Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Day in the Life (5)

To be honest, not much of note happened this week.  Or maybe it did, but if you asked me what I did for the last week...I can't remember.  Except that it felt loooooong.  I did perform on Friday with a group, Chicago Symphonic Winds, which I'm super excited about because I think they have some great ideas!  There really aren't many professional wind ensembles out there (outside of the military bands), so they're trying to build a professional group.  Right now we're doing chamber music while we try and build connections and funds to create a larger group.  We're performing at Vanille Patisseries every first Friday of the month, if you ever happen to be in Chicago on a first Friday!  And while you're at it, check out their blog!

I found out that my mom is putting one of my cats up for adoption and I'm pretty upset about it.  I know she is too, and that she would keep him if she could, but sometimes it just isn't possible.  If I knew my definite plans for the future, I would definitely take him...but I don't even know where I'm going to be living a few months for now.  Moving with one cat is going to be hard enough, I don't think I could manage two :(

He's quite umm...well, he's 18 pounds now.  So he basically looks like a hairy bowling ball haha.  So he's not cute and kittenish anymore, and he's really shy so I'm a bit worried about him settling into a new place.  And besides, he and Murphy (my orange cat) adore each other.  I was originally worried about what Tristan was going to do when Murphy...dies (he's 19), but I guess they'll be separated sooner than I thought :(  Don't mind me, I'm just being mopey.  On the flip side, because he's not likely to be snatched up right away, it's possible I'll have my life figured out in time and I'll be able to take him in!  So I guess we'll see :)

And in other you guys remember those e.l.f. lipsticks I adored?  I made the mistake of going on to the e.l.f website and umm....I may have bought $36 worth of makeup that I absolutely don't need?  But in my defense it was a GREAT deal!  I got $21 worth of free make up on top of that and when everything is only $3 but great quality...well...come on people could you resist that??  In any case if you are interested in e.l.f at all they've got a great deal - spend $25 and get a Mardi Gras celebration thingie (loads of eyeshadow, false eyelashes, nail polish, eye liner...some other stuff I can't remember.  I mean it's A LOT of make up), and if you spend $35 you get free shipping!  So go be makeup obsessed and make me feel better about myself.

I'm a bit behind in my bloggy reading this week, so there won't be many links, sorry!

Bookish Things

The Pop Quiz at the End of the Universe: Shannon Hale - Hey remember that author I've talked about over and over and over?  Yeah she did a really fun interview :)
So You Want To Read Middle Grade: Why I Love MG Romance - Before you guys go "Ewww kid romance?!" she makes a lot of really great points about romance in general.  And also anytime someone uses Anne and Gilbert to make a point deserves to be heard out.
The Assassin's Blade Is Out!! (And some thoughts about it) OMG ASDKFJ;LDKJA!!!!!!  God I want this.  But I am holding out in case they come out in paperback.  Because broke.  This is from Sarah J. Maas's livejournal and if you are fans of ToG, you really should give this a look!
Winona Ryder: I Thought 50 Shades of Grey Was About The Economy - Bahaha! Even better? She met the author before realizing this was not the case.
Extra-Badass Dinosaur Named for Dinotopia's James Gurney! - And boy is he one vicious dinosaur *shudders* 
What Kind of Reader Are You? - Hannah from So Obsessed With has a really interesting discussion post about analytical reading vs. emotional reading

Nonbookish Things

Boy Meets Painting. Painting Grabs Boy. Boy Mystified. - This article talks about that life changing moment where a piece of art (or in my case music) just speaks to you!  I still remember the equivalent piece for me - Samuel Barber's Summermusic.
Rashida Jones on the Pornification of Everything - Oh this woman.  Don't you guys just love her? Now you can love her more - she's written a really articulate and funny article about sexiness being a very specific narrow idea in the media.
Listen Up Rachel from As Told By Rachel has some really great songs she's recommended.  My favourite is probably Kids by Style of Eye ft. SOSO
Annie Trailer So the writer's reaction was exactly the same as mine: "Well, I was never really an Annie kid, I’m sure this trailer won’t awaken anything in me.”  *clicks play*  Oh no it’s cute.  - Yeah so I officially have to go see this.  (Also diversity!!!)
Idris Elba Cast In Disney's Live Action Junge Book - Yet another thing I wasn't planning on watching...but...Idris Elba! 
The Pop Star Immunity Problem - An interesting look at musicians as people vs. catchy music (uses Chris Brown as an example)
Composers Doing Normal Shit - A tumblr devoted just to seeing pictures of things like Ravel petting his cat?  I'm in.
Monday Cute: Little Girl and Little Horse, Frolicking Like a Lisa Frank Poster - This is adorable!
Weatherman's Hilarious Frozen Inspired Parody - Let It Go, Chicago - Ahaha this is perfect.  And I'm SO sick of the freaking snow!
Beyonce's Vs. Zombies OH MY GOD.  This tumblr is the best thing ever!  What if all of Beyonce's lyrics were about fighting zombies?  Well, if you've ever wondered, here you go.
Jennifer Lawrence as Gillian Flynn's "Cool Girl" - I love JLaw unhealthy amount, and the author of this does too, so don't worry it's not JLaw bashing!  But it is insightful and well worth reading!
The 13 Worst things To Ever Happen To A Classical Musician - This is hilarious! #11 is going to be my life for the next week.  Luckily I love playing operas!
25 Little Known Facts About BtVS - Umm...I'm not obsessed...not at all...
How Peter Capaldi Melted the Hearts of Doctor Who Fans Everywhere Awww!! I know a lot of people are feeling iffy about him, but I am so excited! He's such a great actor, and I have a feeling he is going to be THE Doctor for me!
Strange But True: For Some People Music Truly Doesn't Make Them Happy - This is so weird! I can't even imagine life like that...

