Monday, March 17, 2014

I'm drunk and watching North and South, so let's talk about SHIPS!!!

So I'm done with opera!  Also there was this crazy car chase with a murderer from Georgia and a it took me twice as long to get home.  I decided to celebrate with a bottle of wine, and I'm watching North ans South which is officially my new obsession, and I am GOING to buy this series so I can rewatch it ad nauseum.  Also I clearly need to read the book.  And also wine.  So let's talk about all my current ships (or lack there of!)


 Carter/Allison....mehhh.  There's just been too much back and forth and really I just don't care.  In general I don't have strong feelings about the overall ships on the show, although occasionally in a particular episode I will.   Other than Henry/Kim which...well...things I can't say b/c spoilers


UGH THIS SHOW.  I'm actually 4 episodes behind now because I just can't bring myself to watch it anymore.  But it has Anne of Green Gables in it!  And whatsisname from Endgame!  But literally every episode it's been "Oh I declare my love FOR REAL now we're together" and by the end of the episode it's "OH JK".  I hate that in my shows.  Especially when the relationship ends up being the point of the show. It doesn't help that it's "historical" (oh so loosely done), so it's not like we don't KNOW who she ends up with.

North and South

Ok so I'm almost halfway through my bottle of wine and I'm on the last episode as I type this.  WHY HAVEN'T I WATCHED THIS BEFORE?!?  I ship Mr. Thornton and Margaret with the power of a thousand fiery suns.  I mean...the way Richard Armitage looks at her!  I've never seen so much passion!  I need him in my life.  I need him to look at me like that.  I seriously have him on par with Darcy (probably because the relationship is quite similar now that I think about it.  I definitely have a relationship type).  How did I not know Richard Armitage existed before last year?? He's such a fantastic actor!  And also Mr. Thornton.  Who I love.  I LOVE THIS CHARACTER.  This is good seeing as I have no romance in my life.  (My boyfriend accidentally mailed chocolate to himself instead of me.  And proceeded to eat it all.  Hahahaha!  Also I haven't seen him since early December.  I need the feels I get vicariously through characters!)

Daughter of the Forest

 I just reread this book, and although I didn't quite fall in love with this book as much as I did the first time around, but there is something to be said for the romance here.  After all, how often do you get a man who waits three years to hear the woman he loves speak? 

Son of the Shadows

This is by far my favourite book in the trilogy (well the series, but the trilogy is stronger as a whole), for so many reasons, but I won't get into it.  I have to admit, I do have a weakness for the strong, silent, misunderstood  type and Bran fits that perfectly (and Wash doesn't but you know what?  I am using this gif anyway.  I am a REBEL.)

Mansfield Park

Ok we're not even going to talk about the 2007 version of this (WTF??) or the way that Fanny's uncle is SUPER skeevy in the 199...some number version and the weird slave bit (but we are going to talk about that version).  Ok, TECHNICALLY I've never finished the book...I've got a few chapters of the book left to read.  But I've just don't love Edmund!  I mean, yeah he's nice, and Fanny's not one of my favourite heroines either, but Henry has all the making of being a total swoonworthy guy!  (Until he's not).  It doesn't help that in the movie version he's got way more chemistry with Fanny, and that I find him sympathetic, although as I recall in the book I didn't feel quite the same.  In general, I sympathize with him, and I actually think Maria would make a great heroine, and while Mary may have stepped over the line a bit, I also think she was being sensible.  But there you are, this is why Mansfield Park isn't my favourite Austen novel.  And why Henry should have gotten the girl.


I'm lukewarm.  I mean, I know the romance is integral to the story, but the book is so much more than that.  I'm more interested in her transformation as a person, and her relationship with Hana (I adore them!!!) It's not that I don't like Alex, or that I don't like Alex with Lena, it just didn't make me weak-kneed.  I won't say anymore, because I'm going to review this (probably...), but don't mistake my lukewarm swoons for lukewarm feelings on this book - it was definitely a great read!

Milo and Otis is on Hulu!!!  Just in case you needed to know.  I'm going to pretend I never read that article about this film and just continue to enjoy it whenever I choose to watch it next.  (Did you know my boyfriend hyperventilates at the thought of pugs because he loves them so much?  It's like Kristen Bell's reaction to sloths.  We only got 10 minutes into this film haha).  Umm not that I am including this on my list of ships.  That would be weird.  If it weren't for Martin and Rose I'd say ewww animal ships!  But Redwall ...ok I'm getting distracted

Law & Order SVU 

I'm a couple episodes behind, so things may have happened (not that I think I'll change my mind) but NO.  Olivia and Cassidy? No, no, no, NO.  I do not like.


 Ok, so I haven't seen the newest episode, but I hear there's tons of Captain Swan!  Captain Swan is by far my favourite couple of the past season (well until I met Mr. Thornton).  I'm feeling lucky where it comes to this couple!  And it's not just because Hook's so very nice to look at, there's a ton more chemistry there than with Neal.  Also Neal abandoned her so *shrugs* Captain swan forever!

Did you know that Richard Armitage can play cello, flute, and guitar?  Also he joined a circus in Budapest.  Most importantly he's single.  Umm..marry me?  (Shhh don't tell my boyfriend!)


