Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Day in the Life (8)

So this week has basically just been more of last week haha - lots and lots and LOTS of boxes.  But now I'm home and need to throw myself into intensive oboe boot camp to get ready for next week!  I've got a concert Friday, rehearsals for a gig the week after, and school starts - which in my case means hard STRAVINSKY rehearsals.  On English horn....bah! 


For those of you who don't know about an English horn (it's the one on the left, the oboe is on the right), it's in the same family as the oboe.  They use all the same fingerings, so playing English horn is more about fine tuning.  And it feels SO different to play on than oboe. And I am definitely more of an oboe player.  Some people are really meant to play english horn...I'm not one of them.  But I'll suck it up and make some reeds this weekend, and all will be well!

On a completely different note, my mom had to drop me off at the airport a couple hours early so I had time to kill.  I got a manicure for my poor hands which weren't doing so well after moving boxes all week.  (And...I'm apparently at the same level as a two year old.  I CAN'T USE SCISSORS.  I was cutting something open...and cut across the entire tip of my pinky.  I work with razor blades and knives for a living!  And I can't handle a stinking pair of scissors!) And then I got my boots polished!

I wish I had before and after pictures for you, because these shoes were starting to turn the color of grey asphalt.  It only cost $10 (including a good tip) and they spent a good 15-20 minutes fixing these suckers up.  And the most awesome part of all of this?  THEY USED A BLOWTORCH!!!  Ummm how awesome is that?  Only the coolest most awesome thing ever.  So if you guys are ever flying through the Charlotte airport, that boot polish (and shoes are cheaper to get done) is sooooo worth it.  Also did I mention the blow torch?

Bookish Things

Douglas Adams Poems Discovered - Obviously I have a slight obsession with Douglas Adams.  He is only the entire inspiration for this blog's title and the quote that goes with it.
New York City Teen Author Festival Recap - It sounds like there were some really interesting panels, and I'm super jealous!
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A Censored History of Ladies in YA Fiction - I'm not entirely convinced by the argument here in its entirety, but I absolutely agree on a lot of points
The 14 Stages Of Book Addiction - So basically THIS ENTIRE LIST. I feel ya #5 though. And #6...and did I mention this entire list is all completely right?
57 Facts That Will Change The Way You Look At Harry Potter - Some of these I think most of us knew, but some I had no clue about! And as always these lists make me all nostalgic and teary-eyed *sniff*
Crossing the Line: Adult-Teen Relationships in YA Fiction and Beyond - Really, really interesting and I didn't have a clue about all of this going on.  Well worth checking out.
Challenging the Expectation of YA Characters as "Role Models" for Girls: Guest Post by Sarah Ockler - I absolutely agree. (Although I may have fallen into that trap before, so let's pretend I'm not a hypocrite sometimes)
The Skinny on Harvard’s Rare Book Collection Human flesh-bound volumes R.I.P. on library shelves - Well that's...interesting.  (I'd say it's pretty cool but I'm pretty sure half of you are barfing right now)
Mental Health Blog Hop Giveaway - Jess has written a really, really awesome post about the stigma behind mental health.  And to put icing on the cake - she's got a giveaway going too!
Tattoos Speak Louder Than Words: SFF Characters with Ink - This list has a surprising variety - any list with both Kushiel (!!!Yay!!!), Sirius Black, and Tamora Pierce's Briar Moss is an AWESOME list in my opinion.
How crucial is social media to our blogs? - Another great discussion post by Mitchii!
Do Not Read in Public! - Jamie @ Perpetual Page Turner talks about the dangers of reading books in public (hilarious, and SO TRUE.  I can relate.  I could tell the person next to me on the plane thought I was a crazy person because of a surprise incident in a book I was reading.  I do TRY not to read books that will make me cry in public!  But sometimes you just can't know)

Nonbookish Things

The Saddest Perfume Names - The explanations on this are quite entertaining haha
Maleficent and Sleeping Beauty: Equally Authentic (Which Means Not At All) - As someone who is obsessed with fairy tales, Disney movies, and reinterpretations this was a great article!
30 Pilots and Flight Attendants Confess Secrets You Don't Know About Flying - Umm gross.  Never ordering coffee or tea on a flight again!
Jurassic World Returning Characters - B.D. Wong. 'Nuff said. (Did I ever tell you guys I met him?!  He ate at my restaurant and if I hadn't been late I would have been his server!!!! AGH WHY WAS I LATE?!) 
Superhero Shoes - Some of these are pretty cute - I liked the Batman and Captain America ones
Sleepy Hollow Teasers - GUYS GUYS GUYS.  Ok you already know that I'm crazy about this show.
Days of Future Past Has a New Trailer and Poster - YAYAYA SO EXCITED!!
Teen to government: Change your typeface, save millions - Pretty cool
Lady Knights of Tumblr - Lady Knights of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and personalities? Count me in!
Mark Gatiss Teases a Jane Austen Doctor Who Episode - Yes please!!
How To Train Your Dragon 2 Clip - Awwwww it's so adorable!  I can not WAIT for this to come out!  Man, this week has been awesome for movie stuff I'm excited for!
OUaT in Wonderland cancelled - I'm not surprised, and I was not loving this series, but it was entertaining I suppose (Kirsty [do you go by Kirsty or Kirsty-Marie?] you might as well skip this spinoff.  It's kind of awful and it doesn't have Jefferson anyway.  On the off chance you read this)
Jupiter Ascending - Ok I was already interested in it...BUT EDDIE REDMAYNE IS IN IT?! AS A BAD GUY?!

