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Top Ten Favorite TV Shows (Or the TTT where you see how obsessive Elizabeth gets about TV)

There's NO WAY I could narrow this down to movies, period, and no way I could narrow this down to tv shows unless I limited myself to shows that are currently still going.  I was actually surprised how many shows I am catching up on that have already finished, or how some that would have appeared even a year or two ago (Covert Affairs, Supernatural) aren't so much my thing in these recent seasons.  ...but then I thought, why limit myself?  So here are my Top 20 tv shows (of the English speaking, non-animated sort. Might as well add that disclaimer too, or I'd have another 15 shows to add haha)

Top Ten Ongoing Series


Ok, so I didn't love this last season, and I'm not sure I like where they're going at ALL with next season's story line in regards to Regina...but I feel like some of not loving this is just that in comparison to how freaking amazing the first two seasons are, it's hard to measure up.  Fairy tale retellings get me every time, and Robert Carlyle as Rumple is one of the best things I've ever seen.
So is Hook's face.


If you were reading my blog a couple months ago, you already know all the reasons why this show is basically perfect.   In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if this show isn't already secretly the #1 show of my heart...


I actually have a huge addiction to cop dramas (despite the lack of them on the rest of this list), but this one by far takes the cake.  Olivia Benson is basically my hero. Some of you know a little bit of what I went through last year with one of my stalkers, and anytime I am dealing with the aftermath of that, Olivia Benson is basically gets me through.  Especially with what she goes through in the last season.  I may miss the Captain and Munch and Eliot, but the new cast has been doing a great job too!


Ok guys, we're all sad Matt Smith has left the show. But I'M SO FREAKING EXCITED FOR PETER CAPALDI!!! I think he might end up being my favourite.  Mostly because he's just such an amazing actor, but partially because they've said they're going to tone down on the romance stuff.  I know everyone loves Rose, and I did like that part of the show, but Martha just about did me in and Amy was...unnecessarily love triangleish with The Doctor.  I'm sure that's a part of the reason why Donna is my favourite companion (closely followed by Amy and Rory). Anyway I'm talking too much.  Go watch this show.


 I feel like everyone needs to see Season 2 of this show because it is a work of art.


OH MY GOD THE SEASON FINALE TO SEASON 3 IS KILLING ME. And once again, I don't have access to Season 4 yet D-:


I credit Kirsty entirely with getting me addicted to this show! I also can't watch Season 4 on this one yet (BOOOO) but it has been really amazing so far :)


So perfectly awakward and geeky...(although I've only watched a little bit of Season 4). I just pretty much super love Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton


For some reason I often forget how freaking hilarious I think this show is.  I love ALL the characters (but especially Mitch)


This show is the perfect mix of funny, crazy, geeky, and heart warming.

Top Five Completed Shows


This show shouldn't need any introduction or reasons why it's one of the best things in existence.  After seeing my list above, did any of you really think this wouldn't be pretty much my favourite show?


I'm actually surprised I ended up loving this as much as I did.  It took a while to draw me in beyond basic enjoyment, but god did I end up loving this show and all its kooky characters!  It's also got one of my favourite ships (Zane/Joe)


Oh my GOD I love this show and I get so upset that I feel like it's the least popular Whedon show! A lot of people genuinely didn't like it, and I just don't get it.  
A. Joss Whedon
B. Eliza Dushku is freaking hot. As is Priya Tsetsang
D. The acting is fantastic (except Paul. Fuck Paul)
E. Did I mention Joss Whedon made this?
 But really, it's just such an amazing concept. And my room mate who doesn't generally watch sci-fi stuff (the one who I finally got to watch OUAT, which he loved, and Doctor Who, which he didn't) also really loved this show.  So give this show a chance!