Oh my god I just...I can't.  I won't say anything because you really have to know nothing watching this, but it is so funny and so painful at the same time!

Don't kill me.


  1. Great post!! Congrats on such big accomplishments. I wish I lived in Chicago and could go and see you. I really hope you don't have to get rid of your cat. I am always afraid something would happen to me and I wouldn't be able to keep my cats. Especially since they are diabetic and there is no way I could afford to take care of them on my own. I am going to go and check out e.l.f. right now. Though recently I turned 35 and feel like I am starting to see my age no matter how long I spend in the bathroom getting ready.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your cat :( I hope everything works out in the end and you get to keep him! I've got my fingers crossed for you.

    And thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. Yes, I love Juliet Marillier's original Sevenwaters trilogy and absolutely adored the Bridei chronicles (no, I didn't know he was a real king!). Haven't tried any of her more recent works but I'll let you know when I do.

    And that youtube clip - oh god, as soon as the first scene popped up (you know which scene I'm referring to), my heart broke. No, that was not cool.

    I see you're a DW fan too :) I'm excited about Capaldi but I am getting sick of Steven Moffat's work. Not sure how you feel about Moffat so I won't say more :)

  3. Aw your cat is a cutie, I hope that either a wonderful home is found for him or you get to keep him! I think part of the reason I still live at home is because as I can't afford my own place, I'd have to rent, and renting usually means no pets. I can't do no pets. My parents are resigned to the fact I'll be living at home for aaaages yet haha

    I'm so terrible when it comes to make-up! I don't wear it very often but I have a rather substantial collection. Sephora is evil and I spent a lot of time in there when I visited the USA last year (I did manage to find my perfect foundation though, so I consider it worth it? lol)

  4. Thank you! Yeah, diabetic cats are difficult and expensive! My mom cat sits twin cats that have diabetes so she has to try and catch them to give them their shots, which is always fairly traumatic.

    E.l.f is SO ADDICTING! They have a lot of sparkly stuff, which is less what I'm into, but product in crappy packaging (hence the cheap). I hope you find something! And aging is all about just changing the look :)...or so I would imagine. As the couple who just hired me to babysit pointed out, they thought I was 17...I'm 23.

  5. Thank you!

    I know right? I had no idea! Which makes it even more awesome and now I'm SERIOUSLY craving some Marillier rereading...thanks a ot :-p

    Ahahahah it's horrible! I think my jaw literally fell open and I felt a bit like I'd had a bucket of water thrown in my face! It's the immediate shock that does it, upon rewatch it doesn't quite have the same effect haha

    Yeah, there are definitely some issues with Moffat - for me, particularly with white washing and how the companions have changed. Part of this probably stems from Donna Noble being my favourite companion, but while I sort of like the weird involved story lines with special snowflake companions...I want just another normal companion. For the most part I'm able to ignore it, but occasionally I do get rather frustrated.

  6. Yeah, that's a big part of the problem I'm worried about. One cat is fine, but a lot of places aren't happy about more than one cat. And hey, I'm all about saving rent! Too bad I don't live ANYWHERE near my parents :-/

    I'm the same way! I've just gotten too busy to spend any extra time on my make up. (I've also discovered the wonders of glasses. I have driving glasses that I wear all the time when I'm not wearing make up. I can see perfectly fine during the day...but they hide the black holes under my eyes haha). Oh god Sephora...such a dangerous, dangerous place! And much more expensive than e.l.f...I try to limit myself to emergencies only before I let myself go in there because I always come out with AT LEAST a few more things than what I wanted. And often I forget to come out with what I wanted originally anyway haha

  7. I agree with your assessment on Moffat. Rose & Donna are my favourite companions and even Martha, though I didn't like her plot-line, I respected. RTD's era was definitely more well developed and thought out and actually meant something. Moffat's is all about the crazy journey, the big reset button at the end and the companions... *shudder*

    I ignored it for the past three seasons and after the Christmas special, ugh, not sure if I'll keep watching the next season even though it is Capaldi. The Christmas special and what I've seen of the filming of the next episode makes me cringe - not only is Moffat running out of ideas, he's borrowing/stealing lines from RTD's companions - which is not cool. :(

  8. OMG, that news story about funny! Have a great week.

    Terri at Second Run Reviews


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