  1. Kimi @ Geeky ChiquitasMarch 17, 2014 at 1:32 AM

    I am obsessed with OUAT but seem to be the only one who doesn't like Captain Swan. I actually prefer Swanfire or Emma with no one at all.
    Thanks for sharing your ships! :D

    -Kimi at Geeky Chiquitas

  2. I looked up some fanfic...and did you know the most popular pairing was Swan Queen? I had no idea! Although it makes a lot of sense, there's a lot of tension between them and it solves Henry's mom problems haha! I love that fanfic is so much looser with gender pairings. But yeah. Captain Swan. I love me some rogue men <3

  3. Hahahah. I am dying over your post title. Sounds like something I would say. As for Reign. Oh my gosh - it is super ridiculous and if you are only to episode 4...then yeah, lets just say it doesn't get better as far as your complaints go. If anything it just gets MORE ridiculous. But yet, I can't look away! I'm oddly compelled by it. :/ This happens with CW shows for me though. They sink their claws into me and I can't quit them. :D

  4. That is EXACTLY how I would describe it! Oddly compelled, perfect wors. I've watched up to episode 10, so I've moved into pretty ridiculous territory hahaha. I'm surprised I was able to stop watching it, but now I can't seem to find the will to keep going. I want to at least finish the season out...because..I don't know why I just do? Do you watch Arrow by any chance? I think that's the only other CW show I've watched (at least for a while anyway)

  5. Yeah, I agree that I'm not QUITE so into it. But I do still find it enjoyably bad. :) Yes, we watch Arrow! I wasn't 100% into it at first, but I am loving this season. Talk about ships. Can we please get Felicity and Oliver to hook up? I also like the Vampire Diaries and The Originals. (Although Vampire Diaries has definitely gone ridiculous and I'm not too sure about this season or last season). I'm also going to start The 100 when it premieres.

  6. I'm sort of in that place with Arrow - I think I must be halfway or more through the first season? (I mean I sort of ish know what happens anyway because I'm a horrible person and look up spoilers haha). I can't wait until Felicity appears because I am SO OVER this Laurel business. So I need someone shipworthy to appear, and have hope for Felicity since everyone seems to love her. I don't watch VD, mostly because I didn't know it existed until last year haha. I may binge watch it sometime. And I forgot The 100 is coming out soon! I'll probably watch that too. I have an addiction to tv. It's a problem haha

  7. Spoilers are awesome. I always look them up. But yes, get through the first season - it gets SO much better. Felicity is super awesome. And Laurel, ugh, she does NOT get better. She needs to go away...far far away. VD (har har) is super addicting. Especially at the beginning. Be warned. Our main hobby is watching TV, so no judgement here!

  8. Oh good I'm not the only one! My friends are all horrified by my need for spoilers haha. And this is great! I have someone to flail with over all the crazy things that happen in the billion tv shows we watch haha

  9. This whole post makes me giggle like I've had a bit too much wine! I can't believe you are just now watching North and South - It is impossible to describe Richard Armitage's swoon-worthiness beyond just pointing at this mini-series and flailing inarticulately. So freakin' good! I watched Robin Hood and he made me ship Guy of Gisbourne with Maid Marian over Robin for goodness sake. Holy Majoly he's sex on a stick!

  10. This!! This is it exactly!! I need to make all my friends watch this show so they understand my obsession with now. I'm so sad he plays Guy of Gisbourne - this is the next series I want to watch (I've had it in the queue forever, but now that I know RA is in it it's been bumped up to the top), and HE NEEDS TO GET THE GIRL. I have a feeling I'm going to start shipping Guy/Marian which I never thought could be possible haha

  11. kirstymariejonesstudioreadsMarch 21, 2014 at 11:15 AM

    this crazy car chase with a murderer from Georgia and a standoff...Freaking hell, the most interesting thing to happen to me the past few weeks was having to sit near a prisoner in the hospital waiting room. So, I've watched some Eureka and Law & Order SVU but not enough to get shippy. But... I'm really struggling to understand why I haven't watched Once Upon a Time yet...I'm just going to stare...for a while...damn. I need to watch him it. Ohhh, have you seen Warehouse 13? Do drunk discussions again, they're fun. ;)

  12. kirstymariejonesstudioreadsMarch 21, 2014 at 11:24 AM

    I gave up on Arrow, :( (though I did only watch it for John Barrowman) but I guess I liked Smallville's Green Arrow too much.

  13. I was so shocked when I saw him on the show! Evil John Barrowman...and you know, I never finished Smallville. I should.

  14. Ahaha, it was actually quite boring. It involved me being stuck on a bus in traffic for ages haha. Yeah I'm with you (well, except I've seen EVERY SVU episode, but it's really not a shippy show) - hence my anti-shippy feelings for those too. YOU NEED TO!! He's so. Just. Yum. I could stare at Hook alllll day. (I will warn you he doesn't show up until...season 2?) Warehouse 13 is on my TBR list - worth bumping it up?

  15. I am seriously obsessed - my mom keeps rolling her eyes at me anytime I make the slightest references now hahaha

  16. I am so pitifully behind on TV ships but North and South??? Ohhhh yeahhh. I have a slight obsession with Richard Armitage on Pinterest :) Loved reading all these even though I don't know all the ships


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