Friday, January 10, 2014

A Day in the Life (1)

This is a spin off of My Summer Girl's Friday Five where I talk about non-bookish things (Mostly.  I don't always succeed in 100% book free zone)!

So I'm sure everyone's been dealing with crazy weather like I have!  This was my weather on Monday: 

Yep.  That happened.  Needless to say school actually closed for once.  And I did not go outside at all.  I went from camping on a beach in Mexico to...that.  It was more than a bit of a shock!  And getting home was a nightmare as I was caught up in all the snowstorms, but luckily I only got back a day late (which in comparison to a ton of people is pretty good).  It was actually nice as my cancelled flight actually had me stuck where my mom lives, so I got to spend the day with her and we got manis and pedis :)  I'm so spoiled!

In other news, my quintet, Fullertone Winds, is at a chamber competition!  We drove all through the night to get here since we got stuck in unexpected traffic and a snow storm, but luckily our horn player is a Canadian and got us here safely.  We don't play until tomorrow though, so wish us luck!

And that's it for this week - anything fun happen in yours?


  1. Good Luck! Or Hope you did well if its already over with! It has been a doozie of a week weather wise for sure. It doesn't help that I have family in Florida who were rubbing it in that it was 70 down there. I didn't get any time off because of it but it was probably good because it ended up being good an productive. Even did a Bald Eagle Midwinter survey on Thursday though thankfully the worst of the cold was done by then.

  2. We didn't win, but it's the most fun I've had performing in a long time and our audience was clearly digging it, so I have no regrets! I totally understand - my family is in California so I get lots of bragging about their awesome weather too haha. I'm assuming the Bald Eagle survey was counting them? Maybe? Enlighten me :)


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