Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Day in the Life (17)

Not much of note to talk about this week, just moving stresses and trying to eat as many Chicago dogs as I can before I move and they become a distant reality for me.  I did perfect my perfect pizza though - pepperoni, tomato, pineapple, jalapeƱo, and I just decided to add bacon which was the BEST. IDEA. EVER.  I live such an exciting life.  In other news, if you ever go to Chicago and want really good margaritas, go to Big Star. Those things are DELICIOUS. And strong. Very, very strong haha.

And that's it for my week - I leave you with what I've been listening to nonstop:

So bloody catchy.

Ever thought clarinet was the sexiest thing ever? No? Listen to this.  (You gotta wait to like the 40 second mark to get there.)

Bookish News

Chinese Lord of the Rings Covers - Holy cow these are freaking GORGEOUS.
Fictional Roommates - Sara @ The Page Sage talks about who would make the best (and worst) roommates.  (My vote is on Karou for me!)
The S Word - Meg from Cuddlebuggery gets personal and talks about why sex in YA literature is important
Instagram Book Challenge! - Nafiza from Bibliophilic Monologues wants you to join her! I don't have an Instagram, but I might join in once I'm settled after the move :)
Book Shaming - AHAHA these are perfect!
Uncorked Thoughts: Harry Potter - So Uncorked Thoughts does a weekly Harry Potter meme! How awesome is that?!
Harry Potter House Cup - And apparently there's a yearly month long Harry Potter event on this blog. Too bad I'm just finding it :-/ You can still join in though!
On Hogwarts Houses - So sue me, I apparently only looked at HP posts this week haha.  This was an analysis of the pros and cons of each house, super interesting
On Bookish Habits - More Cuddlebuggery getting personal!  (Hilarious as per usual, and Meg is clearly one of my bookish soul mates)
Mythology in Fantasy - As someone who LOVES mythology (especially non Greek/Roman since that's more or less all you encounter. Not that I don't love it too, it's just refreshing to get other stuff), this is an AWESOME list of books from all sorts of mythologies - even self created ones like American Gods.

Nonbookish News

Ask the Sexpert: The 90-year-old sex guru - This was funny and heart warming and thought provoking all in one go.  And apparently the only nonbookish thing I bookmarked this week lol

Until next week! (In which I will have moved into my new apartment but will probably be sobbing surrounded by empty cardboard boxes. That's a lie. They'll be full. Like I'd actually unpack anything that quickly lol)


  1. Good luck with the move! Your perfect pizza sounds pretty amazing tbh, and nothing beats home made pizza imo!

    ...well...except for maybe bagels. But I have an obsession with those that is just never going to go away (mhm...carbs).

  2. Oh man I WISH I had the skills for homemade pizza! It's just from Pizza Hut (they have this deal where I can get as many toppings as I want for a grand total of $11 which makes me SO happy)

    And oh do you understand me! I LOVE bagels. With a passion. I have to stop myself from making bagels my meal...every meal lol

  3. Good luck with your move! I know how stressful it can be, so I hope everything goes smoothly for you. :) And Pizza Hut has THE BEST pizza, don't they?! Haha! Thanks for sharing! <3

    ~ Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf

  4. It's SO stressful! The moving truck was supposed to be delivered today...and guess who didn't show up on time. Which was kind of a big deal, because my parking pass expired (it's good for tomorrow too thank god, it just stops at a certain time of day) so when they tried showing up 3 HOURS LATE there was nowhere for them to park. Commence me freaking out.

    Whoo. Sorry! I clearly felt the need to vent there lol (And yes I <3 Pizza Hut. It's wonderful/terrible that I'm a 1 minute walk from least until Friday lol)

  5. kirstymariejonesstudioreadsJuly 29, 2014 at 9:28 AM

    Ohhhhh pizza. I haven't eaten It in a year, booo. :( Makes me feel sick. Though, have made my own before (though, with a bread maker, so it's not technically handmade. BUT IT COUNTS.) Tried making this healthy one too with a spinach base and achyfi, it's disgustingly disgusting. I am addicted to Lights right now, she's so freaking talented. Haha, the book shaming, especially Mockingjay. :/ MEAN. Now, I kind of want to read I Hunt Killers... Good luck with the moving. BREATHE.

  6. That's a shame! It's my perfect broke food because I can make it last at least 3 or 4 meals usually haha. What on earth is achyfi? I tried looking it up but all I'm getting is a sort of Neopet lol!!

    You know, I've never gotten into Ellie Goulding (is that who you are talking about? The song I posted was by a different artist and to my knowledge she doesn't have a song titled Lights?). I couldn't tell you why, it's not like I don't listen to plenty of artists who sound very similar...I just can't get into her music for some reason!

    And I MADE IT!! After not getting the trailer delivered yesterday, I still managed to pack up the trailer today so it will be sent in time to get to the other end of the country by Friday! SUCCESS. As per usual I'm covered in bruises and we dropped like a 200 lb moving ramp on the foot I'd already gotten stuck underneath a door yesterday (...don't ask. I have special skills), but otherwise I seem to have made it through this end of things. Time to celebrate :)


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