And since I'm in an Eddie Redmayne mood (PLEASE tell me someone else is as obsessed with his mouth as I am so I feel like less of a creep) here is a wholly depressing Les Mis clip! (Disclaimer, don't kill me, but I am actually not a fan of Les Mis.  They only cycle through three different melodies for goodness' sake!)

Ahhh he's such a good actor. And has a very pleasant voice.  Ok I'm leaving now. 


  1. They might do a Doctor Who episode with Jane Austen!?!?! Be still my beating heart!

  2. That was exactly my reaction upon reading that news!

  3. I'm an oboist, so I have to make my own reeds, hence the razor blades and knives! I didn't hate OUaT in Wonderland, but it's episodes were really hit or miss for me. I'm hoping that because it got cancelled that the season finale will be really well done and wrap the story up nicely, ending the show on a high note. In which case likely all my memories of the show will be very fond :)

  4. kirstymariejonesstudioreadsMarch 31, 2014 at 11:55 AM

    I suck at playing an instrument, I was okay with piano and I was pretty good at the recorder (shhh), but that's about it. But damn they look impressive. Going through some of the links (Harry Potter right now) which is making me want to cry :(. Everything reminds me that it's over, booo. And makes me want to go back to the Studio Tour in London. I DIDN'T KNOW OuAT HAD A SPINOFF? Sounds like it's not that good, though EMMA RIGBY! She was in Hollyoaks (Brit soap) for ages, pretty good but wow she looks weird now. I might take a chance with it and see but how can you have a Wonderland spin-off WITHOUT Jefferson?! (And it's Kirsty, I just use Kirsty-Marie on things)
    Okay, the dude has a weird mouth.

    P.s. Love the boots!

  5. 1. OuaTW was...pretty bad. I did like the Knave and Cyrus was very attractive, but that was about it. The Red Queen's lips horrified me.
    2. Blowtorch!? YES!
    3. Because you are neat, I'll forgive you for not liking Les Mis. I have all three melodies recycling in my head... ;)
    4. SO excited for Sleepy Hollow. This show could have been so bad, but instead it was so good. And Tom Mison...sigh. So pretty.
    5. Role Models in YA literature - I mostly agree with her. I don't think characters need to be role models. I'm not sure any human - fictional or real - can live up to society's expectations for role models. But, there is a fine line here too. There are certain troupes that YA characters, especially females, fall into that I DO think are harmful. I know you and I have talked about that. I think the action is larger than the character and the action doesn't make a character any more or less of a role model. But I do find it disturbing to have an otherwise fine character - flaws and all - to perpetuate the behavior. Again, ladies, just because a perky blond likes your boyfriend, it does not make her a slut.

  6. You know, recorder is harder than one might think. I never could do anything other than squeak on it haha (it's also like the exact opposite of the oboe, so clearly I was never meant to play anything else). I'd like Emma Rigby as the Red Queen...if I didn't immediately compare her to Lana Parilla as Regina the whole time. Part of it is they try and make all their female villains pretty much exactly the same, and part of it is at this point I've had almost 3 seasons with Regina, so the Red Queen doesn't stand much of a chance. But as Shannon said, the Knave was a lot of fun and Cyrus is attractive, so that might be enough of a pull?

    But I'm obsessed with his mouth in a good way haha! I mean in this scene he is supposed to look half dead and he is pretty miserable so I can't say it's Eddie Redmayne at his best looks, but it's fantastic acting.

    And thanks! I've pretty much worn them every day (I hate snow boots they make my feet tingly after half an hour so if I can get away with not wearing them, I do) hence them being a grey colour beforehand haha

  7. 1. YES. All of that is exactly how I felt about everything haha. And also how I feel about Sleepy Hollow...I'm still waiting for it to be terrible because I'm just not trusting of my shows any more, but they've just done such a great job! (And oooooh Tom Mison. Be still my heart!
    5. Yes - you definitely hit on the conflict I feel. On one hand I absolutely believe authors shouldn't be censored and that they can write their characters however they want...but on the other hand I also feel that YA authors in particular have a sort of responsibility because their books are being read by some of the most impressionable part of the population, and books really can shape their views. So at what point should people draw the line? It's something I have yet to resolve in my head (and I kinda doubt I'll ever figure it out) and struggle with anytime I enjoy a novel with the exception of the character's actions (MC or not). (In fact it's a big part of the reason I really, really didn't like If I Lie, but everyone else seems to be ok with it. Slut shaming is really just a big angry trigger button for me haha)

  8. Thanks for linking me up!! Also the blow torch thing.. AMAZING! Plus you work with knives and razor blades for your job?? What job is this???? I don't know how I feel about OUAT in Wonderland being canceled. It wasn't terrible.. I liked to see the new characters that show was introducing. Oh well....


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