Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Booking by Numbers

I saw this on Aeropaper's blog and it looked like so much fun!   Jess Hearts Books created this fun way to take a look at what's on your bookshelves.  Just head to a random generator, put in the number of books you have, and voila!  You get this :)

Book Number: 91 

Book: Hissy Fit by Mary Kay Andrews
Q1.) Have you read this book? If so what did you think of it?

No, and I've just realized that I've gotten Mary Kay Andrews confused with Marian Keyes.  I'm not hugely into chick lit, so here's hoping I like her has much as I enjoy MK (and if you want a recommendation for where to start with chick lit or enjoy a little substance with your fluff, I'd start with MK's Walsh family series, which starts with Watermelon)

Book Number:  62
Book: Finding Cassie Crazy (aka The Year of Secret Assignments) by Jaclyn Moriarty
Q2.) Why did you buy this book? Were you recommended it? Was it a random purchase?

Considering how long I have owned this book - since I was 14 or 15! - it's amazing I actually do remember getting it.  I was in England for my cousin's wedding and I must have needed a book to read on the way home so I picked this one up, completely randomly to my knowledge (although I'm sure either the back part of it or the cover appealed to me.  Actually my mom might have picked it out, I honestly don't know!)  I'm so glad
I read it, as it's in my list of all time favourite books.

                                                                                    Book Number: 101
Book: The Ladies of Grace Adieu and other stories by Susanna Clarke
Q3.) Based on what you know about this book which other book blogger would you recommend it to? 

I honestly have no idea about anything to do with this book (including where it came from.  It just appeared one day!  My books do that sometimes...)  Goodreads says its a Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell novel though, which I haven't read yet either but does explain why I wanted this book I suppose, I'd have to recommend it to fans of that I suppose.


Book Number: 25
Book: Fire by Kristin Cashore
Q4.)  Who’s this books bookshelf neighbor?

Graceling by Kristin Cashore and Peeps by Scott Westerfeld (I haven't rustled up the funds for Bitterblue quite yet!)

Book Number: 76 

Book: Voyage of the Basset by James C. Christensen
Q5.) How many books have you read by this book’s author?

Sadly only this one, but the illustrations in it are beautiful!

Book Number: 105

Book: Looking for Peyton Place by Barbara Delinsky
Q6.) Do you have any special memories attached to this book?

Other than the amazing fact that I've dragged this across three states for some reason, nope, none.  Still haven't read it haha.  If it hasn't been read by my next move, I don't think it's going to make that trip...

 Book Number: 34
Book: Pegasus by Robin McKinley
Q7.) Is this book part of a series? If it is are you up to date with the series?

WHY YES IT IS ROBIN MCKINLEY.  DO YOU REMEMBER THIS BOOK?  She still hasn't written the sequel :-/

 Book Number: 130

Book: The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho
Q8.) Is this book something you’d typically read or is it out of your comfort zone?

Actually yes.  Well sort of.  I honestly have no idea what genre this is really, but it was a very different style than I was used to, but I really enjoyed it.

Book Number: 82 

Book: Classical Music in America by Joseph Horowitz
Q9.) Have you reviewed this book? If yes then share a link to it.

HAHAHA I am pretty sure no one who follows this blog would be interested in a review of this book.  On the offchance you are interested in the history of classical music, this isn't too bad of a book to try.  It's not horribly dense writing like you can often come across in rather specialized nonfiction.


 Book Number: 10
Book: Wild Roses by Deb Caletti
Q10.) Where did you buy this book from?

I got it off bookmooch after ages of waiting!  GO READ ONE OF HER BOOKS NOW!

Book Number: 14 

Book: Persuasion by Jane Austen
Q11.) Roughly how long have you owned this book for?

A few years I think?  This was one of my grandmother's books, so it's a beautiful copy (I love it so much!) and I'm sure it's got some good history to it.

 Book Number: 96 

Book: The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry
Q12.) Share the first sentence of this book.

My name is Towner Whitney.   No, that's not exactly true.  My real name is Sophya.  Never believe me.  I lie all the time.

Book Number: 114
Book:  The Cellist of Sarajevo by Steven Galloway
Q13.) What’s your opinion on this book’s cover?

Considering what I know of Sarajevo, I think the ruins make a lot of sense, but the cover itself doesn't really make me go back for a second glance.

Book Number: 174 

Book: The Six Rules of Maybe by Deb Caletti
Q14.) In a few sentences describe this book in your own words. 
As with all of Deb Caletti's books, this is a gorgeously written book that is character centric.  The scandalous falling for the sister's husband may draw some readers in, but the well-written characters will keep them.  (And if your like me and the scandal doesn't appeal to you - trust me.  Deb Caletti is worth it)

I had a lot of fun with this!  If any of you decide to do this, leave me a link to your post in the comments.  I'd love to see what you guys have on your shelves!


  1. Beautiful choices of books.

    THANKS for sharing.

    Silver's Reviews

  2. Oh my gosh, I didn't read the instruction. *face palm* I should've used a random generator for the numbers. Oh well, I already did it! xD I'm so happy you did it, too. It was fun, yes? And is that Furuba? Yay! I only knew a couple of books but all of them looked interesting. :3

  3. Thanks for stopping by! This was a really fun post to do :)

  4. Hahahaha! Don't worry I did the same thing at first, but then I checked out the original post and was like...ohhhh

    It is! I've been slowly picking up volumes from bookmooch so they're really random ones, but one day I will have them ALL! If you've not read any Deb Caletti I think you might like her. She reminds me a bit of Gabrielle Zevin if Zevin only wrote contemporary YA.

  5. This seems like so much fun, although I think it would make me realize how many books I still have sitting unread on my shelves!

  6. I definitely came to that realization hahah I was like...oh...maybe library and ARC pile need a small break while I read the two shelves devoted to books I haven't read yet...

  7. I feel so stupid, but what is done is done. I still enjoyed it regardless of the mistake. ;)

    I know, I don't why they're selling random volumes. I have manga volumes at home and they weren't in order. I just grabbed when them if they become available. I heard of Deb Caletti but haven't read anything by her. Will keep that in mind. :)


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