's SO FREAKING GOOD LOOKING!! But he can't act nearly as well as Gong Yoo, so he will forever be #1 haha

    Yeah I've gotten a lot better about spiders (until Monday) now that I have house centipedes to freak out about instead haha


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