Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Day in the Life (14)

So this is going to be a pretty short post because:

A. Nothing much of note has happened, and
B. I've just spent the past couple days frantically trying to get my moving stuff together since I found an apartment and will be gone for the next two weeks which pretty much only gives me a week to pack up my stuff and move across the country.

In an attempt to remain calm, let's talk about pretty things.  In last week's post comments, Shannon and I talked about some of the pieces out there that make our heart go sideways (and you should totally go check them out).  I was thinking of other songs that have that effect on me that I didn't mention, and this one is definitely in my top 5 classical pieces that make my heart go mushy.

We talked a lot about soundtracks (I LOVE soundtracks. I would kill to play in one! ...too bad I'm not in the LA Phil or a British oboist :-/) which made me think of one of my favourite dances off SYTYCD from the...3rd? 4th? season which was choreographed to a piece from the Memoirs of a Geisha soundtrack.

Wade Robson was probably my favourite choreographer on the show other Mia Michaels. I've pretty much loved every single dance they have choreographed, and I was pretty sad when he stopped showing up on the show.  Also thinking of SYTYCD...I accidentally left my youtube up at the family I nanny for and I think one of them accidentally deleted my playlist with all my favourite SYTYCD dances which makes me very sad.  Maybe I'll post them here while I rebuild the list...

In other news I'm going to be hard core working for the next two weeks in an area with no phone service and likely very poor internet service, so I might not be around the blogosphere for a while :-/.  We'll see if I'm able to do any posts while I'm working on my move - they might be a necessary destressing time for me haha. But I might be gone basically until the end of August because my life is just super crazy what with work, the move between three states, and my best friend's wedding. (I HAVE TO MAKE A SPEECH GUYS. I'm seriously freaking out about it.  I have a month to write it...but...speeches man. And when it's for your best friend on her wedding needs to be good.)

In any case hopefully I'll be around, even if it is sporadic, and know that even if I'm not able to comment or respond to your comments, I'm appreciating each and every one of them (and I'm probably reading all your blog posts too!)

Bookish News

Books I Wish I Could Stop Reading - I'm not the only one!! Meg and I are clearly of one mind on Cassandra Clare. And Lost.
3 Things About Me As A Reader - Jamie talks about discovering how other people read after she started blogging
Diverse Books – What Can You Do? - All of these! But the last one especially can completely change how you view everything, and it is amazing!
Diverse Also Means Disabled - Margo has compiled a great list of YA and MG books featuring characters with disabilities!
Author Guest Post!: Mental Illness, Brain Disease, and Societal Pressures: My Top 5 Books on Brain Matters by Lisa Martens

Nonbookish News

Recaps From the Brightest Timeline: Community Season 6 Episode 1 “Intro to Friendship” - An imagining of what would happen in season 6, this is so freaking awesome!! I would totally watch this.
Meryl Streep on Beauty - This is just really beautiful. But then I also adore Meryl Streep (doesn't everyone?)
AsapSCIENCE Makes a Compelling Case for Why We Should All Eat Bugs - ....they really do make a good case for it. I feel really bad killing things though...And legs. I can't even eat shrimp with the head or legs on...
Things I Never Knew I Desperately Needed - Ummm yes. I never knew I need a horse with its hair shaved in the shape of its skeleton, but now I NEED IT.

And last but not least, I leave with a song by First Aid Kit. My roommate has had me totally hooked on them for the past few weeks. 

See you guys around!

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