Friday, April 4, 2014

FF #3 Best April Fool's Prank Ever Played on Me

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For you to feel the full impact of the best April Fools joke ever played on me, I have to give you some background information.

One chilly October day when I was the mere age of seven,  I decided - why wait all the way until April to play an April Fools joke?  I mean come on, that is FOREVER when you are seven.  So I took all the pots and pans out of the cupboard and put them under my parent's pillows.  Then I had the bright idea to combine this with revenge on my brother - why not make them think he had wet the bed?  So I sprinkled a bit of water on the bed.  But then I decided...well that's just not quite enough.  So I proceeded to soak the ENTIRE BED in water.  So yes, my parents did indeed believe that my brother had wet the bed...until they tried to find a dry spot on the bed.  Needless to say, neither of them got any sleep! (And I'm sure it must have been days before that bed completely dried.  Oops?)

Fast forward fifteen years, and I am just about to graduate college.  For a graduation/birthday/Christmas present my mom and I were going to travel to the Galapagos Islands and hike the Inca Trail!  I honestly don't know if I will ever have a trip as amazing as this one was, but that's a story for another day.  The important part of this is the Inca Trail bit.  The Inca Trail is a four day hike up to Machu Picchu and holy COW it's intense.  A few months before we were supposed to embark on this trip, a solid wooden door fell off the armoire and onto my mother's foot...breaking a toe.  She was on the phone with my grandmother when this happened...and she didn't make a sound, just continued chatting.  Like, no big deal, a 30 pound door thing fell on my foot, but whatever.  Instead she waited another FIFTEEN MINUTES and said..."Hmmm.  You know, my foot is swelling and turning purple, maybe I broke something.  I should probably go check that out." YES.  My mother is insane.  Fortunately, the doctor said she should be able to hike the trail if everything went well.

A few weeks later, sometime at the end of April or beginning of May, I get a panicked phone call from my best friend from back home...on my mom's phone.  To put this in perspective, he went to college about four hours away from where she lives, so I found this very confusing.  He blurted out a garbled, frantic message saying that my mom was at the hospital before handing the phone to her.  At this point I'm freaked out, asking what happened, if I needed to fly down and see her, etc.  Her response?  "Chris (my best friend) was teaching me how to use the lawn mower...and you know that toe I broke?  Yeah, it's not a problem anymore."

At which point I lost it.  I mean I was freaking out in the middle of the street in Baltimore getting all sorts of crazy looks.  I don't care that most of you know that lawn mowers have safeguards so that can't happen.  I didn't know that!  AND SHE LET ME BELIEVE THAT!!!  She claims that she didn't believe I would actually believe her, but uhhh...if she ever lost a toe?  That is exactly how she would say it.  She once practically cut her whole hand open pitting an avocado when we were camping and merely said "Hey guys?  I need you to come here.  I might need some stitches."  She's the QUEEN of understatement.  And besides, my best friend called me from her phone.  What was he even doing over there?!

She finally told me it was an April Fools joke, to which my obvious response was...IT'S NOT APRIL FOOL'S DAY YOU DEMON.  She countered with "Remember that time when you poured water on my bed in October and said April Fool's?  Payback."

What kind of mom holds a grudge for FIFTEEN YEARS?!?!  I was seven for goodness sake! 

So there you are.  Best (or worst if you look at it from my perspective) April Fool's (sort of) prank ever.

And on a side note, I seem to be having an issue where none of my internal links (the links like the ones underneath my header section, the link to comment, or to select a specific blog post) all seem to be...not working. (Sorry I'm super exhausted haha)  It's really annoying when the only way I can reply to comments is by searching the post and clicking it from that link.  I've cleared my cache, it's the same on Chrome and Firefox, and it's not just me.  (But it's also not 100% of the time, it's like 90% of the time haha).  Thoughts?


  1. Oh my gosh, I'll be horrified if that happened to me. But admit it girl, you were had!

  2. It was horrifying/hilarious at the same time. I couldn't believe she managed to pull that off!

  3. Your mom is amazing. That is so funny! I'm sorry it was horrifying when they called you, but at least you can look back now and laugh, right?

    Have a great week!

  4. How mean! (And still kind of funny). I don't know about your link issue, but I did notice that the link that you posted on linky for this meme didn't work. It didn't have the :// after the http, so it wouldn't work.

    You can find my FF HERE!

  5. I can't blame her - I would probably have jump to the same conclusion!

  6. I have to say it is an entertaining story, although I'm not sure she'll ever be fully forgiven. I'm so paranoid all the time now!

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  8. kirstymariejonesstudioreadsApril 6, 2014 at 12:32 PM

    Ohmygod ohymygod, ohmygod, haha! Okay sorry, I can't stop laughing. It's bad. That's bad, but haaha. Though, I didn't know they have safeguards either, so...

  9. Agh! I tried fixing it, but it wouldn't let me. Thanks for letting me know!

  10. Right? I feel like it's a very good idea though, so I'm glad they're their. I wonder how many people amputated themselves by accident before they thought of safeguards though...

  11. Oh no!! That is terrible. Hahaha. I remember one time my dad convinced me to hide in a closet with him when my mom got home. She was walking around the house calling for us, but didn't know where we were. She was so mad when she finally figured out where we were because she thought something horrible had happened and we were dead or something. My mom is definitely "worst case scenario". Hahaha


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