Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Sleeping Beauty Proposal - Sarah Strohmeyer

Rated: F

The Sleeping Beauty Proposal

A wickedly funny fairytale for modern women from the “laugh-out-loud funny” (Washington Post Book World) author of The Cinderella Pact.Genie’s commitment-phobic boyfriend is finally proposing—on national television. To the woman he’s been seeing on the side. It’s a major wake-up call for a girl who’s hit the snooze button on her life a few too many times.With no names mentioned on the broadcast, Genie finds herself flooded with presents and congratulations. It’s up to her to explain the mistake, but sometimes waking up is hard to do.When her parents start planning the reception, she can’t help enjoying herself. Why call off the so-called engagement just yet? It’s fun to play princess. But unless a prince shows up—and soon—this dream could start getting weird.


This book was the most ridiculous piece of crap I have ever read. The plot is outlandish. The characters are insanely unbelievable. There was NO substance to this book. The main character is your stereotypical middle-aged woman. She talks about the same things all these woman talk about in these sort of books - weight and marriage. Her boyfriend is a grade-A asshole. Completely black character. The new love of her life is perfect: smart and absolutely gorgeous. These characters act to the extreme of their stereotype. Its almost laughable - if it didn't hurt so much to read it. I tried. I don't ever not finish a book, but this one sorely tempted me.


This book was not worth my time. It takes a lot for me to not enjoy anything about a book, but this book managed to be so ridiculously over the top it made it to my small list of least favourite books of all time.


No one. But if I'd have to pick, a chick lit fan with low standards.

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