Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Day in the Life #31 (In which Elizabeth got all the pretty things!)

It's been a while since I've done one of these!  I don't have much to say actually, so I'll keep it short.  But look what I got in the mail!!!

Speaking of mail, I actually had a great package week.  My ex-roomie (the one I got hooked on OuaT and non super hero/vampire Whedon) sent me a Dollhouse graphic novel out of nowhere!  AND I got these hella awesome boots from my mom!


So all in all, I've had a pretty good month. (Excluding my car breaking down AGAIN. After replacing all four tires, so I didn't have the money for it to collaps on me again. Luckily my dealership was really awesome - probably because I've had to come back every 2 months since I bought it - and waved $500 of the dollars I would have had to pay to have it repaired. They could have really screwed me over, but they were really awesome and helped me out mega time)   So that's it for this week, except for a shout out to Christina Reads YA. If you guys like the bookish links I have on the blog, a good portion of the ones I found for this round up I wouldn't have come across without her weekly round ups!

Bookish Links


Down and dirty fairy tales: How this rediscovered stash of darker-than-Grimm stories destroys our Prince Charming myths- Wowwww this is so cool!!
We’re talking about young adult fiction all wrong - YES, so much yes!
The Problem of Being in Public - God I relate to this SO MUCH!! I become such a creeper about wanting to know what other people are reading haha!  ...but I don't like it when people talk to me when I'm reading, because A. they're hitting on me, or B. HELLO this part is SO GOOD DON'T INTERRUPT.
Do Certain Buzzwords Make You Pick Up a Book?- So...yeah. Gillian's buzzwords are exactly 100% my buzzwords haha
How to Respond When Someone Disdains YA - Perfect.
An Open Letter to YA Authors About Sex- So much sex in this week's round up! But I couldn't agree more with this post, and it's important, and authors need to know this is important.
Nerding Out: YA Companions for the Doctor - I approve.
Creating Headcanons: Everyone Does It - I've definitely run into this problem. But most importantly: Hermione as a PoC?? I officially imagine it all the time and wish I'd imagined her that way the whole time.

Specific Books/Authors

Laurie Halse Anderson Thinks Adults Should Be Reading More YA - And lots of other great stuff from our favourite author!
Listening to the Voices of Innocents: Children of War: Voices of Iraqi Refugees by Deborah Ellis - Powerful, and very, very important.

Did You Ever Notice These 11 Things In The Harry Potter Series? - Ok so I'm a masochist and can't stop reading lists that make me cry.  But for real - this list actually had things I hadn't noticed before!Margaret Atwood visits West Point for a frank conversation on gender, politics and oppression - As expected from Margaret Atwood, entertaining and enlightening.
Teenage Jane Austen Wrote Hilarious, Racy Parody Stories for Her Family - Speaking of my favourite authors...(and how adorable is this!!)
Eleanor & Park Author Rainbow Rowell Talks Fifty Shades and Franzen - Actually, she speaks about Carry On more, but in any case, lots of interesting stuff here!
Why I want more unlikeable female characters - Again...ALL THE YESES!!

Fun time bookish stuff

From the Desk of an Evil Queen - Nafiza has written an awesome short story from Snow White's Evil Queen's PoV, and I LOVE IT.
Which Literary Heroine Are You? - I got a heroine I'd never actually heard of before - Lucy Honeychurch. I greatly approve of her last name though!
Your Guide to the Greatest Heroines of Young Adult Fiction - I'm surprised - I actually think I knew way more of the realistic fiction heroines than the fantasy ones, which is weird!
Our Weirdest Fictional Crushes - I'm not the only one who had a super crush on an animated fox?!

