Sunday, April 13, 2014

Liebster Award (part 1)

So I have been a super lazy pants and have been nominated for the Liebster award...but then I kept not doing a post so now I've been nominated 4 times!  Since this has made the post super lengthy now, I've decided to split it into three parts - the first part with both the 11 questions for me and the 11 questions I have for my nominated bloggers, as well as the list of nominated bloggers.  The second post will have interview questions from two of the bloggers who nominated me, and the third post will wrap up with interview questions from the other two bloggers who nominated me.  Thanks again to everyone who nominated me! I feel quite honoured :)

The rules:

   1.  List 11 Facts about yourself. 
   2.  Answer the 11 questions put forward by whoever nominated you. 
   3.  Ask 11 new questions to 5+ bloggers. They must have less than 200 followers on Bloglovin' (or their preferred method). You cannot re-nominate the blog that nominated you
   4.  Go to their blog and inform them that they have been nominated!

11 Facts About Myself

1.  I've been playing the oboe for over half of my life now.

2.  My grandmother's christening present for me was a cow skull named Lulu who has now traveled across many states (and probably countries, I can't remember where she is from originally)

3.  As of two years ago I have officially been to all 50 states.

4.  My family goes on this crazy awesome camping trip every year and it is by far my favourite event of the whole year.  It trumps Christmas and my birthday combined!  Last year I camped so close to the water that if I had been any closer I would have been swept out to sea haha.

5.  I've been to 4 of the 7 continents, and I really want to travel to 6 of them at some point. (I like the idea of going to 7...but Antarctica?! It's so cold!! My grandmother loved it though, so maybe one day I'll make it happen)

6.  I have a Siamese cat named Lily who lives with me, but I also have an 18 year-old orange tomcat named Murphy who lives with my mom.  In addition we have Tristan, a tuxedo cat, Toby a 12 year old Yorkie, and Posey, a papillon (who is super adorable and my mom's favourite anything ever haha).  So basically I'm definitely an animal person.

7.  If you couldn't tell I have the travel bug :) If I haven't gone anywhere in a few months I get really antsy and cranky, so I at least try to get out of the city when I can. (Luckily my family lives everywhere, so I know I'll get to travel to see them :D)

(and these are just the paintings in my room!)

8.  I buy some form of art almost everywhere I've ever traveled.  Which is awesome until you realize how little room you have for it all!

9.  I have always wanted a ferret.

10.  I used to dance (ballet, modern, and jazz although I didn't like jazz all that much) and I was on a swim team for most of my life (I'm a backstroker!)

11.  I have been dating my current boyfriend for almost six entire years!  It's crazy.  I know.

11 Questions for my nominees

1. How did you come up with your blog name?
2. What/who are your three favourite bands/artists/composers?3. What is something on your bucket list?
4. Who's your celebrity crush?
5. Book boyfriend?
6. Favourite color, number, word, and animal?
7. What movie, tv show, and book/comic/manga are you most looking forward to in 2014?
8. Who would you consider your role model? (It can be a real life person or not)
9. Who would be your bookish bestie?
10. Top 5 tv shows? (Or movies) 
11. If you could meet one person - (character, historical, celebrity, someone in your past - anyone!) who would it be and why?

My nominees

1. Wattle @ Whimsical Nature 
2. Wandering Meander
3. Sandra @ Tea Between Books
4. Michelle @ Book Hangovers Blabs Books
5. Stephanie @ Don't Be Afraid of the Dork
6. All the girls @ Mad But Magic
7. Lindsey @ Literary Lindsey
8. Kellee and Ricki @ Unleashing Readers
9. Lianne @ Caffeinated Life

Go check all these ladies out - every single one of their blogs is really great!  They range from fantasy to contemporary to history, young adult to children to adult - between the nine of them, they've got everything covered :)


  1. Oh wow, you love traveling. A lot. It's not crazy that you're with your boyfriend for six years; it's actually admirable. You two look adorable! <3

  2. Yeah I was really lucky that I was raised in a family that travels all the time! And thank you :D

    P.s. Thanks again for nominating me!

  3. Thank you so much for nominating us! :)

  4. It's always a pleasure to read your blog - you guys deserve it :)

  5. All 50 states? Wow. That's actually quite an accomplishment!

  6. I actually drove two hours out of my way to go through Rhode Island once I realized that was going to be my last state haha!

  7. I totally would have done the same! My goal is to visit all of the Canadian provinces. I've been to BC, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. I totally missed going to PEI when I was in Nova Scotia though. Rookie mistake. ;)

  8. Awww thank you!!
    Can't wait to do our post :)

  9. That's awesome! Well I hope you make it someday soon (and post lots of pictures!)

  10. Thanks for tagging me Elizabeth! You da bomb! And it is awesome how much you have traveled!! I feel like I traveled quite a lot in my younger days but you definitely have me beat. I have big plans for the future though:) Art is a really nice memory to bring back from your journeys as well! Also, It goes without saying I love all your critters!

  11. Thank you so much for the nomination! I responded today and Ricki is going to respond additionally tomorrow :)

  12. Your blog always has such great posts on it, so I was happy to oblige :)

    Yeah I was really lucky that I have a bit of an insane family when it comes to traveling so I got dragged all over the place! And I do love all my artwork, it's true haha...I just perhaps need to contain it a bit. Or just get postcards to keep in a photo album or something. They're so cute right? I love my animals :)


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