You know, I have almost no recollection of the first two seasons. I have this vague recollection of not watching the episodes consecutively, so this show is due for a rewatch as it is.  But the last three seasons?! The FEELS. And science! And paranormal science! And family shennanigans and cows and <333 br="">


For those of you who don't know, this is a spin off of Doctor Who, involving one of the best characters ever - Captain Jack Harkness (He who will sleep with anything that moves. Probably literally).  This show definitely feels more adult than DW, just as a warning, but it also is blunt and unafraid in a way that DW isn't. And again, it may have taken a while for me to warm up to this show past enjoyment into full on crazy love, by the time you get to the fifth season...*sobs*

Top Five Cancelled Shows


WHY ON EARTH WAS THIS SHOW CANCELLED?!  I waited for a a whole year before discovering they had cancelled it and..and..it's just not fair!! This was one of my favourite shows ever.  On the upside, at least it wasn't like when Kingdom (which would totally be on this list if I hadn't limited myself to five shows) was cancelled after dropping a huge bomb on your lap.  So when you get to the end of this, you won't be like A;SDJS WTF?!...just upset you don't get more.


This show on the otherhand...the last episode was one of the craziest things I've ever seen haha


If you liked Arrested Development, you should check out this show.  The humour is similar in a lot of ways, but I personally think this is way funnier. (Also Phil and Lem are THE BEST.)


It used to be that the words "Space Western" would have me completely uninterested in a show.  But luckily I loved Buffy enough to give this show a go, and luckily this show has Serenity to wrap it up (...sort of).  I basically tied my roommate to a chair so he would watch this show, and he ended up loving it.  (...you know, as I'm making these lists, it's occurring to me just how good natured my roommate is lol)


HOLY CRAP this show!!! I mean it's a boarding school (although I think I just pretended it was a college the whole time since it felt more like that) and it's got secrets and hints of sci-fi weirdness and dear god why did they do this to me?!  I actually watched this right after Kingdom, and now have sworn off all British television (other than Doctor Who and Sherlock) that has not already completed because I just can't handle their one season uncompleted shenanigans.


  1. Eureka! Fringe! Better Off Ted! OH YEAH.

    That finale for Warehouse 13 was perfect omg right!!!

    So glad I got into Haven! That show is awesome!

  2. O.O you know of all of these shows?! NO ONE knows of all of these shows, let alone likes them! Official TV besties as of right now. Other than Kirsty who gets extra points for introducing me to Haven and watching OUAT with me haha

  3. Wow. I haven't seen many of these shows. I definitely need to check some out as I'm not a massive TV fan.

  4. alibrarianslibraryJuly 15, 2014 at 2:12 AM

    So, this is the first list I have looked at where I actually have not watched most of the shows you mention...and that's saying somehting, because I watch A LOT! lol But my love for FRINGE is endless, and my anger that they cancelled Lie to Me was HUGE!

    Jennifer @ A Librarian's Library--My TTT!

  5. What a fabulous list! I think my favourite character in Modern Family is Phil. He's just so enthusiastic! I also love Community, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Warehouse 13. This was a hard one to do because there were so many I could have picked.

  6. I yelled "YES!!!" at my computer screen to a lot of these. Especially Sleepy Hollow. I'm so excited for season 2 OMG.

    My TTT

  7. Eureka! I think I'm still on season 4 somewhere? Where they do that alternate timeline thing, which made me bitchface a lot because I was not prepared for that, so stopped watching, and then haven't got around to watching it again. I should do that lol

    Sleepy Hollow *chinhands* I love that show. Also Torchwood and Firefly <3

  8. I am so excited for Peter Capaldi coming in as the Doctor even as my wariness for the showrunner and the direction of the story has overcome my love for the show. But I'm certain he's going to be brilliant!

    Haven! Your post has reminded me that I still haven't caught up with season 4...oops...

    My TTT

  9. Eureka! I LOVE that show. I watched it on Netflix and could no0t wait for the final season so I had to buy it just to finish it. I am sad Endgame didn't last longer. I love Pete on Warehouse 13. I have a giant cruch on him. And two Nathan Fillion shows...nice!

  10. Oh my god I forgot all about these series. They stopped airing them here so they slipped from my mind. Is Warehouse 13 and Eureka still going on?

    My top ten

  11. We have very similar tastes in shows. :D

    OuaT - I really liked it for the first few seasons, but I kind of lost steam with it in the back half of this season. I think I just needed a break or something because I felt the plot was going nowhere.

    Sleepy Hollow - YES. OMG. YES.

    Sherlock - See above.

    Doctor Who - I'm not a huge fan, but my husband is! He is also a fan of Warehouse 13, Torchwood, the Guild and Eureka. Did you ever see Alphas? It was another SyFy show that got cancelled too quickly, but I think you would like it!

