Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Day in the Life (20)

Once again I got caught up in moving stuff, plus I started work (although since I'm actually writing this while at work, I suppose that's not the best excuse.)

Reasons why working as a receptionist at a gym is awesome:

1. I am writing this post as I work
2. If I actually ever wanted to work out, I could do it for free. Except that I don't go to gyms, so it's not really an advantage
3. I don't have internet right now, so getting to use it at work is awesome
4. I actually got so bored I LOOKED FORWARD to cleaning the equipment. And then went and cleaned a bunch of equipment I didn't need to. Because I was that bored. Maybe this will start applying to my apartment?
5. I'm meeting not musicians, which is interesting

Reasons why working as a receptionist at a gym is less than stellar:

1. Minimum wage ain't going to pay all the bills
2. Did I mention I was bored?
3. It is not inspiring any creative posts at the moment, so...hopefully I'll come up with something to post soon...(other than this. Obviously.)
4. I haven't had body image issues in YEARS...but when you have to wear pretty much leggings to work every day, it does things to your self esteem. 

...Ok I'm done procrastinating.  I'll go do the real blog post work now! 

Sadly due to my inability to remember where I packed my headphones and only being able to get internet in public places, no music this week.  Here's a video of Michael Rooker dancing like Groot instead!

Bookish Links

A Thing or Two About the #edbookfest - Sandra talks about meeting some of her favourite authors - (SARAH J. MAAS!!!)
The Pop Quiz at the End of the Universe: Sarah J. Maas - Speaking of SJM...want to read some kooky Q/A's?
Laura Ingalls Wilder's "Gritty" Memoir Sounds Historically Accurate and Deeply Upsetting - This sounds freaking fantastic!! Look at me getting all excited for a nonfiction book :)

 The Extraordinary Cases of Histories of Fictional Worlds - You all know how into world building I am right?
 Fairytale's Most Wanted: The Five Most Well-Known Character Types - And in keeping with my fairy tale obsession...
My Favourite Fantasy Characters - Featuring two of my own favourites, Luna and Tyrion.
Which Hogwarts Professor Are You - I'm Hagrid! I may have posted this already, but who cares it's fun!
6 More Folktales from Around the World to Read to Your Kids - Did I mention I'm obsessed with ALL fairy tales?

Thought Provoking
I Got the Message Loud and Clear: Reading Isn't Cool - I am sure most, if not all, of us can relate to this post. I was lucky enough that for the most part my family is a reading family, or used to those of us who are, so I haven't gotten this much from my family. But I definitely got it elsewhere growing up/.
Animorphs: Why The Series Rocked and Why You Should Still Care - If you haven't read this series and are into diversity, sci-fi, HARDCORE life stuff, just...can everyone go read this series please? This article is AMAZING and you should read it. I loved this series when I discovered in 5th grade, and I'm so, so sad they aren't going to be reputting the books out there on the shelves. As much as I'm trying to purge books, I'll definitely have to start collecting them because they are books that everyone needs to read.
Questioning the Lack of Diversity in Historical Fiction - TBW bring up some excellent points - the conquerors write the histories.
Comic Books and the Question of Diversity - Kwame talks about some of the discussions that have been going on about Guardians of the Galaxy.

Miscellaneous Bookish Things
Manga Review: Maid-sama - While this isn't one of my favourites, it's definitely a ton of fun, so if you are looking for a new shoujo check out Christina's review, I think she really captures the essence of the series.
Tahleen's Favorite Audiobooks - Having just completed my VERY FIRST audiobook, I can second Etiquette and Espionage!
100 Happy Book Days: Days 1-10 - Nafiza shares the first 10 books in the #100HappyBookDays challenge
The Giver, and How it Kind of Surprised Me - Amanda reviews The Giver movie.
New York Public Library’s hilarious archive of librarians’ harsh children’s book reviews - “Be sure to read the chapter about the three girls and the banana.”
Favourite Fictional Couples - The Midnight Garden talks about some some of their favourite (And least favourite) couples.  And they have some of my favs! (FROI AND QUINTANA FOREVER!! Plus Chaol/Celaena. Obvs.)
Non-Medieval Historical Novels - The Book Wars talk about some awesome books and why you might like/dislike them

Nonbookish Links

“Undercover Colors” Is A New Nail Polish That Detects If Your Drink Has Been Drugged - There's been a lot of lashback because some people are saying that this is promoting rape culture, and I'm sorry...but they're wrong. Yes, in an ideal world we should be saying just don't do it (and aren't they saying that anyway? In the article it says that they want to make men scared to use date rape drugs instead having women feel fearful), but that's just not going to happen. And if we have the tools to take preventative action, I'm all for it. I'm really excited for this product and if I had money to donate, I would.
Something in Red: Scarlett Johansson’s SciFi Appeal - Like sci-fi/fantasy? Like Scarlett Johansson (or dislike)? Good. Read this. It's interesting.
My Own Happily Ever After - Jamie gets personal and talks about her relationship with her husband over the years, and it's inspiring and adorable and yay!


  1. KWMS is not your favorites?! *sobs* I think the series started great, regressed in the middle but got a decent (rushed) ending. I think I'd been a receptionist before, but just like for one day and that's because the place I was training for (for my ojt) still haven't found a replacement. And I was really bored but like you, the internet got me by. xD

  2. Thos are actually all the reasons why I think the series is a lot of fun, but not one of my favourites. That ending was super rushed!! (Plus I feel like I've read that situation a gazillion times, and KWMS didn't add anything new to the trope). What's an ojt?

  3. kirstymariejonesstudioreadsSeptember 4, 2014 at 1:08 PM

    Oh man, see I would love to work in a gym (free workouts, it might make me go, but seriously, I do love it, it's just if I money to go, I'd rather buy a book and go for a long walk instead.) But yawn, does sound boring, and ew, meeting new people. :(

  4. On the job training. I think you guys call it internship.

  5. Yeah I'm more of a swimming/hiking girl - if this gym had a pool I would be SO set! ...but it doesn't. And gym equipment look kind of like torture devices. Maybe I'll try the elliptical? BAHAHA totally different reaction from me hahaha! I met a guy who works in a coroner's lab, so that's pretty cool, no?


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