Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Day in the Life #38: In which Elizabeth DOES ALL THE THINGS.

It has been a real whirlwind of a week.  Or two now that I'm thinking about it...I'm so tired I can barely think straight haha!  Let's see...the week before this one, I had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day but otherwise it's been a pretty good couple weeks, just very busy.  I'm too tired for sentences so I'm going to go into my beloved list form:

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
1. In which Elizabeth discovers she has had a tick on her for two and a half days and had to go to the minute clinic for the preventative antibiotic and her health insurance has been cancelled as of a few weeks ago and she can't find out why because she only has so many hours in a day when she can stay on hold and NEVER GET A HOLD OF THE BLOODY INSURANCE PEOPLE TO TELL HER WHY THEY WON'T TAKE HER FRELLING DOCUMENTS.  Seriously any time your phone dies because you've been on hold 3 hours multiple times is just too bloodydamn long.
2. In which she then discovers that Bank of America has done away with ebanking for all of time and now no longer has any accounts whatsoever that don't require a minimum balance or a minimum monthly direct deposit.  She's a nanny. And a barista. These occupations are done primarily in cash.  And she can't just move to another bank because then she would have like no credit.
3. In which Elizabeth realizes that her speedometer isn't working at all, and when she goes to the dealership to get it fixed they inform her it won't get fixed until the next day (which matters because she was planning on driving to South Carolina that day) AND that they are charging her double the price it should be to fix it.  (I know, I know dealerships, but honestly they've been pretty awesome and usually fair on prices).

BUT.  Other than that spectacularly bad day, the rest of my week has been pretty awesome.  I went down to South Carolina to see my best friend, and even though it was a very, very short trip because I didn't have a working speedometer (I did consider for a split second the merit of just taking the 9 hour drive without a speedometer before realizing that was just dumb) so I only really had one full day, it was totally worth it.  We went whitewater rafting and I got to spend 4th of July with my best friend!  Good times were had :)  And in defense of getting the tick, (which was really not that big of a deal since chances of getting lyme disease are like 1% - it was more inconvenient than anything) I did get it picking wineberries with the kids.  I'd never even heard of wineberries before.  They're DELICIOUS.  They're fairly similar to raspberries, for any of you who also have never heard of them.  So that was fun.  This past week has been crazy busy work wise.  The kids are suddenly on a museum kick, so after standing for 12 hours the previous day, I drove them down to D.C. and we walked around the National Museum of Natural History (which was pretty awesome) and then the next day I took them into Baltimore to look at art at the Walter (which was also awesome).  I mean how often do you get kids who LOVE reading and LOVE going to museums???  These are things I like too and I get paid to do all this!  But I put my foot down the next day and said I absolutely needed to not walk around all day because I was pretty sure my feet were going to fall off and I was going to have to stand all day at work the next day haha!  And my godmother came down to D.C. this weekend so I headed back to D.C. and stayed the night with her and her granddaughter which was a lot of fun!  So I got to travel quite a bit which is always good for alleviating my everpresent travel itch.

And my bloglovin feed is still a scary, scary place.  Although more like a 250 unread posts scary place instead of 630, so that's good.  Buuuut I still haven't made it into my July posts haha!  So here's my link roundup with the disclaimer that a lot of these are pretty old, sorry!

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Specific Books and Authors

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Emily brings up an interesting connection between Squibs and people with disabilities in her Order of the Phoenix reread.
Mallory informs us how to cast Jane Eyre (hint, she shouldn't be freaking gorgeous!)

Bookish Fun Stuff

Cait created a quiz where she guesses what style of book covers you love. (And she totally nailed me - 100% The Artist Coneisseur)
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Cait has shares some overlooked (but highly useful) life lessons from books.
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  1. Oh MAN. That was an extremely bad day!! Out of curiosity though, why would you lose your credit if you switched to another bank?

    I did Cait's quiz and she nailed me too. I like to pretend I'm not a sparkly dress cover person, but I totally am.

  2. I learned the hard way that closing bank accounts lowers your credit score because it shows you having credit for a long time, and I'm guessing because I'm young it effects it more. Last year I closed my longest open bank account because it turned into exactly what they just turned my ebanking account into haha. I was pretty shocked - it dropped my credit score by like 200 points and OF COURSE I did it right before buying a car haha! I'm planning on doing a bit more research into this though to see if there's some way I can get around that.

    I didn't even realize I really had a cover type, but when I took that quiz and got my result I was like....of COURSE I like this. Why did I not think I had a cover type? I clearly have a cover type! I'm with you though, sparkly dress covers make me drool (moreso for the oh-my-god-I-need-that-dress than the cover itself though I suppose)

  3. Ok, that makes sense. Especially if you don't really have anything else in the way of established credit. When I closed my Chase account (because of the exact same reasons), Lance and I also had a joint checking so I didn't experience a drop (even though I was closing an account I had since I was 16...but I refuse to play by their rules!)

    But see, you could wear those dresses for recitals! :D

  4. Yeah I'm going to have to find a way to break the system haha! And oh my god...totally went on a 5 minute flight of fancy picturing myself playing in any of those dresses hahaha! It's almost tempting to put on another solo recital just for the clothes!

  5. I think my bad moments come to a consensus to just pile all in on one day haha! So I mean...on the upside it means most of my days are pretty great? My terrible ones are just REALLY terrible. (And I've just finished season 1! I'm waaaay behind times on this one)

    I had no idea the Phillippines had more than one language! It's such a small place (you know, comparatively to America anyway) that I guess I just made assumptions? But yeah, there are just some meanings that don't fully translate between languages so I love seeing people give me more words to nail down a feeling I can't always exactly name in English.

    You totally should do a link up! I love seeing all the random posts people find haha :)

  6. That sounds like an awfully bad day :( I hope you don't have another one of those for many months! Of course all these things happen at once, huh?

    Eeep ticks D: they (the medical profession) here REFUSE to acknowledge that lyme disease exists in Australia, even though people have gone to the USA to get tests done to prove they have it. Urgh it freaks me out, because every now and then there's a media story about it and how some poor person is sick with it.

    Wineberries sound pretty great though.

  7. Yeah it's always a snowball situation haha! But thankfully it's fairly rare.

    Holy cow, that's crazy!! Why on earth would they think that Australia doesn't have ticks? Does that mean you can't get preventative antibiotics/doctors won't treat it then? And yeah they were pretty tasty :)

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