    Modern Family - Phil!

    Community - I have a crush on Joel McHale from his Soup days. I loved Community's quirkiness to no end - especially their paintball episodes and when Abed was Batman. I saw their panel at San Diego Comic Con and the monkey made a special appearance. Also McHale is a UW graduate. ;)

    Fringe - SO good. I got to see their panel at Emerald City Comic Con. Loved it!

    Better Off Ted - WHY WAS THIS SHOW CANCELLED!?!?!

    Firefly - Oh, Firefly. Did I ever mention my daughter is named Kaylee? And that I met Jewel Staite? Actually, I ran into her in a bathroom at SDCC and had the most awkward conversation ever (all on my part, she was lovely). We are also friends with people who named their daughter Zoey and another who named their daughter Inara. ;)

    Have you seen Being Human? There is a UK and a US version. I personally prefer the US version (Josh!), but both are really good. US version just ended after 4 seasons. Also, Lance really likes Continuum and since you guys like a lot of the same shows, you may like it to. I also love Teen Wolf even if I can't keep up with the mythology, but Stiles makes that show. I may have a small Dylan O'Brien crush. :D

  12. Yeah Fringe and Lie to Me are basically the best shows ever! And I watch a lot of kind of geeky shows, so I'm not surprised you haven't heard of them :)

  13. YES! End Game & Trinity are the only shows on your list that I don't know. I've watched all the others, most of them in their entirety! I am a TV addict and mean it when I say that haha. You have awesome taste in TV! Glad to meet you!!! TV Besties! Woot woot!

  14. Phil is definitely my boyfriend's favourite character! And yeah, I definitely had a hard time narrowing things down! I had to cut out any foreign dramas and anime to even get it down to 20! ...I think I have a problem...

  15. I know right?! They just started putting trailers out and I CAN'T WAIT.

  16. Oh my god this is AMAZING!!! Seriously! I know so few people who have even heard of half the shows you've mentioned, let alone watch them!

    Phil is my boyfriend's favourite character, partially because they're kind of similar actually haha! And yeah, this last season of OuaT was....ehhhh. And I'm really hoping they don't go where I'm thinking they're going to go with the next season. But then when am I ever really right on that front?

    I did watch Alphas, but I think I stopped after the first season because I didn't want to end on a potential cliffhanger (although I may have watched the second, I actually can't remember). And I've seen Continuum, at least the two seasons available on Netflix and definitely enjoyed it. It's unusual to have a character who is married with a kid in that situation which really makes it stand out from other shows in my mind.

    I haven't watched Being Human yet, and I don't really have a reason for it, but it's officially going up on the list and I'll add Teen Wolf (seeing as I'm not watching Reign, Pretty Little Liars, Glee, or Vampire Diaries I'm not getting enough of my teen angst in haha)

    Also you and your friends are the best ever. I think Wash will always be my favourite character, but Kaylee is a pretty close second. She's so nice, but she won't be a doormat for you either, which I love! And the fact that she's really girly but has a traditionally male job...I just love it :)

  17. At first I was pretty....Wtf?? when they did that, but I have to say a lot of the things they switched up with that timeline ended up pretty cool. (Especially with Fargo. And also with my Zane/Joe feels).

  18. Yes! Literally everything you just said pretty much describes how I'm feeling about the show at the moment.

  19. Sleepy Hallow quickly became one of my favorite shows! I love Modern Family and that shows ability to make me cry at the snap of the fingers. I am so glad to see Buffy on so many lists this week because that show=win.

  20. You aren't watching Reign? Ok, you need to add that one too. Even Lance likes it. I loved Vampire Diaries at the beginning, but it is pretty bloated now. So...pass. Oh! And have you watched BBC's Merlin? Another fun one. Lance refers to Reign as "CW Merlin". And I agree, Wash is the best. It just doesn't make a great kid's name. LOL. It's sad. We watch A LOT of TV. Actually, you know what? It's not sad. We're awesome. ;)

  21. I love love how you set up your list!! How could I forget Sleepy Hollow.. Love it! Fringe! Haven! Sherlock. I love TV so much. I just find such good escape in them.. it's like watching a good book.

    Top Ten Tuesday

  22. I always get excited when I meet people who have seen one or two of my more obscure favourites, so this is fantastic!

