Sunday, July 3, 2016

A Day in the Life #44 In which Elizabeth enjoys a humdrum couple weeks

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Hmm.  Well...I honestly don't have much of note to talk about off the top of my head.  I've been working extra with the boys, which has been a lot of fun (picnics! hikes! fluxx! books!)  The oldest boy has just started reading the Harry Potter series (he's on book four now) which has me SO EXCITED YES I CAN TALK ABOUT HARRY POTTER ALL THE TIME!!  He keeps thinking he can trip me up, but he can't compete with my well over a decade of being immersed in Harry Potter culture. HA.  We took a quiz that uses the Pottermore questions and guesses which answer correlates to which house so it gives you what percentage you are of each.  I'd pegged both of them for Ravenclaw for sure, but I thought the oldest would most likely be a straight Ravenclaw and the youngest a Huffleclaw/Ravenpuff like me.  Turns out I was totally wrong - the oldest is a Huffleclaw and the youngest is a Slytherclaw haha!  (I had to console the mother who hasn't read the books and was like...wait...does this mean I have to worry about my son being evil? Haha!)  They both started reading Tamora Pierce books (SUCCESS) - the youngest is currently reading the Kel books and I think I maaaaay need to steer him away from that.  The first two books are ok, but the third book has a sex talk/sex before marriage/etc.  Nothing graphic or anything...but he is six and I'm not entirely certain his mom wants to deal with any of that quite yet.  (Probably I'll just let her know and let her decide)  The older kid (nine) is reading the Daine books and I think those ones should be fine. Clearly my plan to get them started with the Emelan books instead of the Tortall ones failed, but hey at least they're reading Tamora Pierce!  So basically my last week was Tamora Pierce/Harry Potter centric, and isn't that pretty much living the dream?

I tried to restrain myself.  I really, really did.  But I got so excited about all the musicals when I watched the Tonys that I relapsed and have been listening to this practically exclusively.  (In other news, I have been banned from listening to this any more).  I literally listened to Washington on Your Side for a straight half hour and I usually HATE listening to anything multiple times in a row.  I actually fell asleep and dreamed about this song the whole night - I woke up the next morning and new all the words.  Yes even those ones. I can sing this entire song.  All because this song was stuck in my head so deeply I dreamt about it haha!  But now that this musical has been banned, it just means I can listen to Waitress all the time instead, right? 


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Non bookish

Who's still obsessing over this year's Tony awards?  NOT ME. DEFINITELY NOT ME. (But for real - the four main musical acting awards going to people of color? The performances? Lin Manuel Miranda's sonnet speech? James Corbin's opening number? The outpouring of love throughout the show was a balm to all the hurt we'd been feeling about Orlando throughout the day and ok I'll stop now. )
There's going to be a live action Full Metal Alchemist adaptation...I...don't know know how I feel about this.  I mean, I love FMA...BUT...when was the last good live action adaption of an animated show? Has there ever been one?

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