Sunday, February 8, 2015

30. A Day in the Life (In which Elizabeth still doesn't understand Bellarke. Can Jonty be a thing?)

Not much has been going on in the past two weeks.  My best friend/manager is taking a cross country trip, AND the mom I nanny for is traveling, so I'm working extra shifts at BOTH my jobs. So life has mostly been work, work, work and otherwise I've been vegging.  I FINALLY got out of my reading slump (I think) thanks to Lindsey's Daughter of the Forest Readalong (yes I KNOW I only reread it 8 months ago. So what!). She's going to do a wrap up post on the whole thing (I think) so I'll probably add that to my next weekly round up/Tell Me Tuesday - whichever happens first. But I think I'm going to hold off on the bookish talk since I'm pretty sure I'll be doing a TMT post this Tuesday, so I'll save it for that. So let's talk about what else I've been doing a lot of:  watching TV.

The title screen, featuring a sofa in front of a fountain in a park

I forgot JUST HOW MUCH I get sick of the whole Ross/Rachel thing.  The first 2 seasons of this show are awesome. Season 3 and 4 are fun but start wearing on my patience on that front....but now I've hit season 5. And it makes me want to punch my head through a wall. But I love everything else about the show!  Too bad they make Ross/Rachel the focal point.

And speaking of love hate relationships...

I want so badly to love Sword Art Online! I mean it's had the potential to be everything I love! It's about full immersion gameplay, but the creator traps all the players in the game, so if they die in the game...they die in real life.  There's so much here to focus on! The dynamics between gamers, the awesome game play, strategy...and it does that. Sometimes. But despite the fact that we've got women (like the one above who is basically the second best player in the game) who are clearly capable at what they do...they're written extremely moe, suddenly become helpless and need to be saved (EVEN THOUGH ASUNA IS THE SECOND BEST PLAYER I MEAN COME ON), and there are a LOT of gratuitous shots and fanservice. And it KILLS ME. I'm over half way through now because anytime I've been like...ok I'm quitting this series, it'll come back and be freaking badass...but it never lasts for more than an episode.  And SPOILERS once they leave the game there's so much they could have focused on! Like the consequences of having lived over 2 years in a game, how that affected relationships, PTSD, recovery of body mass, survivor's guilt, the gamers finding each other in real life...and it doesn't really do ANY of that. Ughhhhhhh END SPOILERS.  But I'm watching this with a friend and at this point we're like 2/3 of the way there, so I guess I'll see this season through.

I'm also watching The Glades and Crossing Lines, and I don't even know why because they bring nothing new to the procedural world.  I guess I'm just watching them to have something on while I'm cleaning that I don't need to pay attention to.  So thank GOD for this show:

Yep. I finally caved and watched it. The book bloggers loved it, and then The Mary Sue even said it was I decided to get off my high horse and watch it. TOTALLY. WORTH IT.  The first few episodes are straight up a mess. They're throwing instalove at you left and right and it's just all over the place. But once it hits its stride? Totally absorbing.  I'm not really shipping much of anything only ship right now is Monty/Jasper because they are THE BEST together and I don't even really care that neither of them appears gay. (Or at least Jasper doesn't so far) I just want them to be together forever in any way at all. Oh and I do like Lincoln/Octavia - the only instalove I approve of. I like my strong silent man!  But really so far I just like the characters (without feeling like I need to mash their faces together and go KISS KISS). They have done such a good job of just making all the characters really, really well rounded. Even the characters that seem evil at first have reasons (that aren't just powerplays/sadistic).  They might rub you the wrong way...but they're not always entirely or even mostly wrong about things.  And I LOVE that! I mean, don't get me wrong I love shows like Supernatural and Sleepy Hollow too, where there's a big bad and it's straightforward (HA...Supernatural...straightforward?) but I lurrrrve when they're all shades of grey.  I've just started the second season, so I'll be catching up fairly soon.  And then maybe I will understand all this Bellarke madness, because I am suuuuuuuper not getting that at all right now.

Bookish News


The Advantages of Being Bullheaded - Shannon Lee Alexander (author of Love and Other Unknown Variables) talks about learning disabilities in school and determination.
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WHAT MADE ME THE READER I AM TODAY -  This is such a heartbreaking and really, really brave post.  I can't imagine what Pixie went through, but I'm so glad books have made such a positive difference.
Spreading Kindness - I LOVE these Blogging Acts of Kindness, and I'll be doing my best to spread these along!
What's happening in children's books in 2015? A literary calendar - You're definitely going to want to
bookmark this page!
I have a confession to make… - I'm not alone!! There are others out there, like me, who look up the endings to a book before they finish it!
No Guilt In My Pleasures: How to Critique and Still Enjoy - I have this problem A LOT. How can I love a medium/certain show/movie/book...if it has a lot of the stuff that really bothers me (i.e. romance novels, catchy pop songs, and currently Sword Art Online which I'm having a SUPER love/hate relationship with).


