Saturday, April 12, 2014

Blogger problems. Help?

So...some of you may have noticed over the past week that NONE of the links on my blog are working.  Or rather none of the links that take you to other places on the blog.

This pretty sums up my week:

I've honestly had so many things going on and everything has been so completely awful, so this has just been an annoyance that I can't even deal with right now.  Long story short, I got a lot of really, really bad news this week that I don't feel like going into because I could write a whole post on even just ONE of any of the things that have happened.  Really, this blog just isn't that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things.  But it kind of feels like it you know?  This is the place I go to blow off some steam when I'm stressed out, where I get to talk about all the AWESOME things that I've gotten to read, and I get to talk to a lot of really interesting people, and it's supposed to be fun!  Trying to figure out why it isn't working and is doing some other weird stuff in general just really makes me feel like not blogging.  I have been so absent from everything to do with blogging, and it's not because I need a's because when it requires so much effort to even find a way to respond to comments on my own blog it's an added stress I really can't handle right now.

I've just posted my second request for someone to help out on the blogger forums...because guess what?  Yeah.  The only way you get any help with these blogs is from the kind souls of other people going onto the forums to help out.  There's no way to contact google (that I know of) and ask them what the bleep they did to my blog!  So far no one has been able to help.  If any of you are tech savvy at all and are interested in seeing what's going on, here's the link

I've thought about trying to move to Wordpress - I've even made an account and got a website name and whatnot...but I just don't get it.  I hate that there's so little ability to customize without paying, and while it might not sound like a lot of money...I don't have any to spare.  And I can't seem to figure out how to get anything I want to happen without paying...and I find Wordpress kind of overwhelming in general haha, but that's bound to happen anyway.  I could try and just create a new website on Blogger, but that seems kind of dumb since the whole problem is a Blogger thing anyway.  

So basically, since I don't want to just whine on for a whole post...any advice?  I know a lot of you use Wordpress - did any of you do it without paying to customize it?  How'd you make it work?

The only idea I've had so far is to post a ton of things and if it's a broken script on one of my posts maybe all this will go away?  So expect a lot of posts.  (And probably not a solution to the links haha this doesn't sound like a logical approach.  BUT WHATEVER.  I need to do something.  And I have a ton of ARC reviews I need to put up anyway.  SO THERE.)

P.s.  On the off chance you want to comment anywhere on the have to right click to open the post in a new window.  Or at least it's the quickest way I've figured out.  Yep.  Fun times.

P.p.s. In new news...MY BLOG IS PLAYING ADS.  I can hear the music but I can't see where it is coming from, but it's DEFINITELY from my site.  WHAT IS HAPPENING?!


  1. I know how you feel about wordpress. The Blogger forums will be NO HELP. NONE. I have reached out to them before myself. Waste of time. Also.. I don't see ads on your blog. So there must be a virus on your computer. One time I downloaded something ( I can't remember what) and ads would play on facebook after I did that. I had to remove that program to get rid of it. So most likely that is something on your end. As far as the links go .. i am about to check that out.

  2. I tried links on your last two reviews. One to goodreads and one to someone else's blog and they both worked. Moving to wordpress is something I would like to do for free too!

  3. I know the links are regardless of browser, but since the ads are new and Angela said it might be something I downloaded I think the browser could very definitely be part of the problem!

  4. The links to outside sources work, but the ones that take me to other sections of my own blog are the ones that don't work :-/ thanks for checking though! And thanks for the tip about the ad - I'll have to look and see what I downloaded haha!

  5. For me your blog seems to look and work the way it's supposed to. Have you tried another browser? Suddenly appearing ads is something I had too and it came from an add-on. Maybe check those!?


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