Nonbookish Links

Historically Accurate Disney Princesses - Ahhh, these videos are THE BEST.
Power-Playing: Advice To NSFW Fic Writers And Novelists Now That Fifty Shades of Grey Is A Movie - What with all the 50 Shades posts, I thought this post was worth posting
Brits on Brits: Felicity Jones, Keira Knightley, Dominic West and more - AHHHH they're all so adorable!! (And funny)
Your Fave Fantasy is Problematic - A really, really interesting read. It was super enlightening for me
What you're like when you listen to these composers - Ahahaha!!! These are perfect! The Wagner might be my favourite though haha
It’s All Feminism To Me: What The “F” Word Really Means - As someone who has had family members/friends bring up feminism as a BAD thing..I can never have enough people read articles like this.
Be My Eyes - This is really cool! I'm thinking of doing this myself. It's an app that let's blind people video chat when they need help with something you need sight to do (like expiration dates)
Why Do Reboots Cause Such Mass Hysteria? - There are so few reboots that I actually have a strong opinion on, so I don't know how I'd react actually

I think I've posted my favourite group SYTYCD video before, but this choreography gives that one a run for its money as favourite. (It's one of my favourite Imogen Heap song ever)


  1. Oh and I just read that HP list. Creeeeepy about the first to rise thing!!! The deaths in HP effected me more than any other book I think.... except maybe those dogs in Where the Red Fern Grows, that was pretty devastating.

  2. Omg! Where the Red Fern Grows was the first book that made me cry for days afterwards. To this day I have only read it once because of how took me down.

  3. Why, why, why do you do this to meeeeeeeeeeee?! These posts are so full of stuff I want to see and read. There is a new "reading list" bookmarking function on Kindle and mine is filling up fast and you are about 60% to blame for that. Ha! Those boots are FAB! I am going to read the one about composers, first. My taste in composers has changed drastically in the last few years (my taste in art, too). Weird. I used to not care a stitch about Satie and Gershwin, but now I listen to them the most. I have also become a bigger fan of Jazz.

  4. Yeah I started boycotting dog stories after this one haha

  5. My goal is complete: Spam La La's Kindle! And I know right? I have the best mom EVER.

    I don't know many people who listen to Satie! Honestly I only know Rhapsody in Blue of Gershwin's music, which I really need to change because that piece is AWESOME. I have a difficult time with jazz. Big band music is one thing...but the newer pieces (particularly the smaller ones like jazz trios) are a bit off the wall for me. I just don't have anything solid to grasp onto. That being said I'm not against all new jazz - Wynton Marsalis is AMAZING. (Oh the perks of having an ex-room mate who was a trumpet player!)

  6. I used to only like progressive Jazz that was heavy on electric guitars, but now I like the more traditional trios. Go figure.

  7. YAY!

    Buzzwords: Oh yes, I definitely have words that get me. I'm trying to think of a few but "sweeping", "epic", "alternate reality" are the first ones that pop in my head. On the other side...there are definitely buzzwords that keep me away from books too!

    Harry Potter: That was very insightful and cool! I hadn't thought of those things either.

    Literary Heroine: I got Anne of Green Gables. :D

    Heroines: Wow, I hadn't heard of a lot of these! Annnddd now my TBR is just got longer...

    Fictional Crushes: I had a few cartoon ones like Aladdin. Or Prince Eric. I also had quite a few anime ones....

    Composers: Tallis. Yes.

  8. I had the exact same reactions to the buzzwords list - Yes, yes, yes and yes! Also my weirdest fictional crush is Prince Eric from Disney's The Little Mermaid. I'm still kind of convinced he might be the perfect man - He loves his dog and own's a house on the ocean after all.

  9. Yeah, those would all be on my GIVE ME NOW PLEASE list of buzzwords haha! You seem to be very Anne of Green Gables on a lot of quizzes haha! And god yes I LOVED Aladdin and Eric was super dreamy. But I suppose unsurprisingly, Li Shang was always my favourite. (Although it really was a toss up between him and Aladdin some days. Ah the ranking of hottest cartoon characters haha!)

    I freaking LOVE the composer gifs. They're pretty much spot on for everything for me haha

  10. Prince Eric seems to be a favourite haha! You know what I just realized? None of the Disney men own cats! In fact only EVIL people own cats!!!! What's up with that Disney. I want a Disney man with a cat, thank you very much!


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