Friday, June 14, 2013

House of Cards

Ok, ok I know I'm supposed to be reading books (and I am! I promise!).  I FINALLY got around to watching the pilot of House of Cards and...holy s***.  This show is amazing! I mean I never had doubts (Kevin Spacey has been my favourite actor since I was about twelve and saw The Usual Suspects and K-Pax in the same month).  I went to this show primarily because Kevin Spacey was in it (and because much of it was shot at my alma mater, Peabody), but I was surprised at all the faces and names I recognized.  The premise of the show is really intriguing - dark sneaky politics are always a draw for me as well as a sort of ensemble cast with lots of plotting and intrigue. I did find Kevin Spacey's character addressing the audience, although it's clear the audience is someone only he can see, a bit odd, but I stopped thinking about it too much after a while and hopefully I won't notice it throughout the rest of the season.

I know I am harping on Kevin Spacey a lot, but he is just so deliciously evil!  And Robin Wright, who plays his wife matches him - it's so satisfying watching her place this cold, calculating woman considering I grew up watching her as Princess Buttercup (seriously.  I watched The Princess Bride on practically a weekly basis throughout my childhood.  And at least once a year until...well I still do that haha), and then again as a childhood sweetheart in Forrest Gump.  And's not even shocking or jarring having only seen her in more innocent roles - she OWNS this character.  That is clear from all of the cast even in just the pilot.    The script is just fantastic - it makes you want to laugh and shudder at the same time! But the best part of the whole show for me is Robin Wright and Kevin Spacey together.  They may be deliciously evil apart, but when they stand next to each other they are positively terrifying!  It gave me chills.  I am so, so excited to finish the rest of the season!

So without further ado, head to Netflix and WATCH THIS SHOW.  As if Kevin Spacey and Princess Buttercup weren't enough reason on their own.

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