  23. It was just so fun, and when they completely turned everything inside out they managed to make it really work instead of feeling like a total cop out. I would have loved for Endgame to have had at least one more season! And Pete's a total cutie - he and Micah are great together. I actually just really love that entire cast! And Nathan Fillion is THE BEST.

  24. Eureka wrapped up in five seasons I think? And it was really well down. Warehouse 13 is also going to end in its fifth season which I think is airing now? I only watch thing on Netflix/Hulu and they don't have the fourth season up so boo :(

  25. I got kind of mad at the show with the prince guy and Susan relationship (...I can't remember her character name. The Chronicles of Narnia girl), and Bash was in Endgame, so I also know that I'm totally shipping the wrong couple. But damn was that soundtrack good!

    I love Merlin! ...I accidentally got the ending spoiled for me though so I still haven't finished the last season because....I don't want it to happen!

    AHAHAHA it's true. I can attest to your awesomeness (and by default your husband's awesomeness)

  26. I know right? Modern Family is a comedy so expect to laugh all the time, but holy cow they can bring those tears out of nowhere!

  27. DR. Who..great choice!


  28. SHERLOCK YAY! Also one of my top favorites!

  29. Ahhhh, yes. I was annoyed by that too. I wonder if they will survive. SUCH a good soundtrack and such pretty pretty dressed. Catherine is my favorite. She's so crafty.

    Ok, I think I know what you are talking about in Merlin, but I think you will find it ok. It is handled in a way that isn't horribly upsetting. Does that make sense?

  30. Yeah I still follow the soundtrack on Spotify lol! And Catherine is Anne of Green Gables! She definitely was a good part of the reason why I stuck with the show for so long.

    It does. It still makes me sad, but I think the general consensus I've seen since it was spoiled for me was that it was well done.

  31. YES! I giggle ever time I think of her as Anne of Green Gables. And the only think I can say about Merlin is that the ending is in keeping with the Arthurian legends...still sad though. I want to go home and watch TV now. None of this work stuff.

  32. I totally forgot about Lie to Me! I loved that show so much and it just ended! I'll never understand =[ I'll definitely have to check out a lot of the other shows on your list too!

  33. It was such a great show! If you stop by the blog again, let me know what your blog is and I'll check it out :)

  34. So much on this list that I love. I'm glad you are sticking up for Dollhouse though I am one of those that doesn't love it. I've tried to analyze this because I can't accept that I don't love something Joss Whedon has written. I think the reason is that the think I love most about Joss' shows are the amazing characters and the whole set-up of Dollhouse necessitates that most of the characters don't have their own personality. I did think it was just getting really interesting when they canceled it. Lie to Me is also a show that I stumbled across accidentally and agree with you that it is super awesome. I think I need to do a re-watch!

  35. Hope you are feeling better, especially since this was now ten days ago! Thanks for the link to the Avatar recaps!

  36. Yes! I was SO GLAD when I got it back, it was awful without it!

  37. Yep, thank god for that! And I want to rewatch that show so badly. Why Netflix, whyyyy?? And I haven't watched any Legend of Korra yet either!

  38. There's definitely some ickiness in the premise of Dollhouse as well, I will say. And I'd never thought of it before, but you're totally right. You really don't get any character development with the main half of the main cast for like....ages. And I definitely agree - I didn't even realize it was two seasons because intensity wise, it feels like one season and the second one is significantly better. Oh Lie to Me *sobs*

  39. kirstymariejonesstudioreadsJuly 18, 2014 at 10:59 AM

    Yeah, Hooks face is definitely the best thing I've ever seen. *cough* THE ENDING OF SLEEPY HOLLOW THOUGH. THAT WAS NOT AN ENDING. Season four of W13, is one of the best seasons they've done (we also have a little Buffy reunion going on). Up until season 5 and episode 4, oh man, it is so freaking hilarious. I think since it was the last season and that it was only 6 episodes they thought fuck it let's have fun with it. The last episode is more of a reminisce episode and I'm not going to lie, I cried my eyes out, the same as I did with the finale of season 3. It's one of my favourite shows, ever (and since I was already watching it before OUaT and Haven, it counts) and it's over and I hate it just like the end of Merlin, ugh.

