Monday, February 6, 2012

The Princess Bride - William Goldman


Bookrags: The cover of The Princess Bride states the the book is "S. Morgenstern's classic tale of true love and high adventure." Indeed The Princess Bride does contain a great deal of true love and action adventure, but not necessarily in the way most readers will be expecting. Buttercup and Westley are lovers destined to be together, but circumstances beyond their control separate them for many years. Inigo is embroiled in a quest to avenge his father's murder, and Fezzik is looking for a true friend who enjoys rhymes. In addition to these characters there is a Prince who is averse to marriage but in love with hunting and a Count who enjoys researching pain. Along with a bumbling King, a fired Miracle Man, an albino, and the Zoo of Death the reader is treated to a tale of great skill; from both the characters and the author.


This was a really quirky read. I thought it was really funny in that off the wall way Hitchhiker's is, but with much less relevance to the story line. I only found out that there ISN'T an unabridged version a year or two after reading the book. Or a sequel. The whole book is based on a nonexistent book. I found while overall the book was as humorous as the movie, it went off on these really weird tangents about geography or history (to show that it's an abridged version of a serious text). I get why he wrote it, but I tend to like my stories a little more straight forward. I like the movie better...this one is a bit ADHD for me


Adventure, Humour, if you liked Hitchiker's guide and like historical fiction this would probably be a good read for you.

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