Wednesday, August 7, 2013

30 Day Book Challenge: 1. A book series you wish had gone on longer

If you haven't clicked on the link to the 30 Day Book Challenge under my 2013 challenge links, I'll give you a brief explanation.  There are 30 book related questions the challenge asks you to answer.  Instead of doing one a day, I'm using the questions to fill in days if I don't do one of my other usual posts, so that I am always making 3 posts a week.  I skipped yesterday's TTT, as the question asked what stand alone books I would like to have a continuation.  My world is absolutely overwhelmed with trilogies and series, so I'm actually GLAD to have read stand alone books.  Which is why I find it rather entertaining that the first question in the challenge asked is a very similar question.

Here's my answer:

Honestly if this isn't the most used answer for this question, I'd wonder what else it possibly could be.  The fantastic thing about Harry Potter is simply how AMAZING the world building is, and how detailed J.K. Rowling's characters are.  I wouldn't even need to follow Harry Potter, it could be any character, I just love the world and I have loved every character she has written.  It is the reason why Harry Potter fanfiction is almost double the top fanfiction in any other category, and triple the next most popular book fanfiction (Twilight.  Of course.)  - and that's just looking at, not all the other sites solely devoted to Harry Potter fanfiction.  And of the Harry Potter fanfiction, they have actual categories specifically for Marauders as well as next generation, as well as all the characters we are familiar with, and there are loads of stories with a character the fanfiction author created and simply inserted into the Harry Potter world.  And that's why I love these books so much.  You will NEVER run out of things to do with these characters and their world.  I could never get tired of reading about them (obviously, hence my large collection of HP ff I read haha).

Honorable mentions:

I really loved the characters and the adventures that they went through in this series.  I don't love the world nearly as much as I love J.K. Rowlings, but if C.S. Lewis had written more books for this, I definitely would have read them.

Oh my dear goodness I LOVE Tamora Pierce's books!  I almost chose this instead of Harry Potter, that's how much I love them.  Honestly any of her series would fit this.  I am constantly choosing which series was my favourite (I haven't finished the Terrier or Circle of Magic ones though, so disregard them), although I'm most often switching between the Alanna and Trickster's Choice series.  If I had to pick which one I want to have more of the most though, it would probably have to be The Protector of the Small quartet.  I actually love that Kel is her own person and doesn't end up with a clear love interest.  That being much as I love it....I want to know!! I want her to be with someone! (I'm a Dom shipper, if you were wondering).  I seriously reread all of these on a yearly basis.  I get irrepressible cravings to go through their stories again.  I wish I had more fanfic I enjoyed from the Tortall realm (so if you know of any, send me links.  Please! I want them!)

And that's Day 1 of the 30 Day Book Challenge.  What series would you have picked?  If you're doing this challenge too, feel free to send me a link to your posts! 


  1. So...hypothetically...if I hadn't read anything by Tamora Pierce, where would you tell me to start?

    1. I'd say start with The Song of the Lioness quartet (which is the Alanna one). It's probably her most known of the series (and I think the first ones she wrote? I could be wrong), and it's chronologically the first as well (well not counting Terrier as that's like a 200 year prequel haha). It's one of my favourites, and it's a pretty good indicator of her style of writing and plots, so you'll know if you like her or not.


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