Saturday, September 14, 2013

Friday Five

1.  In keeping with my updates on my beloved car, I've been informed that insurance will not be covering the damages as they have no idea what caused my car to mold.  On the upside, it will only cost a couple hundred bucks to fix everything.  Unless I have toxic mold.  Did you know that was a thing?  If I have toxic mold, I'm not entirely sure what happens.  But if I have to lose my car because of spontaneous molding, I will be FURIOUS.  Especially since insurance will not compensate me in any way.  AHHHH I don't even want to think about it.

2.  Last week my friend and I randomly decided to go busking and it was SO MUCH FUN!!  For those of you who don't know what busking is - you know those street musicians who play and have their case open or a hat out for change?  That's busking.  We only played for about 15 minutes as there's only so many duets we could sight read in the dark, but we made enough for train fare each, so that's good.  It really was lovely though, as quite a few people came up and thanked us for playing.  A couple ran to catch up with us while we packed up (they'd been eating at the restaurant next to the square) and the woman thanked us profusely for playing the music of her soul (or something along those lines).  All I was thinking inside was...


3.  I've been looking at the few reviews on Goodreads of Untold, the sequel to Sarah Rees Brennan's Unspoken AND I AM TERRIFIED.  None of them seem good!  It has to be good! I just pre-ordered it!  And Untold was my favourite book of the year...til I read Crown of Midnight  (I know I said that I didn't think anything could top it.  Buuuuut clearly I was wrong.  Although it's saying something about the quality of books I'm stumbling across).  But then I have to remind myself to calm down as I remember other books I loved with awful reviews (it's really mind boggling how different everyone's taste is sometimes!).  In aaaanyyyy case the books is coming out soon and I can't wait!

4.  I have been stress rereading.  This is what happens when I can't handle life.  I've already reread The Immortals Quartet, City of Bones, half of City of Ashes, Graceling, and almost all of Bitterblue.  That would be since...Wednesday when all the stress began.  I don't know how I manage to do it, I mean I know I'm a quick reader, but considering I don't have TIME to do it I don't know when this happened!

5.  Speaking of The Stress...I started school this week.  You may have noticed I don't have my normal Wednesday review up...folks it looks like I'm back down to one review a week until I can get my schedule under control.  I expected to be busy, but I didn't expect to be quite as busy as I am.  I am trying to think of it as flattering that I have so many responsibilities instead of moving straight to panic mode...but judging by my rereading streak, that isn't quite working haha.  I may need to stop posting altogether for a while, we'll see, but I think the blog gives me some healthy nonmusic things to do (instead of say, drinking my stress away instead).  And on that note, I'm off to run through some rep!

Anything fun happen in your week?

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