Monday, July 7, 2014

A Day in the Life (15)

EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE. Ok not really, but I'm feeling pretty depressed at the moment haha.  So...I've completely lost my voice.  It's been gone for about a day and a half now.  And man does that cut you off from society! I'm currently teaching at a music camp, so not being able to speak is somewhat limiting, but moreso than that, I'm around a lot of interesting people that I have enjoyed talking to for the past week, and now I feel like I'm completely cut off from communication.  This is one of the only times that lack of access to internet starts to really bother me, because if I can't actually speak to people in real life at least I'd be able to communicate with someone (anyone!) online, but sadly I don't have much time/access to the internet.  Reading your comments this past week has seriously saved me - you guys are the best!  On the flip side, I could definitely stand to talk less, so maybe some of this silence will keep once I get my voice back.  And I turn into such a baby when I get sick so at least no one can hear me whine about it lol!

As forewarned, I don't have much to say (and probably won't until the end of August).  I've basically just been really busy doing oboe stuff for the past week which has been really great (but does not hold a lot of interest for the average population). And as I mentioned above, I've met a really great group of people from all different backgrounds which has made this week so much fun.  

This week I'm sharing a piece we're playing this weekend.  Some of you might even recognize it - it's from The Red Violin (which surprisingly, I've actually never seen.  Bad musician, bad!)

 Bookish Links
The Harry Potter Reread: The Chamber of Secrets, Chapters 9 and 10 - Snape smackdowns, Myrtle controversies, sneaky rebel Hermiones 
Should We Be Quantifying Our Students’ Reading Abilities? - He brings up some great points, and I really love that his solutions deal with many of the different ways we can read, which I think is quite important as we all learn in different ways to start with. 
Not so Solitary: Reading Is Social - Some interesting social bookish stats! 
The Real Story Behind the War Over YA Novels - A really interesting theory on all this backlash to reading YA novels

Nonbookish Links

Why I Am Thankful for How To Train Your Dragon - Ok, after flailing over this movie a couple weeks ago, it's no surprise that I loved this post. 
Avatar The Last Airbender Recap - God everytime I read these recaps I'm reminded of how AMAZING this show is! This particular recap talks a lot about how AtLA deals with friend zoning (hint: in the best way possible)
Gay Men’s Sexism and Women’s Bodies - As someone who has experienced this on occasion, this was enlightening, and something I wish more people could see. Go spread the word!
"Stop Telling Women To Smile:" Tatyana Fazlalizadeh's Viral Street Art - I actually think I've seen some of her art on the east coast when I was looking for my apartment!
The Importance of Listening as a Privileged Person Fighting for Justice - As someone who has become vocal about what I've had to deal with (particularly in the past year), it's easy to lose sight of all the other important issues that effect other people - and not me.  As a white cis person I already have a lot going for me, and I want to be make sure that what I'm doing and thinking is not stepping on someone else's problems instead of furthering a way for all of us to coexist in a better place.
I Wore a Bikini and Nothing Happened - A really fantastic look at our culture's standards of beauty!

 Seeing all The Boxtrolls trailers has had this song stuck in my head all week.  It's so adorable!

And I'll leave you with that!  I'm not sure when I'm going to have time to get another post up, (I really need to finish those other reviews Netgalley was yelling at me about, so hopefully one of those will go up later this week).  Hope you guys are keeping healthy so you can enjoy the summer, and in the meantime send me all your luck so I can get better and talk again soon!

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