The Thing About Romance - God YES! It's not surprise that while I DO love romance...I think that in a lot (if not most) YA books, it definitely takes importance over other things I'd prefer featured - like friendship (and not ending up with the first boy you set eyes on. Or girl.)
Why Authors Write Insta-Love (No, Really – I Think I Know) - I think this is REALLY interesting, and probably right in a lot of ways!
All About Fan Fic - YES!! This is the best pro-fanfic post I've come across yet! I WILL FORCE EVERYONE TO BOW DOWN TO THE GREATNESS THAT IS FANFICTION.
Hey, Book, Don’t Do That - I'm sure almost all of these are on our bookish pet peeves list too!
Do you think the current marketing around YA books is beneficial or no? - Maggie Stiefvater on YA marketing. (Hint: The answer is no...but it's not YA specific. Definitely very interesting!)

Specific Authors/Books

An Analysis in Grief: 10 Harry PotterDeaths We Did Not Get Over - Clearly. I legit cried through this post. THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME.
Be Suspicious of the New Harper Lee Novel - It is so hard to tell what is going on with this.  I'm not sure what to believe (although I think the article has a LOT of good points.)
21 Famous Writers Reimagined As Puns - Oh my god these are HILARIOUS!! I think my favourite is either Flames Joyce or Denis Prawnston hahaha

THIS IS SO FREAKING BADASS!!! (And yet very informational at the same time.)

Nonbookish News

Are You Still an Artist If You Can't Make a Living? - Obviously this is like...the story of my life right now. This was a HUGE revelation to me, and it helped ease some of my ego issues on the matter.
I Feel Like a Fake Adult - Yep, this also pretty much describes me at the moment haha!
This is Why Obi-Wan Lied to Luke Skywalker About His Father - Definitely a very well thought out and interesting theory. I personally am totally on board with this reasoning!
The "Prince" of K Dramas? Coffee Prince - I DID IT!!! I converted someone to K-Dramas and the amazingness that is Gong Yoo!! Stephanie even does a much more coherent post on Coffee Prince that I did that really nails both everything I love about the show, and the few problems I did have with it.

If any of you are into music technology, or really just new technology at all, you will immediately understand why this is SO. COOL.


  1. kirstymariejonesstudioreadsFebruary 8, 2015 at 7:57 PM

    WE WERE ON A BREAK! Ugh, how I loved Friends. But I still can't stand Ross, I liked him in the beginning but then it just went nope. Go away. Do not like you anymore. WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE? I totally shipped Joey/Chandler though.

    WE ARE WATCHING THE 100 AT THE SAME TIME. I started it like, uhm, two weeks ago and only seem to be getting through it really slowly (I'm only on Ep.8) but yeah, I did watch the first episode before starting OUaT and didn't like it, getting into it now though. BELLAMY! I've missed Bob Morley on my screen, I used to watch Home and Away when he was on it, and kind of fell in love with him. And RICKY WHITTLE, I got to the episode when Lincoln first made an appearance and was like Why didn't anybody tell me Ricky Whittle was in The 100? He was in Hollyoaks over here and just <3 And Jonty definitely needs to be a thing.

    Does anybody actually feel like an adult? I mean, I've never actually felt like a kid either, but it's funny, because every time I go on facebook there are scan pictures, or baby pictures, basically all my friends have kids, most of the people in my class in high school are engaged or pregnant, and I'm not engaged, not pregnant and do not have a kid. One of my best friends got married at 19...she is now getting a divorce at 22. And has two kids. I'm just over here reading a book... Wake me up when I'm an adult.

  2. I am definitely reading the post about YA marketing. Yep. I have not watched a K Drama in a very long time because our cable company took away our AZN channel, but I have discontinued our Time Warner tv package and am starting Amazon Prime as soon as I have the time to tv watch again. Is Coffee Prince your suggestion for my homecoming watch? I am really suspicious about the Harper Lee thing because I first read her book years and years ago, so I have read many an interview with her, spread out over decades, and she always said emphatically no when asked about a second book. I will definitely be reading that article, too. Someone was saying she is basically blind, deaf, and non-communicative now, so how she is giving her permission for publishing a book? I will watch the videos you have posted, too. And my belief is if you make art, even if you give it away, you are an artist.

  3. I actually like Ross AND Rachel more than I remember...but I think it's because I'm only halfway through the show, and by the end of it I'm pretty sure I'm going to hate them again. Joey/Chandler are the best! And I will always have a special spot for Phoebe, and I relate to Monica way more now than I did however long ago I first saw the show!

    YES!! Ok well hurry up because I'm on Season 2, episode 2 and then we can watch together! I actually don't recognize a single actor on the show except for Clarke's mom. And even after looking her up on IMDB I honestly don't know why I recognize her and it BOTHERS ME. Oh wait, no, I knew Murphy from Continuum, so I was predisposed to dislike him too. I can't tell if I love Monty so much because he's asian, and I clearly have a huge asian bias, or if I just love him because of how he is with Jasper. I'm hoping they'll start getting more equal screen time instead of mostly Jasper. I love Jasper so I'll take screen time with him ANY time, but I just want Jonty ALL the time haha.