    Haven< 3! Season 4 is evil. That's all I'm saying. Though I'm kind of dreading season 5, since they've ordered 26 episodes (spanning them over until 2015) like they did with season 4 of Warehouse, (20 episodes) and then they announced season 5 was the last, so it's kind of a series killer and I'm scared now. THEY BETTER NOT END IT OR I'LL CRY. ALL THE GOOD SERIES DIE. :(

    I haven't watched Doctor Who since David Tennant left. I know, I know, but I really loved his Doctor, so I left it there.

    I only watched the first few episodes of Dollhouse and forgot about it (oops). TORCHWOOD, YES (kind of love that they anagrammed it off DW) also I LIVE THERE. Can't go down Cardiff Bay without missing it now. :( But Gwen was just badass and I love John Barrowman so much it's ridiculous, seen him twice (since he was half living in Cardiff at that time, and done a few Christmas panto's- got his autograph on my 16th. Made my day, haha.) Both Doctor Who and Torchwood put Cardiff on the map, so whooo.

  40. Oh Hook <33 (Although I actually think that Swan Queen could give Captain Swan a run for its money in my book. Good thing Captain Swan has Hook's face going for it)

    Oooh so there's a bunch of Buffy characters in W13 Season 4? (Or you are having a Buffy rewatch? I tried that btw. I ended up giving up a few episodes into season 5 because A. Dawn is SO FRIGGIN ANNOYING, and B. Season 6 was one of the toughest things I've ever watched and I don't know if I can do it again). And you've now seriously got me worried about what happens at the end of W13. So is the last season completely done now? Wtf Netflix?! Assholes don't even have season 4 up yet! ...and I'm only like 1/3 of the way through the last season of Merlin. I CAN'T LET IT END.

    That is SO MANY EPISODES! Also what's up with Season 5 being the last season? It's like the ending spot for so many shows - W13, Fringe...other things I can't think of right now... (Merlin?)

    I mean I have to say that since Moffat has taken over, Doctor Who doesn't resonate as much with me. I did absolutely love Rory though, so the Rory/Amy companion episodes definitely have a few good ones. But I really peaked with Donna, so we'll see. But Peter Capaldi!! I have all the optimism that he will be THE ONE for me :)

    I'd say that with Dollhouse you really need an open mind and to give it a little while before you decide one way or the other. I personally loved it, but I'm definitely in the minority on that one.

    I totally never noticed that about the name Torchwood! It's kind of brilliant. I think of you anytime they mention Cardiff! (Although it's a difficult accent to imagine in my head, so I have to say either it's Gwen's voice or just American lol. Or am I the only one that imagines peoples voices when I read their comments?) I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU MET HIM!!! So jealous!!

    1. Just two, Spike & Giles, and Harry Potter references, so win/win all around. When I rewatch Buffy, I get to season 4 and then I usually stop. I just loved the first 3 season so much and then (even the end of season 2)

      W13, yup, It's all over AND IT'S NOT FAIR. It's not bad exactly, totally opposite, but it's still kind of bittersweet. :( DON'T LET MERLIN END. Just leave it there, it never happens if you don't watch it. (I wish I hadn't).

      Would've loved it more if the 26 were over the one year though, so basically we have two season in one and that's why I'm getting scared. Yup, Merlin ended on the dreaded 5 too. It's evil.

      I'll probably go back to Dollhouse eventually, but though knowing you only have so many episodes kind of just makes me feel like why bother It's why I haven't watched Starcrossed.

      Ha, no, I do sometimes and mainly when I'm reading though, I can do accents in my head, but that's where it ends. He's just such a nice person (I know people say that when they meet them) but he just really is.

  41. It looks like, from your recent reply, you got your voice back.
    That is wonderful.

    Thank you for stopping by.

  42. It's exactly like watching a good book! In fact I think it's a little bit why I tend to prefer tv shows to movies - they get so much more character depth and world building (which is generally what I love most about books)

  43. I really think the third season is my favourite, although the second season is potentially also my favourite. WHY MUST I ALWAYS CHOOSE ONE? I'm the opposite of you though, I like having a definite number of episodes so I know for sure they aren't suddenly going to leave me without an ending. It's happened enough times that I'm very untrusting these days haha


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