Sunday, June 12, 2016

A Day in the Life #43: In which Elizabeth has all the links

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This will be a decidedly unglamorous post after my last one, but that's probably enough excitement for a whole year so that's alright!  Since my last post I've become 26, so I'm officially now in my late twenties.  I'm feeling surprisingly ok with that - I've hit the time in my life where birthdays are officially less exciting than they were when I was a kid.  But 26 isn't one of the BIG birthdays so it doesn't have any added pressure, which is nice.  I had a low key birthday, but I grabbed a drink with some friends and it was loads of fun.  Sejoon also bought me a SUPER EXCITING birthday present!!! I am now a proud owner of AN XBOX ONE!!!!!  I only have three games so far - Just Dance 2016 (which is one of the reasons I'd been thinking of getting a console - it's just so damn fun! And I get a good workout from it), Assassin's Creed Unity, and The Witcher 3 which is like....guys.  I didn't know video games could be like this.  It's so detailed and fun and there's just so bloody much to do! And the story is super intense.  Basically, if you get the opportunity to play it, you should.  

The weather here has been pretty nice so Sejoon and I went hiking today.  We did a short hike - probably only 4 or 5 miles, but it mostly followed a river so it was scenic.  I did have the misfortune of choosing the ONE day they were hosting a cycling race for a hundred or so cyclists, but they were all very friendly, and luckily I could make my way mostly down back baths so we didn't get mowed down by a cyclist.  Also this happened:

Around the middle of the hike we found this giant field which is everything Sejoon has wanted for the past couple of weeks so he got really excited and reenacted "The Hills Are Alive" from The Sound of Music.  (Also ever since that horror film The Hills Have Eyes came out it's ruined the title of that song for me. BOOOO).

In any case we had fun, and also we didn't get killed by cyclists or horses, so that's good.  And now, as promised in my last post, lots of links!!

Nonbookish Links

- In a week full of bad news, it's great to hear that California is making sexual consent education mandatory in high schools.
- Anyone watching the Tonys tonight? You're going to want to watch James Corden's Carpool Karoake from this week for sure then!
- Two names: Abbie Mills and Sleepy Hollow. Spoilers to follow.  And also probably rage. Lots and lots of rage.  I remember back when this was my favourite show.

Bookish Links

- Gillian Anderson has been cast in the American Gods adaption!!!! 
- More casting news: Elisabeth Moss is Offred in The Handmaid's Tale (aka one of my favourite books of all time)
- You guys KNOW I'm all over the Tamora Pierce news - she's just wrapped up the first book in her Numair trilogy!
- IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING!!! Two of my most awaited books are going to be published this fall (no, not Abarat *grumbles*) - Scott Lynch's next Gentleman Bastards book The Thorn of Emberlain and Garth Nix's next Old Kingdom book (LIRAEL AND NICK FINALLY IT'S BEEN LIKE A DECADE I'VE BEEN WAITING SO LONG FOR THIS BOOK) Goldenhand.
- Tessa talks about how much the interpretation and direction of a performance matters in interpreting Shakespeare. (So how about go see some plays instead of just reading them if you can)

Blogging Links

- Heather (hilariously) compares to compares two different con worlds - the world of book cons, and the world of vet cons.
- Mitchii talks about why she loves being a multilingual reader.

Ok, so actually this list ended up not being super long, but guys I'm trying to type this while the Tonys are on AND LIN MANUEL MIRANDA JUST WON GUYS AND I CAN'T TYPE ANY MORE BYE.

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