Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Day in the Life (18)

I DID IT!!! (Sort of)  Move completed! (Mostly).  Technically I have all of the stuff I brought from Chicago inside of the apartment, which is really what counts.  It was long and stressful, but it's over!!! (...until I do it all over again with my stuff at my mom's place in South Carolina) 


Unfortunately my darling, wonderful boyfriend hooked up the a different address.  And it's the weekend.  So guess who's been moving and unpacking in the dark?  This girl!  I have yet to uncover the flashlights, and I have a niggling feeling I left my nice petzel in the kitchen of my Chicago apartment.  But the good news is that I found some batteries, so whenever I find the flashlights, I should be golden!  In other less than stellar news, my landlord told me he was getting the carpet in my room replaced...the day I was moving in.  Which would have been inconvenient...but the guy didn't show up.  Which means I can't move any of my stuff into the there's that too.  And the last tenant didn't move out all of their stuff and there's some gross sticky stuff all over the kitchen counter. I have not yet decided whether it's a good thing or not that due to not having electricity, I can't see said gooey stuff haha!  But I'm off to get some cleaning supplies and it's going to sparkling :) (Maybe so sparkling it will light up the apartment?  If wishes were...isn't there a saying that starts that way? I can't remember the rest of it...)  And next weekend I'm going to be celebrating my best friend's marriage!!! (Must. Write. Speech. NOW!) And I get to see Shannon! :-D  Be jealous, be very, very jealous >:-D

I cannot express how much I love this song! I've been listening to it pretty much nonstop all month. (Well ok, it's like the 2nd. All last month haha!)

Bookish Links

Dragonriders of Pern Is Going to be a Movie. FINALLY. - YES YES YES!!!! Lessa is one of my favourite heroines.  And also - dragons!  Please let this happen...(preferably sooner than like a billion years from now)

11 Things You Should Never Do - Ahahah! This is a really funny/cute list from one of the book bloggers I follow!
Why I Love Romance Novels - Quinn talks about all the (often overlooked) great things about romance novels, and how it is a legitimate genre with some fantastic writers!
Colbert Nation vs. Amazon - Oh my god this is so freaking awesome! I mean I think Colbert is the best, but he just made a ton of really great things happen. Go watch this video!
J.K. Rowling's Real Life is More Incredible Than Any Fiction - You go girl :) (And happy birthday to you and H.P.!)
The Best, Funniest, and Most Ridiculous Harry Potter Memes - OH MY GOD HAHAHAHA! These are fantastic.
What Else is Disney Not Telling Us (Fairy tale panel) - You all know my obsession with fairy tales and retellings, so here's a look at what was said in the fairy tale panel at SDCC!
A Few More Short Stories - The Book Wars focused on short stories this month, and here are some of Janet's all time favourite short stories!

Nonbookish Links

SDCC’s “Women Who Kick Ass” Panelists Only Want to Play Male Superheroes - I would have loved to see this panel! So many awesome actresses, and some really interesting things discussed
Women Kick Ass at Comic-Con - Ok, this is from last year, but I still thought there were a lot of interesting things said!
13 Soul-Shattering Third Eye Blind Lyrics - Someone other than me has a deep, abiding love for Third Eye Blind? Who knew!


  1. if wishes were horses, then beggars would (could?) ride…

  2. For some reason I thought it was if wishes were kisses, but then I couldn't figure out how on earth you would end the statement lol

  3. If wishes were dollars, I'd be rich? I don't think I've ever heard anything like that before but it's probably totally true!

    You moved from Chicago - where to?! Moving can be so stressful. It's literally my least favorite thing ever. My fiance and I have moved four times in the last seven years. Hopefully things smooth out and you get your carpet put in ASAP. : CONGRATS to your best friend and I hope you have a great time!!!

  4. Also - thank you for those links. The HP memes cracked me up hahah

  5. I've moved back to Baltimore! And yeah...super freaking stressful haha! I haven't had electricity for a week, and haven't had the carpet replaced in the bedroom so...I wasn't able to clean (it's hard to clean if you can't actually see if it is cleaner or not lol) and haven't been able to move into my bedroom. Plus my door got so swollen my landlord had to kick it down (which kind of destroyed everything and I had to go through this tiny alleyway to get into the back of my apartment for a day haha). BUT I'm getting a huge discount on my rent, so that's good :) And when I get back and do move part 2 everything should go much smoother!

    I'm so excited! ...I'm going to be nailing down my speech during the flight I think haha.

    (And I totally loved the HP memes! I actually hadn't seen some of them before haha)


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