Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tough Traveling: Beloved Mounts


This week’s topic is BELOVED MOUNTS
A combination of suggestions from several people, as it seems many want to talk about the various animals that people in fantasyland ride. So be they horse, bear, or other let’s talk about favorite rides.

Iorek Byrnisson from His Dark Materials

Art by: Sidonie

First off, is there anything cooler than riding a polar bear? (Ok maybe a dragon).  And Iorek is one badass polar bear.  And aside from Pantalaimon, possibly my favourite character in this series.  Technically I suppose he's really more than a mount, but Lyra DOES right on his back for a large portion of the book, so I'm counting it.

Buckbeak from Harry Potter

Fierce and loyal, Buckbeak is basically the epitome of Gryffindorness.  

Art by: minuiko

Ahh, my favourite crotchety horse!  I think it's fitting that my favourite Tamora Pierce horse it matched with the Tamora Pierce heroine that I think is the most underrated.  I also think Peachblossom is very much like Kel is deep down underneath all that Yamani training - I'm betting she'd be a lot more openly cranky all the time if she hadn't been raised to be so calm. 

Speaking of crotchety old horses, this list would not be complete without Talat.  He and Aerin are both misfits (She because of...everything, he because he's injured and can't be a warhorse anymore), and I think a huge portion of Aerin's character growth comes from helping Talat recuperate. She never would have gone on the whole adventure in the first place without him.

Art by: Dan Milligan

Obviously there had to be a dragon on this list. And as my first favourite dragon (who can also be considered a mount - after all I could hardly put Smaug on this list could I?), Ramoth is the obvious choice. 

Bree (Breehy-hinny-brinny-hoohy-hah) from The Horse and His Boy

Art by: Pauline Baynes

Since all the horses can't be crotchety, I think the silly, vain Bree is an excellent addition to this list!

Falada from The Goose Girl

I kind of think of Falada as Ani's soul mate. I wish soul mate didn't have romantic connotations (is there a better word for this?) - but it really was like they were linked through their souls.

 ...I didn't mean to end on a tragic note, but this is the order I thought of the characters's an adorable baby turtle!


  1. This is a wonderful list of beloved mounts, and I really like the illustrations you picked to go with them! That one with Ramoth is gorgeous.


  2. Ooh, you chose Buckbeak, too :)
    I agree, Iorek is pretty badass - but I liked Pantalaimon better as well. I'd love a daemon, wouldn't you?
    So many people particiapted this week, I think this was the most popular topic yet!

  3. Love it! I would say Kor from The Scorpio Races would be one of my favorites. And soul mates....maybe kindred spirits? (It always goes back to Anne of Green Gables, doesn' t it?)

  4. Oh! And Falcor! How could I forget Falcor?! And Artax. Poor Artax.

  5. I looooove the Ramoth one! It's probably my favourite, although I'm quite fond of the Iorek one too.

  6. I love the pictures you found to go with these! Though I never pictured the Pern dragons with horns. . .

  7. I LOVE adorable baby turtles! We have a decent amount of overlap which is fun (Iorek, Falada, Bree)! Now that I've read about Peachblossom here and on a couple other lists I am chomping at the bit (see what I did ther:) to get to that Pierce series!

  8. Ok, loving the turtle. Because I am a crazy fan of turtles and their relations. And yeah for joining me in the Ramoth club, all these Ruth fans can sit on the sidelines.

  9. I can't even tell you how many "What Animal Would Your Daemon Be?" quizzes I've taken haha! I was quite obsessed there for a while. (Who am I kidding, I still really want one!)

    I'm so behind on making the rounds on this one, but I have to say judging by the number of comments this week, I think you might be right!

  10. KOR!!! You'd think as the book I most recently read with a horse in it, that I would have remembered him. How. HOW DID I FORGET?? *sighs* And also YES that's the word I was looking for. I knew it existed haha! And I'm surprised I forgot Artax and Falcor too! I think it's because I usually think of the movie before the book. Although since I ended on Falada, maybe it's good I didn't have two tragic horse deaths in this post haha

  11. That's weird, I don't either and I totally somehow missed that this one has horns haha!

  12. I was thinking to myself "Why aren't there turtle mounts in books?" Then I remember how slow they are and think that perhaps a slow speed is not usually what one looks for in transportation haha. (But speaking of speed...why aren't there any cheetah mounts??)

  13. They're just so cute!! And I hope you love Protector of the Small - I have a fierce love for that quartet in no small part because I think both the series and the quartet is really underrated in comparison to all her other works. Most people's favourite is the next quartet you'll get to though!

  14. I have to say turtles are greatly underrated when it comes to cool animals. And I was so surprised that so many people picked Ruth instead of Ramoth! Come on guys, Ramoth is where it's at!

  15. Cheetahs are only capable of running fast for short bursts of time :p Not very good if you've got to travel long distances . . .

  16. That is an excellent point. Maybe turtles would be better...(or to be more precise, tortoises. I don't think turtles would fare well on entirely overland journeys)


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