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure no one ever feels like an adult. Unless life is sucking. So apparently being an adult sucks haha! I've always felt like a parents used to call me Peter Pan because I was so adamant I was never going to grow up. (Or in other words I was adamant I was not going to be a girl and get my period. Or drive a car. Let me tell you how well that worked out for me hahaha!)

    I know, it's so weird! A girl who used to by a best friend of mine has two kids already! My closest friends aren't married (just kidding, one of my best friends got married in August, so except for her), but I feel like as far as high school goes we're definitely not the norm. I come from a really small town, so a lot of people get married and start having kids as soon as they graduate, which is just crazy to me!

  4. You used to get a K-drama channel?!?! SO. JEALOUS. And yes, yes, yes DEFINITELY make Coffee Prince your first. I feel like it's got a wide appeal as far as first time K-Drama watchers AND veteran K-Drama watchers go. Plus it's got Gong Yoo *drools* (My boyfriend has gotten a bit of complex about Gong Yoo since I watched that show hahah! ...I may have talked a little too much about how crazy hot I think he is...)

    Exactly! The Harper Lee thing is sad because it's totally marred any excitement I feel most of us would have about releasing a second book. It's impossible to tell one way or the other :-/. I don't think I'll be reading the book because I don't want to support taking advantage of someone if that is the case.

    We're artists forever!

  5. kirstymariejonesstudioreadsFebruary 11, 2015 at 11:57 AM

    I'm still only on Ep.9, haha. Seriously watching it waaaay too slow. Probably both, but they are totally shippable and he's just hilarious in places (like with the nuts.)
    Ha, don't blame you though, being a girl sucks sometimes. And I'm terrified of driving (not that I have to.)
    It is crazy, and scary, I mean, if people want to, that's fine for them, it's just when you're a certain age and people expect you to have kids, no, go away people.

  6. After a very stupid week with limited daytime internet access, I finally got some time to properly devote to this post. :D
    - Book Memories: I have some memories, but nothing like remembering my first trip to the library or anything. I think it is because I always had book with or near me? It's funny because I don't remember my parents reading to me, but they must have. I DO remember my grandad reading the "Sunday Funnies" to me while I sat on his lap. I must have been 3? 4?
    - Reading the end of the book before finishing: I don't usually skip to the end of the current book I'm reading, but I will definitely look into the endings of other books in the series if I'm on the fence about reading the rest of it. I do look into TV series a lot. Game of Thrones, for example. I looked into the books so I knew a few things that were going to happen. But it doesn't really bother me.
    - The Thing About Romance: I agree with a lot of her points. Some of my favorite books are ones where the romance takes a back seat to everything else happening. Or it is such a slow burn that I'm dying for them to end up together in the long run. Like, Scorpio Races. That romance, which is a small part of the book, stayed with me much much longer than most. And we barely get anything! I still play the "love confession" scene in her kitchen over in my head. He says like, one sentence. LOL. - YA Insta-love: She brings up some really great points. I could definitely see as a writer that you know the characters' "endgame" so it would be really easy to have them fall in love fast because in your mind, they already are in love.
    - Maggie Stiefvater - I adore her. So much.

  7. I don't have any memories of being read to either, which I know is definitely not the case. Considering how much I begged to learn how to read, my guess is that once I started being able to read on my own that I got impatient to just read things myself since being read to takes so much longer! Seeing how much the 7 year old enjoys being read to it's only recently that I've discovered that people actually enjoy being read to...even in high school! Apparently I'm the only one who was ever bored by it haha! It's probably why I had difficulties with audiobooks for a while. (Speaking of, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Puck's narrator. I mean I really like Sean's too, but Puck's narrator is just....perfect. I'm really glad you recommended the audiobook to me since I know some other readers had issues with the dual POV, and having two narrators instantly solves that problem haha)

    Yeah, I definitely do that with series. Which....I did with the rest of Outlander and I'm not convinced I'm going to like the series any more than I currently do. BUT I own all the books, so I'm going ot try. (But if I don't click with the second book, I might just donate all the books to some person who will actually do them the justice of enjoying them haha)

  8. I think Maggie Stiefvater's book sound awesome on audio because they are written so beautifully and really work when read out loud. You almost pick up on more when you here is read out loud.

    It's funny though, I don't usually enjoy being read too. I get bored. LOL. On audiobooks, I can only listen to them when I'm a captive in a car.

    Oh! And I forgot to say something about the archery video: I just started archery lessons! I'm so fricken excited about it!

  9. Yeah, maybe the captive audience bit is what it is for me too haha. And yeah, her words read out loud are just like....I LOVE her words!

    And that's so freaking awesome!! I mean, hard I imagine, but loads of fun too (hopefully)


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