Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tell Me Tuesday #3


I have a confession to make.

I...went to the library website to check something. And...well...one thing led to another..and I just couldn't stop myself.

I checked out like FIVE EBOOKS.

I know what you're all thinking - ....so what? Why would we care about that? But Elizabeth! You promised you weren't going to check out a single book until you read the books you have at your place (at least enough so you could move the ones out of the suitcases)! We're so disappointed in you!!

But hey, at least I actually finished a book of my real shelves this week before I broke down? AND I'm reading a book for review (who cares that the third book in this series is now out. Or soon to be out.  AGH I'M A FAILURE!!)

So on that note..here's what I've been reading!

77566 16069030Red Rising (Red Rising Trilogy, #1)

I finished Hyperion this week, and while I struggled in the beginning, I'm really glad I read it.  For once I was actually probably more invested in the mechanics of the story telling than the story telling itself. Not that I didn't like the story telling, I was just fascinated with the author's choices in how he chose to tell the stories.  I'm definitely looking forward to making my way through this series!

The Winner's Curse was so much fun! I loved the time Rutkoski spent laying the groundwork for world building.  The romance wasn't my favourite, but I also didn't hate it, and I pretty much loved everything else.  Unfortunately...it doesn't look like my library is getting the next book!!! Usually they show up as on order if they're coming out soon...and now it's out...and so far NO. PENDING.  So it looks like I might have to buy this one if I want to read it *sighs* (And I at least haven't broken my no book buying ban. Yay me!)

I'm a little under 3/4 of the way through Red Rising now. I am really enjoying it so far, but I'm in the middle of something that I am currently not sure how it is going to fit into the story as a whole. And it's a verrryyyyy long tangent, so it must not be a tangent. I guess I was just not expecting this much time being spent on the (war games) part?  It's still good though, and brutal. I do like that the author is having the MC deal with some gray areas, it makes it much more believable.

And here's what I checked out from the library (and therefore will be reading soon....just because I wasn't supposed to doesn't mean I shouldn't take advantage of it, right?)


 Because I've been waiting FOREVER for this book to be available so I can finish rereading the series.


Because I haven't read a romance novel in what feels like FOREVER (I'm pretty sure it's only been a month haha) and Tessa Dare's books are NEVER available at the library!

A Mad, Wicked Folly

Because it's had great reviews and I just wanted a fun historical fiction read. (And apparently the Tessa Dare novel wasn't going to fulfill that need?)


  1. I'm not judging you at all - You check out whatever you want whenever you want:). I recently had 4 holds come up at once and I panicked and only picked one up (two different libraries) and I'm not sure I'll even get that one read. So that's your next challenge - reading them all! They look great!

  2. I say...one library book, one review book, one library book, one review book. Then you still feel like you are making progress. ;) If you liked Winner's Curse, you will like Winner's Crime. It addresses some of the romance concerns. Also, my library sometimes has things available for holds really early, and then won't have other books until they are already published? So, maybe keep checking back? Totally worth the read though. I did not like Red Rising. Like, at all. I don't get why people liked it so much. I also was taken aback about the direction of the book and did not have it interesting. But, I'm a total black sheep. And as far as A Mad, Wicked Folly goes...I think you will really like it. I didn't, but I think this one of though books that we will be divided on. Totally seems your style. :)

  3. Looking around the library website can make it hard to keep to reading what's on your shelf. I am so like that!! It can be just super hard.... so I try to stay away from the website as much as possible!

  4. My sister requests books all the time at our nain library; for them to purchase, I mean. If they already have other books in the series they have purchased them 100% of the time. I would find out what you library's policy is. I think they have gotten around 50% of first books shqeuoo fhas irequested, in fact she has developed somewhat of a friendship with the YA section manager. Lol. Ha ha, I never thought I would see a book with a bare chested guy on the front on your blog! I'll leave that department up to you qnd my younger sister. I added your link to my TMT. I was late looking at my email. One of my friends died and I was all wrapped up in that. It was expected, but it was still upsetting. Higs whole life was music and by some astronomical bad luck he developed a cancerous brain tumor right on top of where we process music. He spent the last two years of his life not being able to hear or play music. I am restringing my guitar tomorrow and I will never, ever go anothet

  5. I want so badly to get my books under control haha! And I swear there's like a book poltergeist that makes holds do that! It feels like you have to wait for them FOREVER...and then they all come in in one go. Even if you requested them at completely different times haha!

  6. That sounds like an EXCELLENT plan! Yeah I'm going to keep checking...but I'm not feeling hopeful. Apparently they're doing some huge renovations so they're seriously cutting the budget for books etc. since they're spending most of their money on renovations. WHYYYYYY. But we'll see...

    I honestly didn't think I was. The writing style isn't what I usually like and I still really don't understand the direction the book took. It's like the first part of it isn't really part of the story...there's just a huge disconnect between where the book set up to go and where the book spent the majority of its time. That being said...I TOTALLY ended up loving it. I've never had my opinions on a book fluctuate so much!

    And I did like it! It was fun and cute and yay art! I think the author was trying to get some learning in and it seemed too....learny and less an organic part of the story, but that's really my only complaint haha

  7. It's like a FREE BOOKSTORE. I don't understand why everyone doesn't just live there. And I have access to my library ebooks in Chicago even though I've moved. Which is dangerous because where I live now has a terrible selection of ebooks...and Chicago's is AMAZING. I lasted a whole three months without going on their website and I crumbled HARD.

  8. I know that at least for this next year they aren't going to be purchasing many new books because they're doing serious renovations :( ...I'll probably put requests in anyway, because it can't hurt to ask! But I'm not feeling very hopeful since the librarians don't seem happy about it haha.

    I went on a huge romance kick at the end of last year when I was getting some reading fatigue (plus personal life stuff...there's nothing that takes the reading out of you like that does!) and it was perfect. And I guess I just...haven't come back off it haha! I don't usually talk about it on the blog because I find that I rarely have strong opinions on the romance novels I read (and they're pretty narrowly pigeoned into regency-era romances, so they're not very diverse). They can be a lot of fun!

    Thanks for linking me up! And I am so, so sorry to hear about your friend. Even when you know it's going to happen soon, it really doesn't soften the impact when it does happen. If you need anything let me know - seriously. I've lost a lot of people over the past few years, and it helped me so much that I had people I could talk to. I can't imagine not being connected to music in that way. It's one of the worst things I could ever imagine going through. I'm glad he's inspired you to play again, and I'm sure he would love that he's had that influence on you!

  9. Is your library just a standalone or a regional one? Mine is part of a regional county library system, so even if my local one doesn't have it I can usually order it from another library in the system. Haha, I love that your library is cutting their budget for books...you know, the whole purpose of the library.

  10. Thanks Elizabeth. You are a sweetheart.

  11. It's linked to other libraries in the city so I can request books from the other libraries, but I live next to the biggest one so they're usually at that one anyway. It does seem...like not the best idea ever. But maybe there's some structural stuff I don't know about and they HAVE to spend money on renovations? I feel like that's the only excusable situation


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