Saturday, September 21, 2013

Friday Five (except you know, it's Saturday and I'm reviewing Safe Haven instead)

This week has honestly been a blur because I've been so crazy busy.  I honestly can't remember many noteworthy things, although I remember thinking I should put some things in the Friday Five post, so things happened.  I just have no idea what they were haha.  So instead, let's talk about a movie I watched while reed making.

First, disclaimer I've not read the book this is based on or read any other Nicholas Sparks novels.  So I probably shouldn't judge the book by this movie...but I am really uninterested in reading any of his works, especially if they are anything like the movie.  It has EVERYTHING I hate in YA books!  I mean geez!

1.  Any family?  Nope.  Or at least none that are mentioned.  At least on blonde lady's side (I've forgotten the character names and don't feel this book merits me looking them up).  Or for that matter any sort of character development.  I mean sure we've got guy with the dead wife and girl who's running from some mystery past, but you don't really get who they are

2.  Female lead immerses life into said love interest and has no separate thing that is hers?  Check.  Unless you count waitressing.  Which I don't.  And she never works really.

3.  Crazy evil baddie with no explanation as to why they are crazy evil?  Sort of check.  I mean there is a sort of explanation, but it doesn't go any deeper than surface level explanation.

4.  Female best friend is a useless waste of space.  Oh man.  THIS.  This is absolutely the reason the movie became irredeemable.  I was pleasantly surprised to see Robin is in this movie.  And by Robin I mean actress who plays Robin on HIMYM whose name I absolutely can never remember.  But guess what?  SHE SERVES NO PURPOSE.  At least for the first hour and fifty minutes (Yes.  They made this movie two. whole. hours.)  I mean really.  She has like 15 second conversations with blonde girl and they are the most inane conversations I've had to listen to.  And I taught junior high school.  What does whoever wrote that script think women talk about?!?  Robin is either talking to blonde girl about love interest, or she drops gems like these:

"Ah what a beautiful day.  I love how the light comes through the trees"

"I like your curtains"

Yes these are actual lines.  And I saw that plot twist coming a MILE away. 

Redeemable qualities:  

- Blonde girl's hair.  I couldn't stop staring at her.  I want her hair.  
- Love interest guy is easy on the eyes
- Pretty scenery
- The child actors were PERFECT.  The boy plays his role as a 10 year old who lost is mother a few years ago perfectly.  Part brat, part sweet kid, it was excellent.  And the little girl is adorable.

I feel like enough people love Nicholas Sparks and his movie adaptions (none of which I've seen other than this one), but then a lot of people loved Twilight even when Bella's undead baby was trying to kill her and her best friend falls in love with her fetus, so I have a feeling a lot people are wrong about things.


  1. Haha...I saw this a couple of months ago and did a post on it...

    And yeah I didn't like it too. The dialogue between blonde girl and Robin was pretty awful and the scenery was the one thing I liked. And now that you mention it...the blonde girl did have very pretty hair.

  2. Yeah some of it was so bad I actually laughed out loud haha


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